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The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep1

© Tisa Phiri


“My love please take it easy” Ackim held me as he led me to the hospital ward were I was to give birth from. He had booked me at the mine hospital under high cost.

I took in quick breaths as we moved slowly. My Labour had started that Morning. I was pregnant with twins and Ackim was always there spoiling me and doing everything for me. He was the best man ever and I always stayed happy.

Everything seemed okay now that George was given a long jail sentence. He was to be in jail for over 40 years and that would really be a long time for us to live in peace. The only challenge was the fact that his mother was not convicted , according to the police there was no evidence that showed she was working with her son.

“Uuuuuh !” I screamed holding Ackim’s hand with a firm grip. The Doctor told me I had a few hours to go and I was dying with the pains. Gladly my Ackim was there through it all.

Hours later, l gave birth to our boys and l felt so happy and complete, despite what I had to go through to bring them to the world.

I lay down and smilled as I watched Ackim closer to the boys talking and smilling at then.

“Helo ! Little ones! Am your dad the luckiest man in the world ” he talked to them with a smile as he looked at me.

I shook my head,

“so now you won’t give me my attention because of those two huh?” I teased making a face at him. He moved back to me and bent down to kiss my lips.

“you my love are the very part of me , how could I forget you so soon” he sighed rubbing his nose on mine.

“You just amaze me Paula and now you have made me a father. What else can I ask for ?” He whispered kissing me again.

“Careful soldier” I smiled at him.

” I just gave birth remember ?” I giggled loudly

“You can’t get all fussy with me now.”

“Well It wouldn’t hurt to try” he laughed pushing back my hair.

” I can’t wait for all those weeks for you to heal” he smiled teasingly..

Just then dad and Ackim’s mom walked in smiling.

” Wow beautiful boys” Ackim’s mother smilled as she held one of the twins. she walked around the ward smiling and admiring the babies one after the other.

Two months later…

I was feeling stronger and taking care of the twins wasn’t easy. Having Ackim around though really made everything seem so easy. He helped almost with anything , his mother found us a good nanny after she left us a month after the twins were born.

Ackim was also working with the businesses he was in charge of. Dad had given him charge of the lodges across copperbelt and he was almost everywhere working.

We had moved in together even before we got married and now the plans of our wedding had commenced.

I was excited to see my friend Serah. She came all the way from Australia to attend my wedding. I felt disappointed with her when she told me she had invited my ex boyfriend to come over.

” He needed to see this,” she told me after I reprimanded her.

“Listen girlfried we all know you want to get married to your guy out of maybe guilty of wanting to pay him back for protecting you , but come on Paula” she said with a smile.

” just come to think of it. What does he even have for you and your kids , he’s just a worker.”

I stood upset at her words honestly .

“Listen my friend if you came all the way from Australia just to mock my man then you better leave before the wedding” I snapped furious.

“How many times have I told you I love Ackim. He’s my life and I can’t and will never leave him for anyone , so please never should I hear such nonsense from you” I shouted walking out..

I bumped into Ackim as I went outside.

“What’s wrong my love ?” he asked , his calm face looking at me. “Am fine babe” I smiled weakly , “just stressed out with the preparations” I lied looking away.

“No love l know you ,whats wrong please tell me, you seem upset and I need to know why” he said holding me by the waist and kissing my neck. I kissed his lips and he held me tight.

“Don’t worry babe am fine. Really I am, especially now that you are this close” I assured him..

“Well am not” he teased , grabbing me back as I tried to leave his side. “I need you so bad” he whispered in my ears .

“Oh no Ackim ” l pushed him , “remember our agreement is not making love till our wedding day” I reminded him and he made a sad face.

I looked back and saw Serah peep through the window.

“On second thoughts” I smiled holding Ackim by the neck , “another kiss wouldn’t hurt” I said kissing him again. I opened my eyes just to see Serah push back the curtain as she disappeared. I was proud of my man and I wanted her to see that.

Days went by and the day of our wedding came. We had a wonderful event and the ceremony was perfect. My ex who insisted on attending also came.

That the evening the twins where brought at the reception for the night celebrations.

They looked perfect dressed in white. We lifted them and danced as people cheered happily. My heart was at peace and I was happy , nothing else mattered at that moment but the people I was with , my husband and our cute children.I looked at Ackim and he smiled back at me.

“I love you!” he screamed drawing everyone’s attention. I saw Serah shift in her seat, obviously jealous.

Shaking my heard i smiled as Ackim walked towards me. We both placed the boys back in their pushers and went to the middle of the stage dancing. The night was perfect.

Minutes later I saw George’s mother stand by the entrance and my heart raced.

“Babe look” I whispered pointing at her as I patted Ackim’s shoulder .

“What the hell!” he sighed leting my hand go.

” Wait here!” he signalled following her as she disappeared back in the passage.

I looked back where we left our babies and I noticed they weren’t there. I looked around the room and nothing, my blood rushed through my veins I started panicking..

“What’s wrong?” dad asked coming to me as I walked around the people dancing on the stage. “Dad the boys are gone” l whispered tears forming in my eyes. I saw Ackim walk back and I ran to him immediately.

“Babe were is that woman ?”

“she’s gone” Ackim responded..

“Oh no , she took the kids Ackim” I told him and he rushed out without hesitation.

” Stay put!” he shouted as he left through the door.

“Oh my God , daddy what’s that woman after this time?” I asked crying as dad walked me to a private room.

” calm down Paula” he comforted me.

” We will find the twins.”


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