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the black powers - Episode9

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Me; mum, I need you listen attentively to all am about to tell you. I know you will want to ask lots of questions but please let me finish before you ask any question.

My mum; OK son.

Me; when I was in 100 level, I joined a cult group in our home town (Ilesha). This cult group is so powerful that they can make the impossible possible. The name of the cult is (THE BLACK PEOPLE WITH MIGHTY POWERS also know as THE BLACK POWERS)
with the help of our capon in Ilesha, I succeeded bringing and establishing my cult in my school cause it was not in my school before. I became the capon of our base in unilorin. Within 6 months after establishing our cult in my school we have gained ground and became so popular in my school. I was so brutal that everybody on campus tremble at the mention of our name. I didn’t stop there,
I was successful in establishing our cult in every tertiary institution in Kwara state, and in just about 18 months I established the black powers in every major city and in about 85% of the streets in all major cities in Kwara state. I was made the state capon (SC) due to my achievements and mode of operation, because I was able to keep my anonymity that nobody out of the cult group new am a cultist, in fact, not all member of the black powers in Kwara state know me as a cultist.

The black powers is also very rich, we money to do whatever we want because we deal major with the supply and sale of hard drugs and ammunitions.

We do work for the politicians or should I say the politicians do work for us because most of the top politicians are members of the black powers.

I was told that you have been hindering our deals in Lagos and that you are also responsible for the death of some of our boys in Lagos state. So for this reason, you are a treat to our cult and I have been ordered to terminate you.
*** I could see the shock and fear written all over her as I mentioned the word terminate, she tried to hide it but I still could notice it****

Right now mum, I don’t know what to do, if I don’t carry out my mission, I might lose my life plus yours.

When I was done talking, my mum took a deep breath before she looked directly into my eyes but I instantly looked away.

My mum; look at me Michael
(I managed to look at her face)

My mum; I still find it hard to believe it that my own son is a cultist. Why Michael?? Why!??

Me; does that question question really matters now? The deed has already been done, I think all we need now is a way out of this.

My mum; hmm….. But I wasn’t really responsible for the death of the boys you made mention of, the efcc shot them in the middle of an operation.

Me; but you tip them off! You are the one giving them information

My mum; yes you are right about that. But how did they get to know I was giving efcc info?

Me; the black powers are everywhere mum, even those you call your friends might be casting you to us because the black powers is in every sector Of this country. And I must ask mum, who is your source?

My mum; that I cannot tell you

Me; believe me mum, am very sure your source is in deep shit as well now, if you care about the person and you don’t want him or her dead, it’s better you open up to me because am the only one you can trust right now.

She took a deep breath and was about saying it, but I told her not to tell me yet.

My mum; so what are you here for? Are you here to terminate me?

Me; hell no mum! If am here to terminate you I won’t be telling you all this, am here to make sure you are safe mum.

My mum; are you sure about that? Because I don’t know even know if I can trust you right now

Me; like seriously? Do you think i will be here having this conversation with you if am to terminate you? Am risking my life for this and you saying that???

My mum; am sorry son, but to say the fact, I don’t think these people are above the law. I just need to make some calls and they will all be down!

Me; I don’t think you know what you have gotten yourself into mum, the black powers is the government of the d--n country, they are the one making the rules of this country and they are the one bending it.

My mum; hmm…. Maybe we should use the influence of your dad then, maybe we should contact him.

Me; *** I smiled a bit*** am sorry to break your heart mum, but dad is also a member of the black powers.

I can see the shock on her face as I broke the news to her. She swallowed hard before she start talking.


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