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the black powers - Episode6

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!

Benny; i think you should call your mum now and warn her not to go out till you get to Lagos, threaten her is need be.
Me; sounds like a good idea but i will need to use your phone to call her cause mine is not secure
Benny; sure, go on
I put a call through to my mum using Benny’s phone and she picked the call at once
Mum; hello, who is this?
Me; its me mum
Mum; oh Michael, how are you? Whats wrong with your phone? Ain’t you suppose to be in class by this time?
Me; ****i don’t have time for her questions so i just go straight to the point**** Where are you mum?
Mum; am driving, on my way to see a friend
Me; mum please turn back right now and go lodge in a secure hotel, i will take the first flight to Lagos tomorrow morning and explain things to you
Mum; what do you mean dear?
Me; mum, your life is in great danger, a confraternity called the black powers are currently tying to terminate you. Please don’t ask any more questions mum, just do as i say and i will explain everything to you tomorrow morning when i come, and please don’t tell anyone of your whereabout, not even dad.
Mum; you are scaring me son!
Me; there’s nothing to be scared of mum, just do as i say and also do switch off your phone immediately after this call. You can call the number i will text to you now with your hotel room phone. And when you do call, please let me do the talking, hope you understand me mum?
Mum; yes i do son, see you tomorrow morning then.
Me; mum, please I beg you in the name of God, please don’t doubt me, just do as i say, i don’t wanna lose you mum.
Mum; stop scaring me Michael! Have had all you said and i will do just as you have instructed but i hope you will have a good explanation for all these by tomorrow morning.
Me; see you tomorrow mum, i love you.
Mum; love you much more son.
Benny smiled at me after the call and she said “all will be OK my love”
Benny; you look so tense, let me help you ease your system.
After saying that Benny placed her hand on my chest rubbing it so gently and tenderly, her second hand was working on my shirt button and within 10 seconds she was done loosening the buttons of my shirt, she romantically pulled off my shirt, she then lock her lips with mine and i also responded to her kiss of life. In no time, one of my n----e was already in her mouth which she was sucking perfectly.
I was enjoying every bit of her action and to say the truth, she was really helping to ease my body system. She was now stroking my mamba which was already rock hard.. she then looked into my eyes and said.
Benny; you are rock hard already, was thinking you ain’t in the mood. ****she said with smile on her face***
Me; i guess my mamba have a mind of his own
Benny; you sure about that? Or is it that i have its password?
Me; well, even a dead rod will resurrect die to the effect of those touches
Benny; hahahahaha….. Relax man, i need to feel your mamba in my throat
Me; and i will need to fill your throat with my c-m
Benny; am looking forward to that.
She took the full length of my mamba into her mouth. She was sucking it so well that i felt my c-m building in no time.
Me; am close babe
Benny; then make your wish come to past!
Just then, she deep throat my d--k one last time and i offload all my acamu into her throat
Me; let me give you a head babe
Benny; are you really in the mood for that?
Me; cant miss that c--t for anything.
I removed her trouser and spread her legs wide apart. One thing i like about Benny is that she knows how to take good care of her c--t. The scent emanating from her p---y is just too enticing, i first run the tip of my tongue on the openings of her p---y which sent a great wave of pleasure over her. I suck suck and s----d her p---y like my life depends on it, and then suddenly, Benny started squirting for the first time in our relationship. The squirting was so heavy that the flood of liquid shooting out of her p---y nearly pushed me off the bed. She made a loud groan like shout that i had to cover her mouth with my hand, forgetting that her room is soundproof. After her great organsm we started the main deal which is fvcking, we f----d as if we will never f--k again, we f--k for close to 5 hours, resting a bit after each round though. Finally, when we were done, we lay side by side breathing heavily


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