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the black powers - Episode14

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Segun; war? Watin dey happen now? Yarn me abeg.

Me; you don’t worry Segun, this is my war and am going to fight it alone. I might not make it out alive but surely I won’t go down without taking dozens of lives along.

Segun; is it that serious?

Me; it’s d--n serious, it’s just as if am fighting against God himself.

Segun; wow! That means no my father go handle your case o, because you go need confirm jazz.

Me; yes o, I need am.

Segun; then I doubt it if you will be able to go back tonight

Me; no problem, I fit dey go early morning tomorrow.

Segun; oya make we dey go my father side now

Me; OK, but can my mum stay here?

Segun; yes now, my babe go take good care of her

I went to my mum and explain to her that I and segun are going somewhere and will not be back until morning. At first, my mum insisted on going with us but after lots of persuasion she reluctantly agreed to stay at Segun place. So me and segun set out to his father’s house.

We met the old man cooking some herbs at the backyard. I greeted him in a topical Yoruba way.

Segun; baami (my father) oremi tinmo sofun yin niyi o(this is that my friend that I use to talk about)
Baba segun; *** looking lost*** ewo ninu won (which among them)

Segun; eyi timo lo gbamile lowo awon gbomogbomo lojosi ( the one I told you saved me from the kidnappers the other day)

Baba segun; ah ah ah…… Bawoni ni omo Mummy (how are you my child) kaabo (welcome) *** he hugged me briefly ***

Me; dada ni sir(Fine sir

Baba segun; sekosi o, oju reyi ko fanimorous o *** he said trying to speak english*** (hope all is well because your face is not “fanimorous”)

Segun; awon alagbara egbe okunkun kan niwon doju ija koo nile iwe (some powerful cultist are threatening his life in school)

Baba segun; ngbo omo mi, sebee lori ( my child is that true?) *** baba Segundo asked me ***

Me; beeni baba ( it’s true sir)

Baba segun; maberu, mafoya, maso e dakoni ( don’t be afraid, I will make you a powerful man)

Me; sugbon baba, monilati pada sile iwe laaro ola (but sir, I need to be back in school by tomorrow morning)

Baba segun; eehn…… Orun toku loke sitaso gbe ( we can still make use of the small time you have), aapari gbogbo eto koju to mon ( we will finish everything before morning)

During the night, I ate the eatable, drank the drinkable, bath the bathable, and all sort-of marks on my body. The baba was so perfect with the marks that you will need to look very closely before you can detect that there is a mark on my body.

By 4am, we were done but I was too weak to even stand up, so I decided to sleep till morning before going.

Segun woke me up around 8am, I was so shocked when I checked the time

Me; Segun why you no wake me up since now

Segun; I know say you go don weak, na him make me allow you rest small

Me; OK make we they go now….. Where baba dey

Segun; baba Don go bush go find leaves, make we dey go
Just as we were about to step out, baba segun came in. I thank him an I give him a sum of #10,000 which the baba accepted with a joyful heart. When we reach segun house, we met his babe outside hands akimbo

Segun bae; dear, have been trying to call you since now but your number is switched off

Segun; sorry I had to switch off my phone cause I don’t want anything to distract me from what I was doing, Hope no problem

Segun Bae; the woman you left here yesterday, I couldn’t find her this morning when I woke up
Segun; which kind talk be that now, no be this house una two sleep?

Segun Bae; nope, she said she want to sleep inside the car and I saw her going in last night, only to wake up this morning and she was nowhere to be found.

My head spark instantly!!!

Me; did you see any stranger around the house?

Segun Bae; nope.

I on my phone and scroll to the chip locator app, it took it about 60 seconds to load and I was surprised to see my mum in about 20 miles away from our position and again, she is still on motion meaning she is in a car or on a bike. I copied her latest position on the search app and the past it on my Google Map and a name pup up. AYINRIN ADEDEJI I said out loud

Segun; watin do ayinrin segun who as been looking at me asked

Me; she’s at that town and still moving

Segun; I know that village, it’s a bit far from here. But what is she doing there? She know anybody there?

me; This is the war I said is coming for me, my mother has just been kidnapped!



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