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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 42



 Teens Hearts - Episode 42

Alexandra's POV

You can't believe it..
I could say, we are the only students in school now..
No one is in class except Jeremy and I, still facing each other, and playing music all the while..
The class checker had come few minutes ago to check if anyone is still in class.
He saw us and seeing Jeremy, he turned and left.
He couldn't tell us to leave.
Worse,Jeremy don't want us to leave yet and that freaking upsets me.
“Let's play Truth or Dare.” He said..
“I don't wanna play that.” I snapped.
“T or D? choose.” He said.
“Im not gonna choose.” I said.
“Pleaseee... Stop being so stubborn babe.” He said.
I inhaled.
“Fine.” I said, knowing he won't give up.
“Truth or Dare?” He said.
“Truth.” I said.
“Do you truely love me?” He asked.
I looked amuzingly at him.
He has a smirk smile.
I inhaled. “Yeah, I do.” I answered.
He smiled. (Not a smirk smile tho)
“I truely love you too Andra.” He said.
I smiled and drummed my fingers on the desk.
“I choose Dare.” He said.
I narrowed my eyes.
Why would he choose dare?
“Why will you choose Dare?” I asked.
“Cos I want to. Argh! Just dare me to do something.” He said.
I tapped my middle finger on the desk now, with my eyes narrowed at him.
I was thinking of what to dare him.
I dare you to.. to kiss me?
He's gonna think im dying for his lips.. Even though I want the kiss tho.
His lips. Arshhh!
I dare you to... to do what actually?
He stared at me.
“I... I dare you to... to..”
“To do what? You didn't even ask, Plain or dirty. You should ask that first.” He said.
No.. I can't ask that. Im sure he's gonna say, Dirty!
“I dare you to define Literature.” I said.
He frowned.
“Boring question.” He said.
“Answer it.” I said.
“You know it. So I shouldn't define it for you. Or you don't know it?” He said.
I tried to hit him but he took my hand.
“Literature's the body of all written works.” He said.
“Not in that definition.” I said.
“Time up.” He said.
“I didn't recall you adding Time check in the game.” I said.
“I just did.” He said with a stupid cute smile!
I frowned, “But you d_”
“Truth or Dare??” He cut me short.
I inhaled.
“Truth.” I said.
“Why do you love me.” He asked.
“I got no reason why. I just found myself falling for you.” I said.
He let out a very cute toothy smile, got my hand and squeezed it.
I glared at him.
“I love you because you mean a lot to me. You are special and different.” He said.
I blushed. But tried so much not to show that I did.
“Truth or Dare??” I said.
“Dare.” He answered.
Huh! Why would he be choosing that again.
“I dare_”
“Dirty” He cut in.
“I didn't ask that.” I snapped.
“You forget to.” He said.
“I didn't. I don't wanna ask that.” I said.
“Just go on and dare me to do anything dirty. Uh!” He said.
“I won't.” I said.
He rolled his eyes.
“Fine.. Just go on and dare me to do something boring again.” He mumbled..
Lemme suprise him then.
“I dare you to...to hug me.” I said.
He instantly looked at me with a wide smile.
“Ouch.. Really?”
“No.” I joked.
“Shh yeah.” He said, got up, sat on his desk, turned to face me and I shifted my seat, so he don't hit me with his leg.
We faced each other, then he hugged me.
He, on his desk, me on my seat.
The hug went on, and then, I felt his breathe on my neck and the next thing, he kissed my neck.
“Time up!” I shouted. It was a SHOUT.
“Not yet Babe. A minute left.” He said in a rather dull voice or should I call it a really sweet voice??
“Just time up!” I shouted my voice louder now.
He pulled away.
“Fine! You shouting so loud.” He said and turned to go sit back on his seat but then he turned back again to me and sat right on his desk.
So close to eachother, that his legs touched my knees.
“Truth or dare?” He asked.
“Truth.” I said.
He frowned.
“Huh! Can't you just dare huh?” He said more arrogantly.
“I don't want to.” I said.
“Fine.” He said. Then paused and relaxed a little before asking me..
“Are... you a virgin?”
Uh? Huh? What?
Did he just ask me that?
I swallowed, then Inhaled.
“You... you can't ask me such a question.” I managed to say.
“Pleaseee answer. I really wanna know.” He said.
Why would he wanna know if Im a virgin.
“Yeah or nah?”
I looked at him.
His expression is unreadable but I could feel he's anxious to know..
I inhaled, “Yeah.” I said.
Then he smiled.
“I am too. Do you believe that?” He asked.
I ignored him.
We shouldn't be talking about that. It's making me feel uncomfortable.
“I know you don't wanna believe. You want me to show you huh?” He said with a grin.
Okay, that made me smile.
Crazy punk!..
“Your turn.” He said.
I inhaled, “Truth or Dare?”
“Dare.” He said.
What else than that!
“Plain or Dirty?” I asked this time.
I gotta show him.
He looked at me with an awkward smile, then it turned to a sweet grin.
“Dirtyy” He said.
“I dare you to do it..” I said with a smirk smile.
Im only joking tho.
But how could I dare that.
“Do what?” He asked with his eyebrows raised in a cute way.
“Show me the prove that you are a... a virgin. I wanna see.” I said, with a giggle.
I can't believe I was saying this rubbish.
And how fast, did I forgot we are alone here??
He laughed.. “Wow.. Are you serious Babe?” He asked.
I didn't answer him.
Was praying deep down in my heart that he don't try doing something stupid.
“Shit! You gonna see it but not nowww.” He said.
Thank God!
I got you!
“Well, you ain't keeping to the rule of the game.” I said, frowning.
Just to punish him abit for choosing dirty instead of plain.
He stayed silent for awhile and staring deep into my eyes, he asked;
“Do you really wanna see?”
I blinked my eyes but was silent cos I don't know how to let out the word, ‘No’
Okay.. Im I crazy?
Just say, no! you stupid girl.
“You...not..saying anything Andraaa..” voice was really low now.
I cleared my throat.
“No I don't.” I finally said.
I was grateful.
I got no idea how he wanna prove it but I know it's never gonna be in a right way.
He chuckled and then turned it into a sweet smile.
We stared at each other..
Then the next thing, I felt his LIPS on mine.
His hand around my neck..
I closed my eyes and let him kiss me on.
Then he pulled away
“I.. I love you Andra..” He said.
“I love you too J.” I said.
“But you don't you wanna kiss me back.” He said.
The question was unexpected.
I didn't know what to say.
He got down from the desk, took my hand.
“Come, let's go babe.” He said and I stood up.

🌺#Jeremy 's #POV🌺

We walked out of the class, with I, feeling kinda sad and upset.
I don't wanna show it but Fuck it! Why couldn't she just kiss me back huh!
And about the game?
I was almost gonna show her...my d**k.
Funny! How can I?
I wanna show her something better.
“You get your bag.” I said when we got to her locker.
She opened it and took her bag.
I saw no pullover again.
She finally took it home..
She closed her locker and turned to me.
“Why you smiling?” She asked me.
“Cos I got a cute girlfriend.” I said and she smiled.
I took her hand.
She checked her phone.
“Lili had been calling. Let's go.” She said.
“Andra.. We're not going yet.” I said.
She looked confusedly at me.
“I wanna show you something.” I said.
She raised her brows and asked “What?” In a half yelled tone.
She acted like someone scared.
I chuckled.
I understood, so I pecked her cheek.
I wanted to make it a suprise to her but I guess im gonna tell her to stop her fear.
“I just... wanna sing for you.” I said.
She gasped, then smiled,

🌺#Alexandra's #POV

I swallowed..
I can't believe Jeremy wanna sing for me.
Like what song, do he really wanna sing for me and where do he wanna sing it?
Somehow, I was anxious and excited.
I felt butterflies in my stomache.
I couldn't just wait.
I sent a message to Lili.
<b> Lili, Im so sorry I didn't pick your calls. Im with Jeremy and he has something to show me which im gonna tell you when im back. Im gonna explain everything to you when im back.
# I_looked at Jeremy.
He smiled, took my hand and we walked away.
“Where do you wanna do that?” I asked.
“Do what?” He asked.
“Sing the song for me.” I said.
“At the hall.” He said.
“Hall? Why the hall?” I asked.
“Just come with me babe.” He said.
We got to the hall and walked in, Jeremy closed back the door and the hall seem kinda dark.
The time is 6:40pm.
We walked down the stairs, passing the seats and down the stage..
“It's dark here.” I said.
“Not so dark.” He said.
We still held hands..
We got to the side of the hall just after the stage.
Then, I saw a Piano.
Wow... Is this really here in this hall?.
And... and he's gonna play that while singing for me?
Jeremy are you really gonna do this!
This is really gonna be so sweet. I can picture it!
There were two stool beside it, and he made me sit on one and then he sat on the pianist stool.
The he turned to me and smiled.
I smiled too.
He turned his eyes to the black and white keys, turned the ON button and got his fingers on the keys.
Then he pressed..
My heart jumped.
He looked at me.
His eyes filled with so much love for me.
Yeah, I know.. cos I could feel it.
I could see it.
“Andra...” He said calmly.
“J..” I answered coldy. I think im loosing my voice.
“My voice ain't so good tho.” He said and chuckled.
I couldn't smile nor chuckle. I could only stare at him.
Feeling lost in this kind of love we share and feeling so anxious to hear the song he wanna sing for ME.
For me ALONE.
“..But I just wanna sing this song for you, cos It really tells how my feelings for you are. How much that I really love you. How deeply i've fallen for you. And how happy I am to have you as my girlfriend. I love you so much Andra..” He said and I just wished to just grab him and kiss him passionately.
He turned back to the keys and pressed again.
Then he began playing the tone of the song, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend.
I smiled and watched his fingers.
He could really play this well.
Like he told me, He and his dad always did this whenever he's around.
He began to sing and my pulse stopped as I listened to him.
... What would I do without your smart mouth..
Drawing me in and you kicking me out..
Got my head spinning,
No kidding,
I can't pin you down...
What's going on in that beautiful mind.
Im on your magical mystery ride..
I can't stop singing, it's ringing in my head for you....
I looked at him.
He sang on and on as he played.. and every word in the song, seemed to tell truely of our love.
Of the way we feel for each other.
And his voice... his voice.
I can't believe it... but it's just so angelic and wonderful.
He'do close his eyes,... open them and smile as he sang.
He looked so cute... So handsome.
He wasn't even done singing, When I pressed one key and he looked at me.
It made him pause.
Not that I wanted him to stop but I just needed to hug him tight and give him the deepest kiss I can.
“J... I.. Love you. Thank you.” I said.
He smiled.
I just got down from the stool and rushed him into a tight hug.
“I really love you too An....”
He wasn't done yet, when I pushed my lips on his and began kissing him.
I was the one kissing him now.
I guess he was shocked to see this from me but I couldn't hold back the feeling. And soon, He let in and we kissed passionately.
Like the two crazy teenage lovers that we are.
The heat was there.
The passion..
The next thing, I felt myself on the floor and Jeremy on me.
We were still kissing..
I got scared but then he pulled away.
It was really dark now. We can hardly see ourselves.
We were both breathing kinda hard.
Then I felt him get off me and then I felt him lay beside me and he found my hand and held it as we layed facing the far ceiling that we can hardly see.
“Im sorry.” He said.
“For?” I asked.
“That we fell.” I said.
That made me smile, but then it turned into a laugh.
He joined me.
Then he stopped.
“I love you so much Andra..” He said.
I smiled. “I love you too.” I said.
There was a bit silence till he broke it.
“So do you wanna see that now?” He asked.
“What?” I asked.
“My prove of being a virgin?” He said.
“Hahahaha..” I laughed.
“No. I dont need to.” I said.
I know what he wanna show me already.
Crazy guy.
In a dark hall!
Just then, The hall door opened and the Electric lights came on.
We sat up to see.
It's an man in black uniform..
Probably one of the securities.
“It's late. Please could you kindly leave so the Hall could be locked?” He said.
“Let's go.” He said.
We stood up and I got my bag.
Jeremy held my hand and we walked pass the man, and out of the hallway.


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