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the black powers - Episode2

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!

Me: Am sorry for I won’t be able to go out this night cause I will be very busy, am having a 5 unit course test tomorrow so I want to read tonight, please can we make it some other time or maybe tomorrow night or something?

Benny: OK, tomorrow night then, but let me have your number.

We exchanged numbers and I step out of her car, Just then I saw Kola coming out from a kiosk and he wasted no time in hailing me.

KOLA: hmm…. EKUN furare! ( the TIGER himself) guy, that babe tight o, she fresh die, plus na omo baba olowo (a rich man’s child) sef

ME: I guess so

KOLA: chai, you Don hammer o.

ME: Kola! I just met her few min ago

KOLA: e no mean now, no be one place e dey start?

ME: na u sabi o. Come, lecturer no dey for class ni?

KOLA: no mind the stupid man jare, e Don lock door say late comers no go enter class, e even talk say e go give test after the class sef.

ME: e mean say we no fit write the test be that o, chai! Am sorry for putting you into this, na me make you late.

KOLA: guy forget! I Don already late before you call.

ME: oh OK, na later things be that now.

I left Kola and I use the opportunity to see some of my guys in the confratanity and I instruct thermometer pass across the information to others that there will be an urgent meeting at our unilorin base that night as we have an important issue to trash. Just as I was coming back to my faculty, I saw the lecturer going back to his office, at first I wanted to Follow him but on a second thought, I decided not to. I will take care of him later, I said to myself.

By 3:30 I was out of school cause I have a football training by 4pm. I was on the field when Benny called and I told her I was busy and she politely end the call.

It’s 9pm and I was already at our unilorin base. The fire emanating from the well arranged log of wood at the center provides us the much needed light we need. All the boys are already on seat and without wasting time we started the meeting. Few mins into the meeting about 7 heavily built guys stormed into our base with different kinds of weapons. Cutlass, axe, gun etc. Few of my guys at the base ran away instantly. I stood up, face the guys to know who they are and to also know what gave them the audacity to enter our base
ME: and who the f--k are you guys?

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GUY 1: so na u, na you this small thing dey follow my bae about
ME; that does not answer my f-----g question! And who the bleep is the bae you are talking about

GUT 1; am the number 1 of the deadly cult group in this campus THE RANGERS he said with a devilish smile.

ME; oh! I see!! So you are the inexperience, immature being they KAPA in this campus? Now answer my second question, who’s this your bae you are talking about?

KAPA; the bae you went to school with this morning fool!!!

ME; oh Benny? That cheap butch?

KAPA; hey! I came here to warn you, don’t make me change my mind

ME; and what will you do if you should change your mind?

KAPA; don’t force me to take your life boy.

ME; you already signed your death warrant he moment you step your feet in here.

Just then, one of KAPA boys gave be a thunderous slap at the back of my head, my boys wanted to fight back but I stopped them.
ME; ***facing the guy that slapped me*** boy, I pity your mother
BOY; pity yourself fool
Another KAPA boy raised his machete to cut me but he could not bring his hand down, his hand just stand hooked in the air and he was just vibrating on the spot.

KAPA; hmm…. So you get agbero!
KAPA brought out his gun and fired a shot at me instantly but his bullet no even get any effect on me. KAPA laughed and said “just as expected, so you sef bam, but na today you go know say you no reach, that’s why they call me KAPA! He then brought out a red cloth and tied it to the mouth of his gun, he bent down, pack a handful of sand, he said some inaudible words which I believe to be incantation, KAPA then poured the sand on my body and he fired a shot at me but still his bullet had no effect on me, he fired 3 more shots at me and still same thing. My boys where all just hailing me.

ME; me na me na who I be!!! KAPA! Hope you know you are staining me, I shouted.

I could see the look on kapas face, he is shocked, surprised and scared but he tried to hide it. KAPA and his boys charged at me but with one single move, I brought out my gun and shoot KAPA on the head, d--n! I love headshots. KAPA dropped instantly lying lifelessly On the floor. His boys tried to run but I sent one bullet each to the back of their heads and they fall dead one after the other.



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