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the black powers - Episode18

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


The feel of the cold water splashed on my face brought me back to life. My mission was too blur for me to recognize those in the room with me. I couldn’t move my hands nor feet. My hands are raised up high above my head and I could feel a cold metal on my wrist. Little by little I started gaining my sight.

A thunderous slap landed on my face which cleared my sight and opened my ears instantly, I could see properly now. The pain of the slap was much but I managed to handle it, I looked around and I could see about 7 heavily built guys carry heavy guns in the room, an averagely old man was standing in front of me.

Man; so you want to prove a tough guy right? but guess what, I like dealing with tough guys. It helps in bringing out the devil side of me. He said with a devilish smile.

Me; a short introduction will be perfect

Man; oops! Forgive my manners, they call me VENOM

Me; oh venom, so this is how we finally get to meet, have been hearing a lot about you.

Venom; that’s great, have had a lot about you too, but none of your story is a good one, and am here to help you write the concluding part of your story.

Me; ***i smile a bit*** that would have been awesome if only my story have gotten to the concluding part, but sorry to shock you, am still on the introduction part which is the best paragraph and I hope you empty skull can get that that am still at the beginning of my story.

Another hot slap landed in my face, I could now see the anger written all over venom face, his eyes were hot red and he was biting his lips. Venom followed up with 3 heavy blows to my stomach which makes me want to pupu in the spot. I groaned in pain and before I could recover another 4 punches landed on my face. Blood started dripping uncontrollably from my nose and mouth.

Venom; Who the hell do you think you are talking to?

He landed more blows on my face and more blows started gushing out

Venom; you dare turn your back on your brothers and you still have the guts to talk to me like that? He shouted.

Me; you mean enemies that call themselves my brother? I said weakly.

Venom was now very furious, he walked to the wall and brought out an electric wire that has two necked points. He walked up to me and shocked me with the wire. I started vibrating and it was as if the electric was pulling life out of me.

Venom continued this for about 25 more seconds. seriously, those seconds looked like hours to me. When he was done, he passed the wire to one of the guys standing with us in the room and the guy returned the wire back to it’s position. I was now too weak to even open my mouth and talk, the muscles on my feet were now dead, and I couldn’t even stand on my feet, it was the chains holding up my hands up high that was preventing me from falling.

Venom; now let’s go back to my question, why………..He didn’t complete his statement when a guy walked into the room carrying a laptop.

Guy; venom! The number is online on Skype and he want to have a word with you and mikelrado.

Venom; bring the chair and table, he said pointing to a guy.

A table and chair was placed in front of me. Venom sat on the chair backing me and they place the laptop in the table in front of venom facing me. I managed to look up to the screen and I saw a man putting on an all black overall which makes it impossible for us to recognize him.

Number 1; Mikelrado! You used to be my favorite you know, you are young, smart, talented, intelligent and at the same time very rugged.

Me; you can keep your compliments to yourself, where is my mum I managed to say
Venom stood up instantly and was about charging at me

Number 1; leave him venom, at least for now, you can contribute with him later. Mikelrado, you know I use to think that you are the future of this confraternity, that you will someday be on this throne and rule the black powers.
Me; God forbid I sit on that trash you call throne.

Number 1; ***laughs*** I really like your courage boy. But it’s so painful that all that courage, strength and toughness will be a waste due to your stupidity.
Me; you think so?

Number 1; your case will serve as a lesson to every member of the black powers that you cannot turn your back on this confraternity and go Scot free. Mikelrado! Any last word?

Me; yeah, have gat some things to say. Get a pen and paper And write this down, don’t forget to put date, time and venue.. I mikelrado will personally hunt you down and I will kill you and I will destroy the entire shit you call black powers confraternity, nobody on this planet will ever hear of the black powers anymore.

Number 1; ***laughs devilishly*** you can do all that on your way to hell. Venom!!!

Venom; wise one.

Number 1; I want to see his head plus that of his mum on my table before 8am tomorrow morning.



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