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the black powers - Episode8

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Benny; this is serious, OK can we do it like this then, why don’t you sneak her out of Lagos State and take her to akure, my father owns a secret building there that we can hide her there while we find a way of sneaking her out of the country.

Me; sounds like a good plan

Benny; I have a GPS chip that you can inject into your mums body so that we can be able to track her from any phone or computer. You know, Just in case.

Me; was thinking of that too, wanted to contact a friend for it before but no need contacting him again since you have one.

Benny; yep, all you just need is to memorize the IP of the chip to be able to track it from any internet enabled device.

Me; thanks bae.

Benny; you are very much welcome love. We are in this together. Oya come get some sleep so as to be fully ready for your journey tomorrow morning.

I lay on the bed while Benny went to shower. I Don dey sleep small small when she came back to bed, so we just cuddle and slept off.

Benny woke me up at exactly 4:30am, she prepare yam and egg for breakfast, which I devour after taking my bath, she gave me the micro chip and other stuffs that I will be needing for my journey
Me; dear, I will need to first go to my place before I leave Ilorin
Benny; why? Thought you already have all what you need for your journey.

Me; I still need to pick some stuffs dear

Benny; stuffs like what?

Me; like ammunition, you never can tell, I might be needing them

Benny; OK, but I can give you a cool gun here if you don’t mind.
Me; I will be very grateful for that, but still I need to reach my place before leaving.

Benny; no problem, I just don’t want you to miss your flight ni, cause na 6:45am e go take off.
Me; no worries dear, I won’t miss it.

After all the necessary talk, Benny gave me a very cool gun a machine gun at that. At exactly 5am me and Benny left off to my place with me driving her car while she sit with me for front. When I got to my room, I picked my cool pistol plus extra ammo, a face mask, some drugs, syringe and and some jaz. Then we left for the airport.

My flight from ilorin to Lagos was cool, I met a babe on the plane, her name is mercy who sat next to me(story for another day) lolz…. It took us just about 45mins to land for muritala Airport ikeja Lagos State. I wanted to call my mum that am in Lagos already but I decided not to call her with my phone cause they might be tracking my call.

Around 7:30am, I got to my mum hotel at opposite LTV8 alausa ikeja. My mum gave me a warm hug on seeing me.

My mum; son! How are you doing? What’s really going on? Hope all is well?

Me; am fine mum, which one of your questions you want make i answer first now, because your questions long like river Nile o

My mum; Just start with any

Me; OK, am fine and all is not well

My mum; what’s the matter

Me; mum I want you to listen to me carefully what am about to tell you, it’s very confidential And I want you to suspend all your questions till when am done.

My mum; OK son!

Just as I was about to begin my story, my phone started ringing, it was Benny calling. ***Excuse me mum, I needn’t pick this call***

My mum; OK, no problem.

Me; ***on phone *** hello dear

Benny; honey pie, how are you?

Me; am fine, Just reached her hotel.

Benny; OK good, keep me posted ok
Me; OK love.

As I was about to continue with my mum again another call came in, and this time it was my number 1 calling. For the first time i was shocked seeing his call, at first I don’t want to pick it but on a second thought I decided to pick it.

Me; hello wise one!

Number 1; Mikelrado my boy, how is your mission

Me; fine sire, am on it
Number 1; OK good, but you should think twice before you do what you are about to do

Me; I don’t understand you, the great one

Number 1; Just want to remind you that once you turn, there is no coming back.

Me; I still don’t understand you, wise one.

Number 1; never mind

Me; OK sir

Number 1; bye

After the call I was scared but the thought and sight of my mum strengthened me again. Then after the call I turned to my mum who was now looking at me with this “what was that” eyes. I looked briefly into her eyes.

And thousands of questions popped up on my mind, am I really sure of this? Do I really know what am about to get into? Can I win this battle? Won’t I even lose my mum in the end?


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