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the black powers - Episode7

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


ME; Bae, am afraid this might be our last act.

Benny; what do you mean by that.

Me; hmm……. There is a great war ahead, and i cant say where it will end cause i might lose my life on this.

Benny; God forbid! You are a strong man mikelrado, and am sure we are surely gonna pull through this. We are in this together and we are gonna make it out together.

Me; i pray so dear, the black powers are just too deadly.

Benny; shebi you get body IP now

Me; yes i get, if na that one, i no fear and there is a guy am going to see tomorrow after seeing my mum. Wan go renew and also add some.

Benny; no be say i dey disrespect you o, but i can help on some body IP too.

Me; no wahala now.

Benny; make we go eat abeg, i dey hungry

Me; same here dear.

Benny served us rice which she had earlier prepared during the day and after eating i stormed into the bathroom to have a warm shower. Benny was already sleeping before i finish bathing. She was just sleeping calmly like a baby.

I look at her feeling sorry for her. If only she knows what lays ahead, fighting against the black powers is like fighting against God himself.

I sat at the edge of the bed thinking about my life, how its gonna turn out in the next few days. What am i really gonna do? Killing my own mother was a no no for me, this woman carried me in her womb for 9 months for crying out loud!, not to talk about the care since when i was a child. Now i believe it that the black powers confraternity is very cruel, How do dey expect me to go kill my mother?? Does that even make any sense?

Benny; they gave you the mission to see how loyal and committed you are to the brotherhood….. Benny said sitting on the bed behind me….

Me; how did you know what I was thinking?

Benny; you were speaking out loud

Me; really? I never knew I was speaking out. But how else do they want me to prove my loyalty, have done than enough for this confraternity, I made us a force to recon with in this state. I was able to establish a solid base in all the tertiary institution in this state, be it government or private owned. I also set up bases in almost all the streets of the major cities of this state. In fact, I own this state in our confraternity, they won’t have been even among the top 5 if not for me, have fought lots of war all in the name of this brotherhood, so is this how they pay me pack???
Benny; seriously, am very proud of you when it comes to what you have achieved both on campuses and streets of this state. I just wish I could have you on my team. But you can actually use all what you have achieved against your cult too. don’t be too troubled dear, all will be well

Me; it seems you don’t know what the black powers cult are capable of doing

Benny; I just think you need to think deeply and come out with a very good plan.

Me; that’s the problem dear, I can’t even think of a way out of this shit
Benny; can’t we sneak your mum out of the country?

Me; hmm….. You are really underestimating The black powers. We virtually have source in almost all areas of life. Police, soldiers, politicians, airport staffs and pilots, shops, engineers, electricians, in short all areas of life sha.

Benny; then you need to discuss things with your father, cause as a police officer he should be able to use his links to get your mum out of the country.

Me; I can even bring my dad into this dear, cause don’t even trust him a bit

Benny; What do you mean?
Me; listen dear, my dad is also a member of the black powers at our ikeja zone, he is the zonal capon (ZC) there.

Benny; that should be a added advantage now, cause am sure he won’t want his wife dead too

Me; my dad will do anything for the brotherhood, even if it means killing me! He killed his first wife for the cult.

Benny; wow! This is getting more complicated right now, does he know you are a member of the black powers too and that you are a capon?

Me; no! He doesn’t know, am higher him in rank, am a STATE CAPON (SC) while he’s a ZONAL CAPON (ZC)

Benny; so you think he will carry out the mission if he’s the one in your position?

Me; I don’t trust my dad, he’s too ambitious, he will do almost anything to cover up his past evil deeds and to go higher in rank. Plus they are even divorced sef so he can do and undo


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