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the black powers - Episode16

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


I continued my journey through the forest, and as I was going two things struck my mind. 1. How did they get to locate us sef, how did they know where we are? 2. I think I should call Benny and tell her of the latest development. Those where the two things in my mind. Then suddenly I remembered the Toyota corolla I took abi borrowed at ibafo, they could have locate use through the car GPS, yes! That must have been the loophole! D--n!! How on earth did I forget to disable the car GPS.
I took my phone out and put a call through to Benny but the network was extremely poor, I couldn’t even pick out what she was saying. So I decided to send her a text message instead. I try as much to summarize all that has happened to her in the text message. Chai! That silly mistake landed us into this mess, I said to myself. I cant afford to be making mistakes like this if am gonna survive this war, the people am up against don’t make mistakes so I need to be perfect with all my plans and actions else, my mum and I are a gunner.

The sound of the birds flying towards my direction brought me back to life. Somebody or something is coming this way I sensed, so I hid in between two big trees standing closely opposite each other. It wasn’t long before I begin to hear two voices discussing and yes, they are definitely coming my way. I lay quietly in between the trees as was now able to pick out what they are saying, meaning they are now very close to me.

Guy1; I pity that woman I swear, see as all her face Don swell up finish

Guy2; why you dey pity her, na she put herself for the mess now, them talk say she is responsible for the death of some of our boys in Lagos state

Guy1; but I hear say her son is a very tough and dangerous guy

Guy2; yes o! They guy na SC sef(state capon). I Don see am once, I hate am ehn, the guy too proud abeg, e go just dey command like say na only him fit be SC.

Guy1; Samuel!!! Why you dey always like to envy people now

Guy2; see as you dey shout my name like say I kill person. If you sef know this guy I swear you go hate am.

Guy1; they say e refuse to carry out his mission which is to terminate him mother

Guy2; no mind the idiot, how can you decide to turn your back on this brotherhood and e say e be SC. as an SC e suppose Don get experience for this game, him eyes suppose Don open now. They guy na fool abeg.

Guy1; why you they talk like this now, if na you, you fit kill your mum?

Guy2; why I no go kill am, when I no wan die.

Guy1; that means you are heartless!

*** both of them sat down at the front of the tree I was hiding ***

Guy2; heartless kwa, okay now wey e no kill her, she will still die plus him too. The guy is really stupid I dey tell you. If I see am, baby me go first deal with am sef. Mikelrado abi watin e call himself, make I teach the idiot some lesson.

Guy1; see as you they talk like say you fit face a whole SC of this confraternity alone.

Guy2; forget!!! The guy just get luck reach that post ni o, if not for the fact say our cult been no dey for kwara and na him carry am go there na him make them make am SC o, even me sef can achieve that sef if na me get the opportunity. And you know say if na me kill am them fit promote me to an OC o

Guy1; guy, make I advise you, abeg no try face am alone o. Cause I know say e no easy to be an SC that’s the leader of a whole State o, which is equivalent to a governor.

Guy2; forget that thing wey you they talk, I just dey pray say na me go first see am, you go see as I go take crush am, na then you go know the kind of friend wey u get.
I was so pissed off on hearing the second guy last statement. I wanted to shoot him from my hiding spot but I decided not to OK waste my bullet so I just come out from where I was hiding.

Me; hey guys! I guess you prayer has been answered!! This is me whom you have been looking for!!! *** they stand up and face me instantly pointing their gun to me***

Guy1; who you be?

Me; me na me na who I be o. This is Mikelrado standing in front of you. I said smiling at them.

The first guy lowered his gun on hearing my name but the other guy remain adamant.

Me; you say you wan kill me, Oya na me be this o. Oasis to the second guy.

Guy2; shut up there or I blow your brain off.

Me; ***i laughed out a bit*** you this small boy, Hope you know you are playing with fire, and fire dey burn ooo.

Guy2; if I hear one more word from you ehn, your own Don

Me; Oya finish am now, what are you waiting for, I still dey for your front now.

The fool fired 3 shots at me but base on who i be, e no enter.

Guy2; ***he smiled *** why I dey waste my bullet sef, you be man I be man Oya make we settle am for hand.

I knew I am wasting time, I need to end the idiot and continue my mission. The fool charged at me and he throw a heavy punch which I dodge and j reply him with a heavy kick to his back neck and that kick ended his life instantly, I fall lifelessly to the ground. The first guy who have been watching our little drama since started shaking

Guy1; boss abeg o, me no follow o. Spare me abeg. I take God beg you.

Me; my guy, am not here for you. I just need some info from you about my mother’s whereabout.

Guy1; she’s at the underground floor of the 4th building in our camp. They are transferring her to Lagos tonight.

Me; how far is your camp

Guy1; e no far again, Just about 1km from here

Me; OK thanks, you can go

Guy1; boss abeg no let me go, I will go after u Don go.

I sense he is scared that I might shoot him from behind

Me; I said go, I won’t shoot you from behind. If I want to kill you I would have done so

Guy1; boss I will go when you leave

I see say he’s still afraid so I just go on my own way, leaving him there.


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