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the black powers - Episode15

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Segun; wow! We should inform the police then

Me; there will be no need for that Segun

Segun; are you sure?

Me; Segun, I don’t want to involve you in this fight o but can you please take me to that village? Just take me there and you can come back home.

Segun; no problem mikelrado, that one na small thing.

Sharperly, me and segun enter the corolla I came with and
I first branch at the fuel station to fill up my tank before we continue our journey. I tried moving as fast as I could on the untarred road which is in a very bad condition. I even thought segun will complain of my driving but he did not.
It took us close to two hours before we got to the village, I parked as we were about to enter the village and I opened the locator app on my phone and i can see that my mum is still a bit far from where we are, about 10km or so. But the good thing is that she is no more moving, or could it be that they have removed the chip? I said out loud.

Segun; what do you mean?

Me; she’s still about 10km away from here, but she’s not moving anymore.

Segun; OK, and what direction is that?

I pointed to the direction
Segun; there are about three villages in that route, the first is OWODE, then followed by OPESUBU, then OPESUBU saba is the last and the largest of them all
Me; thanks for the info man, I think you should go back here
Segun; mikelrado, if you are to go to those villages through this route then you will need to go on a motorcycle because this road is bad, Except you wanna go take the other route which will take you about an hour more.

Me; but how do I get a bike here

Segun; we can rent a motorcycle here in this village. I think the daily Rentage fee is 2k

Me; Good, can you help me get one ASAP?

Segun; yep

I counted 6k and gave him
Me; please make sure you get a good one and please do fill up the tank with fuel.

Segun; OK, I will be back. ***as he was about to leaving ***

Me; Segun!

Segun; yes!

Me; I don’t have much time you know

Segun; I will be back before you even know it.

Segun left and I continue to monitor the red dot on pm chip locator app which indicate the position of my mum. Just as he promised, it took Segun just about 8 mins to finish the task of getting me a bike. I checked the tank and it’s filled up

Me; thanks man, you can take the car back to your place, I will come for it once am done saving my mum.

Segun; are you sure you don’t want me to come with you? You might need my help you know

Me; segun don’t worry please, this battle is meant for me and me alone

Segun; but

Me; no but segun, please just take the car home, I said starting the bike

It’s not that I don’t want segun to follow me, I will even like it if he do follow me because he would have become of great help to me but the people am going against are just too powerful, they are ready to wipe out anybody that dare come into their way.

I set out on the mission to save my mum, I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna come back for the car but am d--n Sure of saving my mum, I don’t care if it’s going to cost me my life, am always for death because I sure know that My days are numbered the day I decided to go against my confratanity and am not running away from that fact. Am sure ready for this I said in my mind.

Just as Segun said, the road is pretty bad, I couldn’t focus on the chip locator app on my phone while riding the bike. Had to be stopping at intervals to check the app. I got to a very bad Bridge which is very dangerous, only a bike could pass on it because the way across was so so narrow that one needs to be an expert even with a bike to be able to cross safely.

I cautiously cross the bridge and was soon about 4km to the point on my locator app, so I stopped and then hide the bike perfectly. I know walking on the road isn’t safe so I decided to walk through the forest.


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