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The Black POWERS - Episode19


the black powers - Episode19

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


The screen if the laptop went dead instantly.

Venom; I so like the task before me, I need to present the number 1 your head and that of your mum before 8am tomorrow morning, this is so sweet! But trust me, am not going to rush this, a very slow and painful death you shall get and I will still meet up with the time. He said smiling.

I couldn’t say anything and for the first time i was scared of death. No hope for me, no rescue team coming for me and have gat a very short time to live. Venom walked up to me and started giving me blows after blows and kicks after kicks. This is the end, it’s all over for me. The thought of my mum flashed through my mind. How i wish I could save her, how do I even save her when am not even capable of saving myself.

Venom continued pounding me lie fufu, I was I deep pain. The pain was just too much for me, I wish he could end everything instantly. Just then venom’s phone started ringing, he brought out the ringing phone from his pocket and check who the caller is, I will be back to finish what I started he said as he walked out of the room. My head was too heavy for me to lift up, my neck to stiff to turn around so I couldn’t check out those left with me in the room.

The door opened again! This is it, the end! Venom is back to finish me up! I said in my mind. But I had a familiar voice greet and giving the guys in the room instructions. The new guy then walk up to me, he lifted my face up and it was then i could check out His face. It was the guy I left behind in the forest! Why are you guys not dealing with this idiot? He still looking fresh and handsome, he said to the other guys in the room. He then check the chain on my feet making sure they are well tightened, he then move up to my wrist checking the chains holding up my hands, but I started feeling something like a pin in between my fingers, I looked at his face and he winked at me.

I collected the pin gripping it with two of my fingers, he then gave me two heavy blows in my stomach. Bastard! He said as he leaves the room. I couldn’t even feel the pain of his blows because this great energy suddenly came up in me due to the fact that I have now gotten at least a bit of hope.

What do i do? What should be my Next move? I couldn’t think straight. It took me about 3 to 4 minutes to figure out my Next move, I looked around the room and I could the all the guys sitting in a circular form playing whot card game. I stylishly drop the grip of my fingers and let it fall into my right palm. I then tried opening the chain but I couldn’t because I can’t see the chain lock and I don’t know how it looks like. After about 3 mins of trying, I decided to try another plan since all the guys in the room are with sunshade.

I need water!!! I shouted but none of them answered me, I SAID I NEED WATER!!! I shouted again, a guy looked at me then return back to his game. Can’t you hear me you bastards? I said again, a guy stand up in annoyance and walk Up to me

Guy; what did you just say?

Me; I said I need water

He gave me a low blow and then follow up with an uppercut, I groaned in pain but then I have achieved my aim, have seen the lock on the chain from the reflection on his black shade and I now know how to open it. Just then venom entered again.

Venom; Hope you are enjoying the treat

Me; I just hope you can do much better than this. I said

Venom; for sure, I will.

The door opened and two guys walked in dragging my mum along with them. Her lips is a bit swollen and blood could be seen allover her face.

Me; mum! Everything will be fine!

My mum; Michael!!! Why are you treating my sin like this!!! Please let him go!!! My mother shouted.

Venom; mikelrado, am going to make you watch the movie of the country right here and right now. Will make you watch how I will cut off your mothers head! He said laughing

Those words hit me really hard and I know I need to act fast. They made my mum sit in a chair and they lay her head on a small table in front of her. Venom then brought out a cutlass. I know it’s now or never, so I started to open the chain lock carefully without them noticing anything.

Venom; any last word to your mum? He said to me

My mum started crying instantly on hearing venom’s words

Me; all will be well mum, I promise.

Venom; I actually thought you will say something much more better you know.

Luckily the chain opened, but I still keep the chain on and maintain my position. Venom raised his cutlass Up high and was about to cut the head of my mum off

Me; wait! Venom, have gat a little secret for you which I thing you should know of before taking that action ***my hands were now completely free**

Venom; **laughs*** a secret?

Which secret have you got to tell me?

Me; it’s only meant for you!

The fool walk to me and I grabbed his throat instantly, I used my second hand to collect his cutlass and place it on his neck, I was now standing at his back. He was dead shocked because he wasn’t expecting it and it all happened so fast.

Me; tell your boys to drop their weapons and cut my mum lose! I said.



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