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the black powers - Episode10

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


My mum; please tell me it’s a lie! You mean a D. P. O of the police force that is supposed to be protecting the lives and properties of the people of this state is a cultist??? That’s unbelievable!

Me; that’s the bitter truth mum, dad has been there even before he met you, but now, I out ranked him. He’s a ZC while am a SC. He’s been working for the black powers in the police force and am sure he doesn’t know am part of the black powers because those that occupies my kind of position are anonymous to those below us.

My mum; wow! But how come you outranked your dad whom has been there even before you were born

Me; let me say favour, plus the way I operate

My mum; and how do you operate?

Me; ruthless

My mum; oh! I see

Me; I know you might be thinking of turning me in, but let me tell you this, am the only one who can help you out of this shit, that’s even if we both make it out alive.

My mum; what do you mean?

Me; the black powers are not the type of people you can fight and win, am very sure they are still going to send dad after us if I fail to carry out my mission.

My mum; I have a friend in the Navy who can help

Me; ***laughed*** mum, it seems you still don’t know what we are into right now. You can’t trust anyone right now except me.

My mum; so what are we going to do

Me; first I need to inject you this chip, it will help me to find you in case if anything goes wrong. We will need to sneak out of this to Indonesia state, I have a contact in Akure Who can secure a place for you to stay till we figure out how to take you out of this country.

My mum; you mean I will need to fled the country? She said with her voice raised a bit

Me; bring your voice down mum, no place in this state is safe for us anymore. Yes you will need to move out of this country but you can’t go out yet, you will need to wait in Akure so we can find a way safe for you to travel. We don’t have much time mum, I need to inject you this chip

My mum; my God! I never knew it will get to this, I was just trying to serve my country and making this state a better place.

Just then a call came in, I checked my phone and it was number 1 calling. Instantly I knew they are listening to our conversation.

Me; ***picking the call*** the wise one

Number 1; I never knew you could be this stupid! ***he barked*** how dare you go against this brotherhood! You are indeed a disgrace to this confraternity and a shameful death you shall get.

The line went dead instantly before I could even utter a word. It then occurred to me that eyes are watching us and eyes are listening. D--n!!! I cursed.

My mum; what’s wrong dear

Me; we are not alone in here mum, who came in hear before my arrival

My mum; nobody, except for the hotel cleaners.

Me; they must have planted something here without your knowledge.

I first cover all the window blinds then me and mum started searching the room, it wasn’t long before I found a small MRF24 chip that transmit audio under the table In the room. I destroyed it instantly.

Me; mum, change of plans, I said to her in a low tone. I will have to change where I will inject you this that dey won’t know..

My mum; and you think that will work since they already had our conversation.

Me; don’t worry mum, Just trust me

My mum; so where are you going to inject now…

Me; sorry to say this mum, but I will have to inject you in between the cheeks of your Bumbum
My mum; WDF!!!

Me; Don’t worry mum, I will fix it then you can inject yourself just make sure it’s deep inside

My mum; OK, no problem
I gave her the chip and she injected herself.

Me; we have to move now mum.

My mum; let me get my car keys and my ATM card, I need to withdraw some cash for the journey.

Me; mum, forget about cash now, in fact forget about your account totally. Don’t do any transaction else dey will find us, and again we can use your car, its not safe anymore.

My mum; this is now getting out of hands, am having up to 7 million naira in my account and you are telling me to forget it?

Me; yes mum, you need to forget it for now, I will get all your money back for you later, but for now, please forget all

My mum; but how are we gonna make the journey without my car

Me; don’t worry mum, I can take care of that.

As we got to the door on our way out, I had footsteps on the other side of the door, so I brought out my pistol and I told my mum to get behind me as I open the door. I open the door gently and I peeped into the corridor, I noticed a shadow moved, and I slow down for about 10 seconds to calculate my move before we stepped out of the hotel room with my pistol firm in my hand and my mum right behind me expertly


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