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the black powers - Episode13

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


I ended the call with Benny just then i saw my mum coming out of the eatery. I open the front door for her to enter because she was carrying the food she bought for us.

My mum; thanks dear, Hope I didn’t take much of our time, she said as she settle down in the front seat.

Me; nope.

My mum; so where to now she said as she gave me my own food while she started eating hers….. Seems she’s hungry

Me; we are going to your pastors village abi town sef first, I need to see a friend there

My mum; which of my pastor? She asked

Me; I mean your G.O

My mum; pastor adeboye? You mean we are going to IFEWARA?

Me; yes mum, need to see someone and it’s very important

My mum; but how did you get to know that place? Have you been there before?

Me; couple of times *** I said smiling***

My mum; OK o, children of nowadays sha

We continued our journey when we were done eating and the journey was so smooth that even my mum slept off, she didn’t even know when we got to ifewara, So I had to wake her up.

My mum; oh, we are here already

Me; yep mom

My mum; Wow! So this bank is still here after all these years

Me; are you asking me or or the people living here? I said jokingly

My mum; don’t be silly boy, I was only talking to myself.

We had to walk about 40 meters to my friends house because the road there is bad, it wasn’t long before the idiot I call my friend saw us coming

Segun; Mikelrado baba ooooooh! Ekun oko omoge!!( tiger, the husband of babes) Segun shouted hailing me

Me; Segun sege oko mama e (Segun his mother’s husband) I hail him too.

We hugged each other tightly cause it been 2 years since we last see each other, we only do chat.

I met Segun about 3 years ago when I was still trying to build the black powers base in ajase IPO in kwara state. We both entered a one chance bus going to oshogbo from ilorin and when we got to Erin ILE they changed the route we are supposed to follow. I couldn’t do much cause i was sitting at the back seat of the 18 seated bus so I had to wait for them to make a stop before I can make my move.
We finally stopped at a place like that. And they order us to come down and kneel down. Everybody was kneeling down except for me so the driver came to me with gun in hand and said

Driver; you no dey hear word

Me; I no talk

Driver; you deaf?

Me; I still no talk

I can see it in his face that he is extremely angry, and that’s what I want so he could misbehave and lose guard. As e try to wosss (slap) me like this, with a single move I expertly collect the gun from him and I point the gun at him. But I was surprised when the driver started laughing

Driver; *** clapping *** nice one! Smart boy!!! Oya shoot now if you get the mind! I say shoot!! You fool!!! You are dead already
I was pissed off that I don’t know when I pulled the trigger. And it was a head shot! The driver fall yakata like Glo plan

Me; so you no even get anything sef, bastard!!

Just then I had a gunshot and a bullet hit my Hand and I started bleeding, I was surprised cause I get body IP and I don’t expect the bullet to penetrate. As I turn to face the shooter I saw segun stand up from his kneeling position and charged at him…. The guy fired two shots at Segun but e no enter. Them just dey roll themselves on the floor.

So I just walk to where they are fighting and I hit the guy with the yarnsh of the gun in my hand, the guy faint instantly. Na so we hear sound they see plenty guys from afar coming with different weapons.

I just enter bus, Segun sef follow enter front seat, I told everyone to enter, omo come see speed, them just dey push themselves dey enter. I no even wait for them to enter finish, I start the bus take reverse they run dey go. I take reverse Waka for about 3km before I get space turn…. I tear race comot. Na so I take meet segun sha, before I follow am go their village go do more confirm body IP.

Segun; alayemi bawoni (my man how far) you no even signal me say you dey come, you just show up like ghost

Me; gbayi padimi (you are mouthed my guy) no vex jare, you know say no time to check time and base on who i be, checking of time is a waste of time.

Segun; na why I dey always gbadun you be that, you they always burst my kidney with your moves. The unpredictable mafia!!!

Me; after you na you o padi MI (my padi). You no even greet person wey dey with me sef, abi you wan tell me say you no see say I be double for here ni

Segun; forgive me jare, you Don Scatter my dada na him make. *** he turned to my mum*** good afternoon mama how levels

Me; Alaye show some respect, na my milleh you dey see so o.
Segun; *** he prostrate instantly *** Mummy emabinu MA (am sorry MA) I no know ni o.

My mum; no problem dear

Me; Segun I need see you o cause I will be leaving this night

Segun; I talk am! I say nobody fit sabi your ways, chai! I swear, na you my papa suppose born before me, make you just be my senior brother lasan, na to dey gara anyhow for town o cause I know say nothing dey shele

Me; na you sabi o, I said sitting down on one of the chairs in the sitting room

Me; your own sef too much

Segun; this one wey I see you so, Hope no problem

Me; nope, I just want to renew my body IP plus add some more
Segun; but the ones wey dey for your body no dey spoil now
Me; then make I add new ones wey I never get abeg, because there is a war coming for me.



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