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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 5



 Teens Hearts - Episode 5

    Alexandra's POV

Those mutterings didn't move me.
For the fact that I know they have bad intentions for me once Ms Lorrane is out.
I got to do something, to protect myself.

I held tight to the books.

Ms Lorrane finally cleared her throat after a long stare at me.
“Why taking my teaching notes?”

I glanced at the class, but my eyes caught with Jeremy's friend.
I've forgotten his name..

He was staring and then he nodded at me.
He nodded? Why?

“Im talking to you Miss.”
Ms Lorrane's voice made me turn back to her.

I swallowed..

“You know Ms. It's...it's really great to help people. Help them carry their heavy things.” I said.

Sound stupid! The books aint heavy!

She smiled, “The books ain't heavy Miss. I can carry them. And you have to know this, The students ain't allowed to carry teachers things for them. Im aware you are new and don't know this yet.”

Students ain't allowed to help teachers carry their books?
I can't believe that.

“So a student isn't allowed to help carry a teacher's notes too?” I asked her.
“Yes.” She said.


I sighed.
What do I say now.

“So let me have them, so I can leave. You should go back to your seat and prepare for your next class coming up in the next fifteen minutes ok.” She said.

I sighed.
This is bad.. Really bad.

I looked at the wicked faces staring at me with evil eyes.

But Jeremy's friend.
He gave me a sign with his fingers, to follow Ms Lorrane .
Why's he doing this?
Why is he trying to help me when he should be anticipating for my pain.
When he should be warming his hands for a blow to my face?
Isn't he Jeremy's friend?
Steph said he is... and I saw him walk in together with Jeremy and the other girl.

He did the sign again.

I knew something bad is gonna happen to me and he's trying to avoid it.
My heartbeat raised.
Steph warned me.
She said Jeremy is dangerous.
Why couldn't I listen.
Oh my God!

I turned back to Ms Lorrane.

“I'll carry them. You have to let me carry this books.” I whispered to her.

She shook her head.

“No. It's proscribed here.”  She said, but the way she said it sounded gloomy and it seemed as if she has understood why Im desperate to carry her teaching notes.

I nodded and gave her back the books.
I'll have to face whatever that comes.

“You are Miss?” She asked.
“Alexandra Grande” I said.

She looked at my hair.

“Miss Alexandra. I guess you need a new hair band for your losed hair. I think I have one in my office. Come with me. Will you?” She said with a smile.

I smiled back.
I understood.

“Yes, I will. Thank you Ms.” I said.

I glanced at Jeremy's friend and he smiled at me.
He's so cute.
Why's he this nice but still among the bad guys?

I walked out of the classroom with Ms Lorrane following behind me.

We walked through the hallway, towards her office..

“Thanks for saving me Ms.” I said to her.
“You are welcome Miss Alexandra.” She said.
“Alex please.” I said.
“Oh, okay Miss Alex.” She said.

“Why did you get into a fight with Jeremy?” She asked.

I know she would ask.

“That wasn't a fight. He pulled my hair and I pulled his as well.” I said.
“You didn't have to do that.” She said.


“Why?” I asked.
“Cos he's dangerous. He hurts anybody who stands him.” She said.

I sighed.
“Yeah I heard that, but I was annoyed.. Really annoyed. He was so rude.” I said.

“You'll need to apologise to him Alex.” She said.


“Yes. If you don't. He'll gang up guys to beat you up. You ain't save yet until you do. He does that to others.” She said.

I gasped.
Oh my God!

We walked into her office..

“Thats weird. That's so wicked!” I said.
“Yeah it is, but you know, he's the proprietor's son and would always get away with it.” She said.

She walked to her little drawer and got a white hairband.

“Here, It's pretty cool and would look good on your black hair.” She said with a smile.


It reminded me of my mom.
She always said white ribbons look great on my black hair and tell me to wear whites but I'do tell her I don't like white but pink.
Now, I miss her and wish she'do put those white ribbons on my hair.

I forced back the tear that tried to drop from my eyes.

I took the pretty hairband and packed up my hair into a ponytail with it.

“Thanks Ms Lorrane.” I said to her.
“You're welcome. I love your hair Alex. You have such a long and wavy hair. We call it hair goals.” She said with a smile.

“Hair goals.” I smiled.

Then a bell rang. It sounded like an alarm tho.

“Time for next class. You should wait a little bit before going. A teacher have to be in class so they don't hurt you.” She said.
“We have Literature class.” I said.
“Great. You'll wait till they have gone to The Literature classroom. Then you can go alright?”

I nodded.

“But make sure you apologise to him after the class ok?”

“Ms. I don't think I can do that.” I said.

“C'mon Alex. It's simple. Just this way.” She said.

I stared at her.

“Jeremy im so sorry for pulling your hair. I apologise.” She demostrated.

I rolled my eyes.
“Must I add 'so' in the sorry to?” I asked.

That made her laugh.

          Chris POV

I was happy..
She left with Ms Lorrane

Arghh... Such a smart girl!

Jeremy is gonna be so annoyed...
I'll know what to do.


        Jeremy's POV

“How the hell did she know of the plan!?” I yelled at them all.

“Got no idea.” A guy said.

I clenched my fist angrily and stared at them all.
Molly stood with her hands akimbo.
Chris just sat on a desk, drumming his finger on it.

“She haven't escaped yet. Im gonna deal with her...Before school's over!” I said.
I Grabbed a red marker, walked over to her desk and drew the DANGER SIGN.

“This is just the beginning. Watch out!” I said with clenched teeth.

     Alexandra's POV

As I walked out of Ms Lorrane's office and down to my locker to take my Literature book.
I got shocked by what I saw on my locker door.


“Oh my God!”

Who drew this?
This is so scary.


Why would he draw a danger sign on my locker?
Is he this dangerous?
Oh my God!

“I feel so scared.”

Why did I ever come into Ellas..
I should have just stayed with Lili.
I should have just stayed at home...
This is my first day in Ellas and  a danger sign is already on my locker.
Or is there a mistake somewhere?

I rushed down to the class to check my desk, and it was also there.
The sign.

Oh my!

What have I caused for myself.
Why did I talk back at him... Oh I feel so scared.
What do I do?
Go to the principal?
Go back to Ms Lorrane?
Go to Steph?
or just go home?

What do I just do?
Will Jeremy's friend save me?

After so much thought and nothing to decide.. No answer to my questions,..
I walked out of the class, to my locker.
I stared at the danger sign for a while.

Then I inhaled.

I opened the door and took my Literature notes.

I Closed the door back.

I breathed.

“Fine, Alex you can do this.” I said to myself.
Then turned and walked to the Literature Class.
It wasn't so hard finding it.

I calmly walked in and all eyes turrned to me.
The Ms turned to me.

Im glad its a female teacher.
I love females to teach me Literature.
I searched to see Jeremy and his group...and i did.
They sat at the last seats at the back.
His friend stared at me but he didn't smile.
He just looked.

Jeremy's eyes were red and hostile.
I swallowed.

And his girlfriend?
Well she's a minor case.

“Miss, go and have a seat and don't stand there staring.” the teacher said.

“Like a moron!.” I heard him shout from his seat.

The class bursted into a loud laughter.

Jeremy.. Why are you so rude.

“Jeremy please stay quiet.” The teacher sad to him.

I looked at him.
He gave me a mocking laugh.

I bent my head and walked to the empty seat and sat down

But it was always beside him.
He was at my back too.

I tried hard not to let my fear show.
I held tight to my pen even though I felt Llike my hand was shaking..

“Fuck I hate lefties..” I heard him say behind me.
It was low but I heard it.
He wanted me to.
Cos he feels its gonna annoy me.
Steph said he loves to annoy.

“Who cares..” I said before realising i did.

Why am I always replying his talks.
I should mind my own and listen to the teacher.
Thats why im here.

“You don't see whats coming for you I guess. Just wait for it.” He said.

I was scared but I scoffed.

“You can't do anything to me. You can't scare me with your danger sign. Its worthless. Get that.” I said but deep inside, I was quivering with so much fright.

“Im suprised tho. Its your first time here and you wanna get kicked out of the school same day with injuries spoiling your pretty face huh?”

Wow he said, my pretty face?

“Did I say, your pretty face? Ugly face of a little bitchy snail.” He said.

I don't even understand why im still talking to him.
I ignored him.

To listen to the teacher.
I don't even understand what the teacher is talking about?
Where is she anyway?

Shakespearen Sonnet, Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day.

She's talking about the poetic devices and I haven't been listening.

This rude bitch is a distraction.
Steph warned me.

“Hey, im talking to you bitch.” He started again.
I rolled my eyes
Have he been talking?

“And I aint a bitch so I don't have to talk to you.” I said.

“But you just did. You are a bitch afterall.” He said.

I hit my fist on my desk with anger.
Everyone turned to me.
I brought down my face.

“Miss, why such a noise?” The Ms asked.

Is this bitch at my back,

“Its nothing. Just a mistake hit.” I said.

“She's upset. We should know what's making her upset Ms.” Jeremy cut in.

Arghhh this guy..
Why's he so annoying!

I couldn't turn to look at him.
I really wish eyes could kill. I would have ended his stupid life!

“Are you upset?” The teacher asked.
“No im not.” I answered.
“She is. Look at her ugly face, you'll see.” He said.

What punk!

“Im not Ug... Im not upset!” I yelled at..

At who exactly?
Ms or him?

“Fine, but don't hit the desk again. Listen everyone...” She said and began her teaching.

“Don't be so annoyed and don't think you are pretty too..” He said to me.

It was annoying tho.

“I want to learn!” I said.
“Learn you should, cos its gonna be your last learning in this school.” He said.

I scoffed.

“Go and treat yourself. You are just sick. You're filled with sickness.” I said.

I was getting scared again.
But I just have to pretend.

       Jeremy's POV

That was upsetting..
I am sick and filled with sickness?

Arghhhhh..  This brat got some wide mouth and im gonna show her what it takes to be a sick person..

I stood up, walked to her seat and I grabbed her wrist.

She looked up with wide eyes.

I pulled her up and dragged her out of the class as everyone stared.

         Molly's POV

He dragged her out?
I don't like what's happening now. 😒
Like, where the hell is he taking her to???

         Chris POV

God! Jeremy musn't hurt her.

Are you curious to know what would happen next ?

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