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the black powers - Episode12

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


The driver was now shaking seriously on sighting my gun.

Driver; yeeeh…. Oga abeg o…… Na play I been dey play ooo
Me; do I look like a comedian to you? Oya jump out now or I blast your skull into 1 million pieces *** I use the cool metal to touch his ear***

The driver opened the scar door instantly and was about to jump out.

My mum; wait! Don’t jump out!! Mikel please pardon him, it’s not his fault you know.

Me; then I will have to drive.

Driver; *** shaking*** no problem o, come drive abeg, I Don dash you the car sef.

Me and the driver exchanged our seat while our car was still on motion. I increase the speed of the car Instantly and I told mum to lay low on the back seat. It just dropped in my mind as we are moving that there might be traffic at ojota, so I went reach Oluyole bus stop at oregun I just turn to day star church street, I enter the street with full speed and the 2 jeeps behind us did same.

I follow Day star road, go burst out for seven up then I enter Lagos Ibadan express way then I face Berger with full speed. I know I need to lose them on time cause I don’t want to go far with this car plus the fuel level is getting low sef. So as I reach magodo phase 1, I branch comot for express enter magodo lane. I do like say I wan enter magodo so I joined the check up queue, the two jeeps behind us too joined but there are about 5 cars in between us, so I just wait dey go front small small they approach the security check.

As I look back see say plenty car Don dey behind them say them no fit reverse again, na so I eye the turning point wey dey before the security guards. As I reach the turning point linking the incoming and outgoing lane just few meters before the security guards na so I just turn enter the outgoing lane, with full speed, I tear race and I make sure them see my “f--k you” sign as I show dem the finger as I dey go. I no enter express again, I just follow magodo lane dey go Berger because the road is usually free. As I dey tear race dey go I look back but no sign of them. As we reach Berger, I been wan drop change car but I decided not to.
I just dey fire dey go as I see say dem no dey behind us again because delay they say is dangerous. As we reach the punch newspaper for ibafo, I branch for the Next junction to the punch. We enter inside the street, I sha know say I must see confirm car for there, we never waka too far before I see a Toyota corolla sport car parked beside the road. I stopped a bit far from the car.

Me; mum, I hope your contacts are saved on your phone and not on your SIM

My mum; some are on my SIM but most are in my phone

Me; OK, you will need to copy them to your phone right now, I will be back please, Just a minute.
I walk back to the corolla parked beside the road, I opened the door and it open instantly….. Thanks you the owner for saving me the stress I said in my mind. I enter inside, opens the small bag strapped around my waist and Brought out a copper wire, I insert the two edge of the wire into the ignition and turn it gently, instantly the car came to life. I walked back to the taxi

Me; mum, Hope you are done with the contact transfer on your phone?

My mum; yes, am done

Me; Good, now remove your SIM and break it into pieces

And for the first time my mum obeyed me at once.

Me; *** when she was done breaking her SIM *** OK come out now mum, we are changing cars.

My mum; OK, but how are we going to get another car

Me; have taken care of that already.

I look at the cab driver who is still shaking on his seat

Me; Oga you get bank account?

Driver; yes I get

Me; oya give me you account number, I go pay you in the Next 24 hours

The man gave me his account number before me and my mum left his car and we continued our journey with the Toyota corolla sport car.

My mum; and how did you get the car?

Me; does that really matters now, what matters is getting you to my safe house safely.

My mum; don’t tell me you stole this car

Me; I didn’t steal it, I just borrowed it. Will return or pay the owner of the car.

My mum; OK o.

When we reach challenge in Ibadan I parked beside one eatery like that and I gave mum some money to go get food for us so I use that opportunity to contact Benny. I switched on my phone after changing the SIM and destroying the former. I dialed Benny’s number and she pick up at first ring.

Me; hello love

Benny; sweetheart, have been trying to reach you, you got me worried a Bit though

Me; sorry about that love, Just had to switch off my phone for security reasons

Benny; I thought as much, no problem dear. Hope all is well? Where are you presently?

Me; there was a small problem but trust me, have taken care of it and we are in Ibadan presently

Benny; Good, so straight to akure right, I will call my dad right away

Me; no dear, change if plans. They already know am taking her to akure.

Benny; WTF! and how did they know that.

Me; they already planted an audio transmitter in her room before my arrival which I later found and destroyed but they must have had most of our conversation before I found the chip.

Benny; so what are we going to do?

Me; we just have to change our plan dear, am thinking of bringing her down to ilorin or what do you think?

Benny; OK no problem dear, I will secure a safe place for her before your arrival.

Me; thanks love. But am going to see a friend in a village in osun, want to renew some of my body IP plus add some more.

Benny; OK dear, Just be safe OK.

Me; I will be safe my love
I end the call with Benny just then i saw my mum coming out of the eatery


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