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The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep10

© Tisa Phiri


I couldn’t stay calm anymore . I looked at her, after she failed to answer the question about whether she had gone to see her ex or not , instead she said something else..

Damn it ! I kicked the tires of the vehicle outside before getting in and speeding off. I didn’t know where I was supposed to go but I had to leave home for a while . I couldn’t bare her lying to me after I saw things . I had deeply wished she told me all that was just fake and that she was never with him , probably say it was just some graphit someone put together to confuse me but no , her silence said it all .

I drove at a great speed heading out of town . I drove to the outskirts on the road leading to Kapisha hot springs . It was the only place I could think of at that moment .

I left the Windows to the car open , the strong breeze got to my face . lt was still quite on the small roads as it was still early for people to start moving up and down , the time in the car showed 10 minutes passed 6 hours in the morning .

I could see the vapour rising to the sky at a distance from the hot springs , reducing the speed I drove to the side and parked the car..

My mind occupied with what I couldn’t really define at the moment . Anguish , bitterness or maybe disappointment .

I sat close to the water it’s heat reaching up to my bare hands and face as I wore a sleeveless t shirt..

I remembered the last time I was there . I took Paula to see the hot springs for the very first time . She was amazed by how water was boiling from under , in fact she thought it was not really hot and pushed her finger slightly on the water before withdrawing and screaming ouch !

We laughed.. The thought of her smile made me smile too..

I recalled holding her from behind as we stood watching the water that afternoon , it was a bit cold and I folded my arms around her . She leaned her head back at my shoulder and I bent my head on her side my skin touching hers..

I love you , I had told her. She sighed and touched my hands on top of her .

I love you more Ackim and am glad we are okay . You have no idea what I went through thinking you were dead babe . I mourned for you but my heart refused to let you go, she whispered..

Am sorry I forgot you , I didn’t want to make you suffer with me not remembering a thing..

She let a laugh , well it wasn’t your fault babe and am glad you have recovered your memory and our enemy is now in prison..

Tell me something my love , I had asked her… what would make you leave me for another man? I asked turning her to look at me..

She gazed at my eyes and smiled , her sharp white teeth making me want to kiss her lips .

Nothing , she answered plainly ..

Nothing ? I asked her making a face..

Yes babe nothing , what else would I want from another man Ackim , you are the hottest and most handsome man for me.. You love me and treat me well ,I don’t want anything else but you babe just know that she added..

Thank you Paula . Am really happy I make you feel that way . I promise no matter what , to love you and be here for you my love . Look at that steam I told her pointing at the steam rising from the hot spring , everytime am away or we quarrel think of that heat and remember that’s how my love for you is . lt will continue boiling even when the air is cold or hot ..

The very nature of this spring is to continue heating no matter what comes against it and that is how my love for you is Paula , things will come to push us from side to side and throw all kinds of things at us , but if this love we have for each other becomes part of our nature . lt means we will overcome my love , l added honestly..

She shed a tear at my words ..

Wow! Ackim those are the most beautiful words someone has ever told me , thank you she smiled kissing me .

I held her tight and kissed her back passionately and every part of me agreed with my passion.. I knew she was mine and I was done searching , everything else didn’t matter at that moment but her , she was the one for me . I was home and I felt safe..

I had not realised l was crying , I raised my hand to my face and touched the tears falling on my chicks..

I never saw that coming . I was actually crying and I hated the feeling , my phone had been ringing for over 30 minutes but I didn’t care to look at the phone . I knew it was her trying to call me and send texts as well..

The next ring came and I decided to look at my phone , ‘my woman ‘it read..

I pushed the answer button and placed the phone on my ear without saying anything..

Babe please tell me where you are please ,we need to talk . She told me her voice sounding like she was crying..

Ackim , I love you babe and please I need to see you or I swear I will kill myself if I don’t see you soon she added..

Ackim ! Please she shouted when I stayed quite , for God’s Sake babe answer me l know you are hurting , talk to me love .l need you I can’t do without you , please let me come where you are she pleaded . lf you stay quite you will never see me alive again she added..

I felt the pain in her voice and the thought of her killing herself got to me . Am at the hot springs I told her and cut the call .

About 20 minutes later I heard her drive and park behind me but I don’t turn to look at her . my face looking at the water without blinking..

I heard her stand behind me and sighed but I still didn’t move..

Babe she started, touching my shoulder from behind . I was quite.

She came and held me from behind wrapping her hands around me , I remember your words about how we ought to never forget our love cause it’s in our nature to love each other babe..

I will never do anything to hurt you deliberately my love , I know those photos gave you a bad impression but please you have to hear me out .

I sighed but didn’t move an inch..

Ackim look at me at least she cried her tears making the part where she had leaned on my back feel a bit wet..

I turned to face her . She raised her hands to hold my face still..

Look into my eyes babe and tell me what you see honestly , do you think I can go and sleep with another man ? Leaving you the love of my life home with our wonderful boys ? Tell me now Ackim , tell me you believe I cheated on you and slept with that jerk . Tell me when we made love last night that you feel someone else had been in me ? she asked looking straight at me..

I did and honestly I didn’t see any of that , all I saw was her deep eyes calling out to me with pain . The wetness in them filing me with more hurt ..

I don’t know Paula , what do you expect me to feel ?I…I feel hurt and broken right now I can’t even say a thing to you , you lied to me and I expected you to tell me the actual truth but that you didn’t do , l told her..

I know I was wrong my love , I should have told you what was really going on..

She went on to explain what her friend said about me and wanted her to get back with her ex even before the wedding. She told me how Serah lied and she went there just to fall in her and Jay’s trap , how she was suspecting she was the one that got the pictures some how and sent to me..

I sighed when she was done explaining . I want her out of my house or I swear to God I will kill her l spat and that idiot will know better than to mess with me I added furious and I was damn serious..

I was dying inside Paula, I told her, those photos ….

Shshshs she cut me short . Say no more please , I understand and I know l should have done far more worse things if I were in your shoes she added .

I held her so close and tight breathing right in her face..

Don’t ever lie to me again my love , you will kill me I whispered to her..

I know Better she whispered back and stepped back to kiss me .

I missed you she whispered , the past 2 hours have been rough on me..

Yeah same here, I told her honestly and held her tight kissing her . She smiled and led me to the car..

Remember our first time was in the back of the car? she shouted pulling my hand and going to the car..

Yeah, I responded tagging along..

Well , show me you are still the Same man who drove me crazy that day she told me opening the door..

How could I reject her ? She looked as hot as ever and the relief I was feeling made me want her more..

We drove back home after some time making up , she drained my strength but I still had to face Jay ..

For me it was the beginning of the war he just declared , so when Paula was busy with the kids I drove out heading to Protea hotel . He had no idea what was coming for him..

To be continued


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