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the black powers - Episode4

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!

I was shocked but I still kept my cool

Me; yes now, am a goal keeper and my jersey number is number 1, that’s why them dey call me number 1

Benny; hmm….. Mikelrado! The number one of the black powers cult group in Ilorin!

I was really surprised,but base on who i be i still keep am on a low
Me; well i don’t understand what you are saying.

Benny; mikelrado, stop am abeg! Stop the acting and lets be real here. I don dey on your matter for long now, did my home work correctly even before i come to you. I Iove you for who you are! Ok, make i burst your brain too, do you really know who i am?

Me; yes! You are the daughter of a rich man and a politician too

Benny; lol that’s not all about me mikelrado, i know say you go don hear about the DRAGON BABES in this school

Me; yes

Benny; what is i tell you say na me be their number 1

I looked closely into her eyes, trying to to figure it out if she was actually telling me the truth, cause she’s just to cool to be a cultist. Well, i think am not the only one who can hide the cult side of me expertly.

Me; why are you telling me this

Benny; i live you mikelrado, i really do, and i do know we will be good together.

Just as i was about to open my mouth to say what i don’t even know, Benny covered my lips with hers, the kiss was so passionate plus her lips was just too soft and i too gbadun am too. She was the first to take all my tongue into her mouth, socking it like her life depends on it. As we dey kiss, na so i carry my hand, place am on her br***t. D--n! Her br***t is still very strong, i squeeze one of her orange wey still dey inside clothe. In less than 30secs all our clothes were off and one of her orange was already in my mouth. I started sucking vigorously on the head, Benny was just moaning with her hand on my mamba stroking it.

Give it to me really hard honey! Just like a leaked gas that needs just a flash of light to cash fire, those words ignited the fire in me. I ram my rock hard mamba into her lower chamber with full force and a loud moan escaped from her mouth, those moans just dey burst my head, na so i just dey fire on! We f***ed as if our life depends on it.

The sex lasted for about 3hrs and i was in my 4th round and it seems i was not gonna c-m, Benny was now tired and begging for mercy, she was pleading that i stopped. Na then i started feeling like a boss, my guys will understand that feeling when a bae is begging for mercy in the act, abi now my guys…..lolz.

After about 5mins of pleading i pulled out and she could see the disappointing expression on my face, she know i wasn’t satisfied yet. ***i tell you, sex without cuming for guys is a failed mission, its just as if you did nothing. My guys hope am communicating…..lolz*** so she took my mamba into her mouth and she started sucking and deep throating me, and in less than 10mins i disposed a heavy load into her mouth. And that was how my relationship with Benny started.

Our relationship grew so strong that we couldn’t do without seeing each other even fr a day.

About 6 weeks later, it was a very hot afternoon and i was strolling around the faculty of arts area of the university when a cal entered my phone. I was shocked on seeing the caller, it was our national number one calling me from his secured line. This was the third time that our number 1 will be calling me from his secured line and i know instantly that the call means real business. Hello wise one, i said after picking the call,
No1; mikelrado my wonderful boy, how are you doing this afternoon

Me; am fine wise one

No1; hope you got my package.
I was about saying no when a heavily built guy appeared in front if me and dropped a package in front of me and he walked away instantly without saying a word.

No1; are you there boy?

That question brought me back to life and i instantly remember i am still on phone with my number1

Me; yes wise one, a guy just dropped it right now

No1; as usual, i want a clean and nice job

Me; OK wise one.

Immediately after the call, i just head straight home with the package. On getting home i opened the package and i found a small camera like device inside. I brought it out and press the power button and a voice message came up with pictures displaying on the screen.

Device; please place both of your tombs on the marked space on the screen to confirm your identity
I did as instructed.

Device; identity confirmed!Welcome,mikelrado. Please note that this message will only play once, so listen attentively. Your target have been a pain in our ass in Lagos lately, this target has already cost this confraternity over 200 million naira in our arms dealing unit in Lagos and Oyo state. Again, the target have made us lose up to 30 of our boys in Lagos state. You have only seven days to terminate this target. The entire members of this brotherhood all over the country is counting on you on this mission because your target is extremely dangerous and cunning. Here are some info plus pictures of your target.

I was dead shocked when the picture of my mum appeared on the screen!



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