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the black powers - Episode3

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!

My boys kept on hailing me,i turn and face the guy still standing like a statue.

ME: me na me na who i be!!!…….. Fool! I wont kill you, will let you go so you can go tell you fellow pigs what just happened.

Make una give am palm oil drink i said to my boys. when they were done giving him the palm oil, in send a fierce kick to his legs that make him fall yakata. He was just shacking on the floor still struggling for breath. About 5mins later, he got up and staggered away. Clean this place i commanded my boys, i want their bodies displayed at the school gate, you can display it as you like, i just want them at the school gate, i said to them.

ME; Black powers!!!

ALL THE GUYS; we are second to none! (they all chorused)
I got back to my room that night around some few mins past 12midnight, it was then i remembered my phone. I dip my hand into my pocket but could not find my phone. It was then that i believe and experience that joke “forget electric shock, nothing shocks more than touching your pocket and not feeling your phone”. The shock i felt that moment no be yeye o. I started thinking, where my phone fit dey sef? I was asking myself. Just then, one of my boys in the brotherhood came to me holding my phone.
BOY; Boss you forget your phone for base o, na him i say make i come give you.

ME; Thanks man (collecting the phone)

I checked my phone and i saw 18 missed calls, all from one person BENNY!. I dialed Benny’s number back After i don settle down for bed wela, but to my surprise Benny picked up my call almost immediately

BENNY; Hello dear

Me; you no dey sleep?

Benny; why you talk so

Me; by this time you still dey pick call, been dey think say you go don sleep now.

Benny; no be you no allow me sleep? have been thinking about you

Me; hmm…. Watin u dey think about me?

Benny; everything
Just then i remember kapa
Me; how far about your guy now

Benny: which guy? abeg me no get any guy o

Me: but I dey hear say na u dey date kapa now

Benny; kapa for where, guy wey just dey disturb me up and down, i no get him time abeg

Me: hmm…. Na me you dey whine abi

Benny: whine you say watin, see make i tell you the fact, na you i like o. In fact i fit die for your matter

Me: no tell me say you don dey toast me o

Benny; e bad? Ehn mikelrado, e bad if i toast you? Ok if na watin you wan hear be that, i dey toast you ni o.

Me: hahahahahahaha…… You funny o, so where you want make i keep my bae?

Benny: no tell me say you no fit keep secret o

Me: i hear you sha, i wan sleep abeg.

Benny; so you dey take style discharge me abi

Me: no now, remember i told you am having a test tomorrow and time don go sef.

Benny; o yeah, that’s true, goodnight then, sweet dreams about us

Me; bye.

Just as i was about to cut the call
Benny; wait! Wait!! Can i come pick you up to school in the morning? You know you need to get to school on time so you wont miss your test.

Me; worry, i can always find my way

Benny; you dey try avoid me bah?

Me; not like that now, its just that i no dey go school straight in the morning, need to go see some of my guys before going

Benny; ok o, goodnight sha

Me; goodnight.

The news of kapa’s death and that of his guys came as a shock to everyone in the school. Ade one of my course mate was the first to call and informed me of kapa’s death that morning. I couldn’t help but give kudos to my guys for a job weldone in displaying the dead bodies of kapa and his boys at the school gate. Kapa’s body was hanged up high at the incoming lane of the school gate while that of his boys were dumped a bit far from each other on the main road, one was even placed on the well cut grass at the gate.

Benny did not allow me rest all through the day with her every hour call all in the name of checking up on me. Evening came so fast and me and benny went out clubbing. After dancing and drinking like hell we settled for an hotel room. Benny was dead drunk and staggering as she walks, i was a bit drunk too but i still could control myself.

Benny was all on me as we enter into our hotel room, kissing me like her life depend on it. Benny is a very good kisser and was just too fast for me, i was only trying to catch up with her. Just as we were about to do the do, benny broke free, she looked into my eyes and said

Benny; mikelrado, why u dey try form who you are not to me?

Me; ***surprised*** what do you mean bae.

Benny; why you dey disguise for me? Do you think I don’t know who you are?

Me; *** surprised but still kept my cool*** bae, i dont understand what you are saying.

Benny; stop all these your acting, you think i don’t know you are their number 1?

Me; *** i was dead shocked!***


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