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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 43



 Teens Hearts - Episode 43

[[Note: This is Steph and Chris side of the story during those time Jeremy and Alex were still in schoool.. Now ENjoy!]]

      Steph's POV

I was packing up my books in class, when Chris came in, and walked to me.

Yeah, I remembered we were going out.
Or should I say, going for a date.
In school uniforms.
Im actually scared.
Im starting to feel feverish.

His looks could kill!
He has a newly blown jelled hair which curled in a wavy style and covered some part of his forehead.
He has this long lashes that makes me wonder if God actually wanted him to be a girl but later on, changed his mind..
He had his black headphone around his neck and his bag hung loosely on his right shoulder.

He look so cool.

“Steph..” He called me in a very calm tone.
I smiled at him.
He was smiling as well.

“Chris..” I said.
“I'll help you with some.” He said and grabbed most of the books before I could even say jack!
“Thank youu.”  I said with a smile.

We walked side by side out of my class and over to my locker.
I opened my locker, and put the books in my hand into my bag and then put the ones he grabbed too.
Then I closed back my locker and hung my bag over my back.

“It's kinda heavy right?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said.

How did he know.

“Lemme carry that,.” He said and was going for my bag already.
“No Chris.. I can carry it. Im just going home with lotta books cos I wanna study tonight.”

He looked at me with a funny smile.

“You taking all that books home to read just this night? It's damn much Steph.” He said.
“Yeah.. I'do read them tomorrow too and next.” I said.
“But I still wanna carry the bag.” He said.
“We're almost getting to your car.” I said.
“But we ain't yet.” He said and tried to go for my bag again but I quickly turned and faced him.

He was smiling.

“I told you not to bother yourself.” I said.
“Seriously, I want to.” He said, smiling.
I smiled.
“Chris.. Can you stop that..” I said and moved ahead of him... but then he caught up with me and the next thing, I felt him hold my hand.

I didn't look at him.
Im sure he's smiling for getting the opportunity to hold my hand.

Soon we got to his car and for the first time, I got into Chris car.
And he played the nice guy by opening the door for me..

When he got in, he smiled to me before turning to the steering and drove out of the school.

All through the ride to the place I got no idea of yet, We didn't talk much.

He kept playing songs by Chris Brown.
The songs kinda helped cos I was feeling really nervous...
And my body was starting to get hot and feverish.

And he kept driving like forever.

“It's a kinda boring and lonely place tho.” He suddenly said..


“So why are we going there ?” I asked.
He just smiled and turned into a narrow road.

With tall trees at the sides.

What on earth would two teens be doing in such a scary, narrow road as this.
A bush! Forest!

“You're scaring me now Chris.” I said, feeling scared already.

“You've not been here right?” He asked.
“You aint asking me such question. Are you?” I said angrily.
“Don't be scared Steph.. People come here.” He said as he drove on.

The narrow road is long and tarred, but the sides of the road are tall trees and what I could describe as, Tick forest.

I swallowed and stared at the long road through the windscreen.

“We gonna do a little fun ride.” He said.

I understood, cos he soon got to the slop down side of the road!
Too sloppy deep.

“Chris!!” I yelled and held tight to my seatbeat.

“Hahaha..” He laughed and drove so fast down the bent road.

“Are you crazy!” I yelled.
I just hope that didnt upset him.

“It's fun Steph. I love riding up and down this side when ever I come here.” He said.

“Ohh shit! That's too scary!” I said.
He finally got to the plain side of the road and slowed down.
Then he turned to me, “Im so sorry Steph.” He said.

I could see in his eyes that he really mean that.
And he looked more cute with the way he did his eyebrows.

“It's fine. It was fun tho, like you said.”  I said and chuckled.
“Thanks.” He said with a smile.

He turned back to the windscreen, but then turned back his eyes on me again.
“Thanks for coming here with me.” He said.

I smiled.
Is this all we came here to do?
Maybe not! Cos he drove a little more and then turned into another tarred road at the right...
And this road was kinda wider than the long road, and at the sides are really beautiful flower bushes...
Fresh and blossoming..
Different flowers in their specific colours.
They all mixed up in their leaves and thorns and formed such a beautiful flower bush.
And a rusted rail probably fixed ages ago secured them at both sides.
Left and right.

The flowers moved beautifully to the passing breeze.
I couldn't help but wind down the window glass to look really vividly at them.
Chris was driving too slowly, thus, made it so much a nice view for me.

“This is really beautiful. I can't remember the last time I came accross something so beautiful as this.” I said out, still looking at them.
“Yeah... They are really beautiful.” He said.
“Yeah they are.” I said and then turned to him.
“How did you came accross such a nice flower bush inside such a scary narrow long road?” I asked.
He smiled and stopped the car, then looked at me.

“Actually.. There are lots of reasons why you're here today.. And im gonna let you know everything.” He said.

My heart sank.

“O..okay.” I said.
“You see this flower bushes were planted by my Great grandpa.” He said.
“Your great grand pa?” I asked like I didn't hear him earlier.
“Yeah.. He loved flowers and everything about it.. My dad told me, cos I never got to meet him.” He said.

I inhaled.

“My dad told me he died two weeks after he made this flower garden. Actually he started it to be a flower garden but cos he died two weeks after and there was no one to take care of the garden, it grew up to become a flower bush..” He said.
“A beautiful flower bush and It would have been more beautiful if it was taken good care.” I said, then something struck me.

“Why weren't there anyone to take care of the garden?” He asked.

He breathed.

“Cos my great grandpa and his family were shot dead together, Including my grandpa, my grandma and my dad's siblings, only my dad escaped.” He said and I got no idea when a tear dropped from my eyes.

He gasped, “Seriously?, what's that you doing? you in tears. Steph why?.” He said with a really sad voice and then he wiped the tears with his thumb.

“Don't cry cos of that please Steph, or Im just gonna turn back.” He said and tucked my hair, trying to cover my face, back behind my ear.
Itwas kinda romantic.

Then, he turned to drive more further.

“I...I wanna take some picture.” I said and got my phone.
He smiled and brought out a camera.

“We go down then.” He said and I smiled as we stepped down from his car.

“Wow!” I excaimed.
He came beside me.
He took pictures with his camera, while I took with my phone.

Pretty Butterflies were flying about and perched on the flowers..
It all made a beautiful view.

Then suddenly, he grabbed me into him and took a shot of us.

I laughed and poked his hair.
I loved how his hair is thick but soft.
He laughed and then he took my hand as we stared at flower bushes.

“It's so cool here.” I said.
“Yeah.. Come on. There's another side I wanna show you.” He said and so we walked back into the car and he drove on.

I flipped through the pictures of the flower garden that turned into a flower bush.
It's really beautiful and I wonder why the growing flowers never withered and grew into this extra-ordinarily beaitiful flower bush.

We passed the rest of the flower bushes and then I found we were driving into a field.
Wide and large.
I looked back and I could see the flowers bush vanishing little by little as the car drove more further.

As he drove on.
I could feel chills and the whistling of birds now.
It was getting kinda chilling and coldy like there's a river or stream around.

“This large field was where my great grandpa house was before it got broken down by those mutts who did that to my old family.” He said.

I looked out at the field.

“Im so sorry about what happened to them.” I said sadly.
“It's fine.” He said.

Soon, we got farer to the side of the field with tall trees and falling dry leaves.
It seemed more like a wood forest and the chilling and bird whistlings were much now.
So I had to ask him.
“Is there a river around?” I asked.
“Yeah.” He said and stopped the car.
“Let's go down.” He added.
We got down and he walked to me and held my hand.

We are just friends. Why's he just holding my hands huh!
I like it tho.

We walked through the fallen dry leaves field and down towards a sandy slope.
There, looking over, I saw a river.... but then turning over and my eyes caught with a tree.
And what I saw shocked me.

My name and a drawing of me in a small paint sheets where pinned to the tree and there was a writting.
‘I Love You Steph.’

My heart sank.

I turned to Chris and he was smiling awkwardly.
I turned my eyes to other trees around us and each had my name or a painting of me with written words.

I read them;

‘I Hope Some Day, You Would Come Here With Me. With Our Hands Locked Together. I Love You Steph.’

 ‘My Heart Beat For Just You, Steph.’

‘You Are My Treasure,.’

‘I Will Never Stop Loving You.’

Then the last one made me loose my breath.

‘Please Be My Girlfriend and My Bestfriend Steph. Without you My World is Incomplete. You Make my Whole World. I Promise To Love You Till The End of Time.’

I got speechless as I just stared at the last one.

I knew he was gonna ask me this but I never expected it to be this way.
This was too good.
Too special.
After he told me about his lost grandparents and he... he just asked me to be his girlfriend this way.

“Please Steph. Please say yes to me.” I heard his voice behind.
Then, I saw him walk to my front and guess what....???

He knelt down.
I couldn't believe it.

“I love you so much  Steph. And I will never hurt you. I promise to make you happy and be by your side all the time and love you no matter what. If you don't accept Steph. I think im gonna go crazy.” He said, staring into my eyes.

I gasped. This was too much.
My tears rolling down.

Then he got out something from his pocket.
A small box.

Of course it cant!

“Steph, Please be my girlfriend.. Im begging you.” He said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

I inhaled as my own tears were so much now.
I closed my eyes, sniffled, opened my eyes and inhaling again.

“Yes.. I... I will. I will be your girlfriend Chris.” I said.

He smiled, “God! Im so damn happy. Arghh..” He said and opened the box.
It's a golden necklace with  ‘My Only One’ Inscribed on it.

Oh my!

He got up and gently placed it around my neck.

“Thank you so much Steph.” He said.

I smiled with tears still in my eyes.

“It's gonna be you forever. No one's ever gonna take your place in my heart. You mean the whole world to me and I will love you forever.” He said and then..


Our lips interlocked.
He kissed me and I kissed him..
Then he pulled away and stared into my eyes.

“I love you Steph. Thanks for being my girlfriend.”

I just smiled.
Then it came again.
 then I felt nausea and vomits coming to my throat.
I put my hand on my mouth, trying hard to push it back to my stomache but no way! No way!!
Im gonna throw it out!

“What's that Steph?” He asked, looking somehow worried at me. I guess.

I rushed off from him and threw up on the field, a bit away from him.

“Steph. You okay?” I heard him ask.
He was walking to me.

I couldn't answer.
I was throwing up more and more.


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