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the black powers - Episode1

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!

The sound of the truck trying to offload granite at the hostel beside mine woke me up from sleep. I check the time and it’s 8am on dot, d--n! Can’t believe I woke up this late. Maybe it was as a result of yesterday celebration. A visible smile appeared on my face as the event of the previous night replayed in my head.

Wow, I can’t believe Chelsea are the champions of Europe for this 2084/2085 season, they beat the almighty gatafe of Spain to clinch the title. Getafe has been the most successful football club in Europe for about 2 decades now and they have lots of start players in their squad. But against all odds, Chelsea was able to beat them 3-1 to win the UEFA Champions League for a record 48 time. Wow! So sweet
But just then, I remembered am having a 8am lecture that morning and am already late. I had to rush my bath and prepare for class. By 8:35am I was fully ready for school and I set out. To make matters worse, hundreds if not thousands of students are already by the road side at tanke waiting for cab and buses. It’s the first semester and all UNILORIN students living off campus will agree with me that it ain’t easy getting a cab to school during the first semester due to the high number of fresher’s just resuming.
After waiting at tiper garage tanke for about 15mins without getting a cab I decided to call one of my pal in school who is also my course mate to come pick me.

Me; ***on phone*** alaye how far now

Kola: senior man, I dey o

Me: where you dey now?

Kola: I just dey reach faculty now sef, UK never even step out of the car

Me: alaye I just laale (on my own) for here o, no cab to catapult person enter school sef

Kola: shey make I come pick you ni

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Me: I go appreciate am abeg.

Just as I was about to put my phone into my pocket, a black Toyota highlander parked not far from me. It looks like the person inside was calling me but i wasn’t sure so i kept my cool and i continue my task which was to get a cab, but just then i had a female voice call my name, it was then i was sure the person in the highlander was indeed calling me, so i went there to check who the person is

Me: hello, good morning, you called me

Bae: good morning, ain’t you going to school?

Me: yes am going to school, am just not lucky yet to get a cab.

Bae: come in then, am going to school too

Me: thanks dear

Bae: you welcome

I had to call my guy say i don get cab and i sense pain in his voice as i told him to turn back. Am already at the school gate now, he said to me on phone, sorry guy i don see free ride

Kola: come down and wait for me now, am almost there.

Me: Am sincerely sorry my guy, i don’t want to embarrass my helper, she might feel back about it.

Kola: hmmm…… Ekun (tiger) so its a she, no p then. Just no dull yourself o

Me: i hear you, thanks a lot. One thing i like about kola is that he’s a coded guy, E dey quick decode things.

Hope i didn’t disrupt anything, she said to me just after i end the call, nope,not at all i replied her.

Bae: oooops! Please forgive my manners,am benny

Me: no problem,i am

Benny: mikelrado, she completed my statement just before i do so

Me: hmmm…. Seems you already know me

Benny: which sportsman in this school won’t know the almighty number one of faculty of agriculture .

Me: wow…… I take that as a complement .

Benny: it was so painful watching you save those two penalties that make us lose the VC trophy to your faculty in the penalty shootout

Me: meaning you are in the faculty of arts?

Benny: yep

Me: oops! You know that’s the game of soccer for you, there must be a winner

Benny: yep, i understand , but i must commend, you are really good, cause your individual ability denied us the trophy even though we were the better side in that encounter.

Me: but luck do play a part in the game too,i think luck was just against you guys.

Benny: yes you are absolutely right
Just then, i realize we are already parked in my faculty.

Me: thanks a lot, i so much appreciate the ride

Benny: you are welcome
Just as i was about to come down
Benny; mikelrado, please can i have your digits? Maybe we can hangout this night, don’t worry, the bill is on me.

Me: you mean i cant afford the bill?

Benny: nit at all, you know am the one requesting for it so I think the bill should be on me

Me: hmmm….. Ok o, just as i was about to say yes to her date, i remembered my schedule for the night.


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