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the black powers - Episode11

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


What floor are we? I asked my mum as we are approaching the elevator, “the fourth floor”she replied. When we got to the elevator I stylishly look up to check if there are CCTV cameras around and yes, there is a camera at the entrance of the elevator.

I pushed the open button and the elevator opened instantly. I flashed a surprise look at my mum which she returned same, does it mean the elevator is already waiting for us? The hotel is a very busy one an I expect the elevator to be busy as well, even if nobody is using it at the moment it suppose to be resting at the ground floor not hanging here on the 4th floor, I said in my mind.
I looked inside the empty elevator and I saw two cameras hanging at different angles, I told my mum to stand at the entrance of the elevator so as to stop it from closing, then I stepped back a bit and went round the camera at the entrance of the elevator then I stylishly turn the focus to another direction away from us, but to my surprise the camera turned back to it’s normal position.

I then dipped my hand into my small bag strapped around my waist and brought a paper, I put some saliva on to make it sticky, then I place the paper on the screen of the camera. I went back into the elevator and did same thing to the cameras in the elevator. I then punched the 9th floor button then I stepped out with my mum as I watch the elevator closed.

We then proceed to the staircase. We walk as fast as we could, As we enter the reception hall I saw three guys standing at the entrance of the elevator waiting for it to open. We then walk out of the hall without them noticing us. We walk as fast as we could and yet cautiously to the hotel gate. Just as we are about 10 meters to the gate my mum said she want to take some stuffs from her car, I just do like say I no hear her cause I know we don’t have much time else we won’t make it out of the hotel.

The gateman opened the gate for us to pass, but just as we were about to step out his phone started ringing, I no even wait, I just walk out of the hotel with my mum. I stopped uba and we enter, I ear the gateman shouting Oga wait! Oga wait!! Get us out of here I said to the uba man.

As our cab was on d move I looked back to see the gateman running after us and I saw two black Toyota Prado jeeps coming out of the hotel. Our driver was was going towards Ikeja under bridge but when we reach Oregun junction, I looked back again and still the two jeeps were still behind us. Then I told our driver to turn around Allen round about and face Alausa back. Our driver did as I have instructed him and the Two jeeps also turn around. It was then i was d--n sure that they are indeed following us.

Me; d--n it!!! Mum! We are being followed

Mum; and how did you know that?

Me; take Style look back mum, those two Prado jeeps

She looked back and saw them
Me; driver please follow oregun road, we are going to ojota, and please do increase your speed, Some bad guys are after us.

Driver; Oga, I no fit over speed o, if anything do this motor them go jail me ni o, and watin concern me with una problem sef ***the stupid man said without any atom of respect for us***

I was so pissed off that I brought out my pistol, cocked it and point it at the man.

Me; Oga e be like say you no dey look face before you talk abi, oya open that door and jump out.


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