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the black powers - Episode17

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


I walked for another 5mins before I saw a very big compound with about 8 buildings in it, the fence is a bit high so I claimed a tree so as to get a view of the inside. Wow! What is such a beautiful building doing I’m this kind of area? I asked myself. This must definitely be their camp.

I sat on the tree for another 5mins studying the compound very well. The strange thing about this compound is that I haven’t seen a single soul walk pass the compound, I was expecting to see Armed guys securing the perimeter of the compound, abi nobody dey there ni. I said to myself. But a thought struck my mind, what if this is a setup, what if there are cameras watching and they already know am around? What do i do??

I first climb down from the tree, then I tried checking the area but I couldn’t find anything suspicious. But why is there no guard on sight if truly this is their camp? Is this a trap? Or are they watching me?
I took my time to check again for cameras but couldn’t find any, I stood still at a point thinking of what Next to do, if I should try and go in now, I will be going in blindly, don’t know what I will meet there, they might be expecting me because they surely know I will come for my mother. What do i do? I brought out my phone from my pocket and I tried to contact Benny again but still the network is poor.

I stood still thinking for another 20 mind then I came up with an idea, I picked up 3 stones, I first throw one inside, I wait for like a Minute to see if I will hear anybody talk or walk around the building, but I had nothing, I threw in the second stone more farther into the building and I wait for another minute still nothing happened. So I climbed the tree back and I threw in the third stone and it hit the door of one of the building, It wasn’t long when a small male child that should be about 13-15 years came out and search the area. I saw the stone, picked it up and ran back inside.

Then a man came out looked around the compound, I bend down as e was looking at my direction, where man went back inside when he couldn’t find anything suspicious. Could this be the camp the guy told me off? Because the building am see here dose not look harmful to me. Or are they hiding my mum in this compound? I brought out my phone again, I opened the chip locator app and I can see it that my mum is right there at the spot that I am, Just a few meters from me.

Am not sure if this is there camp, but am Dan sure of one thing, my mum is definitely in this compound! I remember the guy I left behind told me she is at the underground floor of the 4th building, so I tried to search for the 4th building from where I am on the tree. Each building in the compound has a bold number written in them and from my spot I could see building 5, 6, 7 and 8. That means the 4th building is on the other side. I climb down from the tree and walk to the other side of the fence.

I climbed another tree and I can now see building 1, 2, 3 And 4, this is the 4th building meaning I should go in from this point to make it easier for me. I first climb down from the tree and then I checked the area again for the last time and still couldn’t find anything suspicious. I proceed to the fence, I tried climbing it but immediately I touched it the thing shocked me. No wonder nobody is guarding the outside of the compound, it’s an electric fence I said to myself.

I need to improvise so I pack plenty dry leaves, thank God the ground is extremely dry, I tore my shirt leaving me with only singlet on as my top on my jean, I use the shirt as rope to tie the leaves on my hand.

After doing this, I touch the fence again and this time it didn’t shock, so I climbed and jump inside the compound, I landed heavily on the floor because the fence was very high, Just as I landed in the compound, from nowhere, about 20 to 25 guys surrounded me with different kinds of heavy guns. Welcome to my little world a heavy Voice said and someone from behind hit me with what I think should be the but of a gun, and everywhere went dark, I passed out!


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