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The Black Powers - Episode20


the black powers - Episode20

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


All the guys in the room pointed their gun to me instantly

Venom; you are making another big mistake you know

Me; shut the f--k up and tell your boys to drop their weapons and cut my mum lose or I slice your throat right now.

I pressed the sharp edge of the cutlass against venom’s throat and blood could be seen coming out of his throat. Sensing it that am d--n serious, venom told his boys to drop their weapons and cut my mum lose. They did as instructed by their boss.

Me; mum! Do you still have the strength to walk? I asked my mum
And she replied me with a nod

Me; Good! Please remove the armor from those guns, take one for yourself and strap one around your neck for me then come put some of the armor in my pocket and waist.

My mum did as instructed, then I started pushing venom to the door still holding the cutlass to his neck.

Me; where is the key to the door? I shouted
be A guy brought out the key and I told my mum to collect it and open the door. I was about going out when a thought struck my mind. Bring out your cell phones I commanded but the boys stood there looking at me.

Me; venom, oya tell your boys to bring out their cell phones

Venom; boys! You had him, bring them out, he commanded.

They did as commanded, then I told them to smash their phones on the floor one after the other which they did. So I moved out with venom and my mum and we locked the boys inside. We proceed to the exit gate and the guys there opened at once. I saw a car close To the gate with the car key in the key hole, I told my mum to get behind the wheel. She started the car and I enter the back seat, I wanted to kill venom but I later decided not to.

We drove out of their camp through the exit gate with full speed and in was checking behind us to see if they are chasing after us but to my surprise they didn’t. Something is not right I said out loud

My mum; what do you mean by something is not right?

Me; Just keep on driving as fast as you can.

We continue driving for another 2mins, I was checking our back constantly to see if they are coming after us but we were clear of danger. Then I just decided to check our right hand side then I saw something like smoke coming towards us but before I could open my mouth to warn my mum of it BOOM!!! A grenade hit us from a grenade launcher. Our car flew up in the sky and started somersaulting repeatedly.

Our car finally come to a halt in the bush beside the road, I looked at my mum but she wasn’t moving, her eyes were dead shut, I called her repeatedly but she no answer, she don pass out! If not dead sef.

My head was aching badly and my ears was playing different melodies as a result of the blast. I tried to move my body and come out through the broken windscreen but I couldn’t move my legs, d--n it! Am stuck!! I tried again and again but to no avail.

We really need to get of the car now I said in my mind because the car might blow up any moment from now cause the car fuel is already out And venom and his boys will be here any moment from now.

I started trying harder to move my legs and after many attempts I removed my legs from the metal hooking it down. And as I was trying to crawl out of the car BOOM!!! another grenade hit our car again. Our car flung up high in the sky again and the force of the blast pushed me out of the car and flung me into the forest, I hit my head against a big tree root in the forest beside the road, I took my last strength to look at the car which is now in a heavy flame before I breath my last breath.



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