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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 40



 Teens Hearts - Episode 40

(Am So Sorry Guys That I didn't Post Yesterday Afternoon, I was so down and Sick, so I didn't have The strength to post, I also need u guys prayers for quick recovery)

Alexandra 's POV

He pulled me along towards the main mall.
Are we going in there?
“You going to get something?” I asked him.
“Yeah. A new bobble cap for you.” He said.
“Ashh.. No, let's head to the hospital.” I said.
“Yeah. We will. After getting the cap.” He said and pulled me along till we got inside the big mall.
Lots of people moving about.
Some with trolleys, some with shopping basket and some already with shopping bags..
“Okay. fine. Can you release my hand a bit now?” I said.
He looked at me and gave that charming smile.
“Yeahh. Ofcourse babe.” He said and released his grip but still held my hand.
We walked through the shoes aisle and then found the caps aisle after it.
He still held my hand.
There were cute bobble caps and many other types of cap..
He got a pink bobble cap in white transparent nylon pack and raised it to my face..
It had 'Love Me More' inscribbed on the it.
“Would look cute on you babe.” He said.
Yeah It would but mine's black not pink. Though pink is my favourite colour.
“Mine was black.” I said.
“Oh damn that. Fine, get yourself that. I love this one for you..” He said.
After selecting for awhile, I finally got one that look kinda like mine. (You know how it feels when you lost something you really like, You wanna buy what seem exactly like it.)
“Yeah, this one look just like mine,” I said to Jeremy, who had his hands in his pockets, staring at me..
He shrugged.
After we paid.. (Okay he paid),
“Babe. let's go eat.” He said and took my hand.
But then he stopped and turned to me.
He took out the pink bobble cap from the small shopping bag.
I stared at him.
“Close your eyes, I wanna propose to you.” He smirked..
Now, that was funny.
Always a punk!
I laughed.
“Here, Don't take it off.” He said as he came close and wore the cap on my head.
Okay, people kinda glanced for a second.
“You look so cute babe.” He said.
I kinda blushed.
Why won't I? When three girls that just passed us heard him and turned back to take a glance at us.
He took out the black one that I bought and tried to wear it but I grabbed it from him.
“Uhh??” He raised his eyebrows.
I got a reason for doing that..
We are just standing here, facing each other and acting like kids.
“Babe, you don't want me to wear it?” He asked.
“Close your eyes, I wanna give you something.” I said.
He laughed.
It's actually funny cos I giggled along.
“Alright fine.” He said and he closed his eyes..
Arghhh this guy!
I smiled and tipped my toes to wear the cap on him cos he's kinda so taller than I am.
I wore it on him, and before I could even fix it well on his head, He opened his eyes with a smile and pulled me into him.
He hugged me.
Okay, My cheeks turned red cos eyes turned to us.
Gosh! Must he be causing stares everywhere.
“Wow.. Thanks babe. I really wanna kiss you.” He said and my heart jumped.
No. He musn't do that here or else im gonna die in so much shyness.
“Can I?” He asked.
“No.. no!” I snapped.
“Why?” He asked.
“Arshhh. You're hungry!” I said and tried to pull away but he still hugged me.
“Let's cause a little romantic scene here babe..” He said.
God! No.. This punk! I will so deal with you if you don't let go off me. Argh!
“Fine, you're not answering..” He said and withdrew.
“I know why, cos you still don't believe im inlove with you Andra. It hurts tho!” He said as he got beside me and took my hand.
“You wanna eat?” He asked.
“You said you wanted to.” I said.
“Not anymore. Let's go.” He said with a straight but kinda sad face and began walking towards the Mall outdoor but I stopped and he did too.
I don't like the way he was acting.
“Jeremyy” I called coldly.
“What's that babe?” He asked with a stoic face now but I know he's sad and upset... And seriously, I don't want him to..
I turned to him.
“I... You... I...” I was gonna stammer cos I don't know what to say.
He stared into my eyes.
People passed us.
“It's fine Andra.. I love you so much, just know that. and I want the whole world to know that I do. That you're my babe. I know we just began dating just yesterday, but my feelings for you had been long developed deep inside my heart even before I realised it. I love you Andraa..” He said.
I inhaled as his words found their way to the softest spot in my heart and melted me down.
“I love you too J.” I said.
Oh.. and this was the first time I called him J.
He smiled.
“I love you too Andra. First time calling me J.” He said and let out a cute laugh.
Then he brought his face closer anf kissed my forehead.
Then withdrew.
He held my hand and we walked to the Mall cafeteria.
We ate...
>>>>>[[After eating]]>>>>>
He took my hand and we walked out of the mall cafeteria and back to his car.
But before then, He did something..
He immediately drew me to him and took a selfie of us..
God! It was so romantic.
“Do you mind if I upload it on my facebook wall?” He asked.
Wow, he's suddenly asking for permission?
I didn't answer. I was just smiling.
He should understand by my smiles that he has my full acceptance to post it.
“You know what?, You should open a facebook account. Get a whatsapp and I wanna be skyping you when im missing you and wanna see your cutie face.” He said and I blushed.
I will do all this. Once im back home.
I won't be able to sleep if I don't do them tonight!
“Babe, im uploading the pix. Should I go on huh?” He asked.
I nodded.
“Yeah! Im happy now. Let's head to the hospital.” He said with a sweet smile and drove off.
Goshh gosh.. He's a cutie.
[Few minutes later]

Jeremy 's POV

“I can't wait to see your mom.” She said as I drove on.
I smiled.
This girl...
Why do she love making me smile?
Andra.. I love you. Ah swear it.
“Why do you wanna see her?” I asked.
“Cos I know she'do be a sweet mother.” She said.
I smiled.
“You want Icecream?” I asked as I saw an Icecream Vendor.
“Ummmm.” She was tryna decide.
I smiled.
“It's finee. I know you want it.” I said as I stopped the car and called out to the Icream vendor for chocolate and cream icrecream.
He got it on a small square-shaped cup.
I wanted just one for Andra alone but he actually brought two cups.
Fine, I'll take it.
I paid him and he left.
“Here..” I handed her one and she took it with a sweet smile.
I dropped the other.
“Thankss J.” She said and soon, she was licking her ice cream
“Hey ain't you gonna give your boyfriend a bit huh?” I asked playfully.
She laughed and looked at me.
Then she took a spoon of it and brought it to my lips and I took it..
Awshh! Icy and sweet!
“Thanks babe.” I said and pecked her cheek.
Oh shit! I need to concentrate on the steeringwheel.
I almost hit a car.


Alexandra's POV

We got to the hospital and getting inside his dad ward room., I met a beautiful woman with Jeremy's dad.
She turned to us and Godsh! Such a beauty.
Jeremy was holding my hand.
“J..” She called him and his dad looked at us.
We walked to them.
“Hey dad.” Jeremy called.
“Wow.. this is she right?” His beautiful mom asked.
Now, I know where Jeremy got all that sweet look from.
Not his dad but his mom.. Woww.
His dad glanced at me.
He was sitting on the bed.
“Yeah, She's my girlfriend.” Jeremy said. and I felt my cheek burn.
“Your girlfriend??” His dad asked.
I got kinda scared
His tone was kinda scary.
“Yeah dad.” He said.
“But you didn't tell it to me that way.” His dad said.
“Yeah dad .. Cos It was last night that we became lovers.” Jeremy said
He looked at me.
“It's alright son..” He said.
“And ohh.. She look so cute.”His Mom said and I hugged me
So sweet! I can't believe's the one..
We spent some time at hospital..and soon, it was time fo me to gmo cos it was getting dark.
Jeremy drove me home. then we he pulled to stop..
“See you in school tomorrow babe.” He said.
“See you too.” I said anrmd let out a smile.
Then I got down and closed the door and walked to the door.
Huh! Lili is not yet back. I gotta call her.
And I did.
“Hello Dearr niece. Im so sorry im not home yet... I'll soon be home. Stay safe...” She said.
“Lili please come home soon. I can't stay all alone in mhis house.” I said.
“I will. Its a promise.” She said.
I felt someone's behind me.
I turned and its.. its JEREMY!
He was giving me a kinda smirk smile.
I know she's not back yet. I'll stay with you till she gets back.” He said.
Awwn! Is he so protective?
“Finee..” I said with a smile as I turned and opened the door.
We sat on the same couch and watched movies..
It was dark now but Lili is still not yet back.
I called her again..
“Oh Alex. Im so sorry, Traffic is really bad! Stay in your room if you scared.” She said.
“Jeremy is here.” I said.
“Oh.. that's cool. I'll be home soon. Stay with him okay.” She said.
“Okay Lili. Im missing you.” I said.
“Oh.. I miss you more Angel.” She said.
I dropped the call.
Lili just come home!!!

Jeremy's POV

After the call. She looked at me.
“She's in a traffic.” She said.
I smiled and pulled her to me, so she rest her head on my shoulder.
“You scared?” I asked her.
“I guess.” She said.
“You don't have to be. Im here with you.I'do never leave you all alone.” I said and kissed her forehead.
She got silent, so we watched the movie.
[Minutes later]
Okay, in a movie, there's always this romantic part that makes your head spin round.
Now, that scene was being displayed in the movie and I held Andra so close to me.
“I love you Andra..” I said cos the scene was really affecting me really much.
She didn't answer.
I glanced at her and she's sleeping..
Sleeping beauty.
I smiled and left her to sleep on my shoulder.
“I promise to love you for forever. Yeah,forever cos you really mean alot to me. My Andra..” I said and touched her hair.
Soon, I heard the doorbell ring and it woke Andra up.
“I'll go check.” I said.
She had that sleepy eyes. but gosh! they are charming.
I walked to the door and opened it and it's Lili.
“Oh dear Jeremy. Thank you sooo much for staying behind..” She said and walked in.
“Lili!” Andra rushed to her and hugged her.
“You got me so scared Lili.” She said.
“Im sorry dearie..” Lili said.
They pulled away and Lili turned to me.
“Thanks Jeremy. Im really grateful that you stayed behind.” She said.
“Its fine Lili. She means alot to me, so I'do be beside her anythime.” I said.
She smiled.
I wonder if she knows Andra is my girlfriend now.
“You are such a darling Jeremy. I really wanna ask this, how's your dad?” She asked.
“He's been wheeled on a wheelchair now.” I said.
“Oh he'do be fine soonesttt.” She said.
I turned to Andra who was looking at me as well.
“Goodnight Andra..” I said.
“Goodnight J.” She said.
Wow... J.
“See you tomorrow. You coming to school?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
She nodded.
“Do one thing for me Andra..” I said.
Lili had left to wherever in this part of the house. Leaving just me and Andra.
“What's that?” She asked.
“I want us to go to school together. So im gonna come.” I said.
Fuck that Steph is she ever try to bring her crap car to take my Andra.
“Fine..” She said with a smile.
Yeah.. She want it!
I walked to her and planted a quick kiss on her lips.
I could now kiss this cute pinky lips anytime that I want. Hahaha..
But uh! She haven't kissed back.
Soon, she will. I know.
“Bye my love. I love you so much.” I said.
“Bye.” She said..
I turned and left..
I'll go home now and sleep while hugging my pillow...
but before I got home, I couldn't help but text her,
<b> I cherished every moment I had with you Andra.. Thanks for always making me happy and thanks for stealing my heart away.


Alexandra 's POV

Before I got dressed for school, I texted Steph not to come and gave her the reason why.
Jeremy said he's coming..
What else could I have told her?
Soon, I drank my coffee and bread, Got my bag, ready for school..
I kissed Lili goodbye and walked outside to the gate and stood waiting for him.
Why's he taking so much time!!???
But then, I saw his car.
Thank goodness..
He stopped when he got to where I stood and I got in..
He looked at me with the sweetest smile I've ever seen.
And gosh! He looked hot today and this pullover he wore is just too cute.
Why do he have so many cute pullovers?
“Andra... I missed you.” He said and hugged me.
I missed you too.
“Did you miss me too?” He asked.
I pulled away and stared into his charming eyes..
“Yeah, I missed you J.” I said.
He smiled and brought his face close to mine and kissed me.
I know he will.
“I love you Babe.” He said as he looked into my eyes, then turned to the steering and drove off.
I stared at my boyfriend..
I can't believe this ever romantic guy here is Jeremy.
And Molly?
My heart is beating really fast. I don't know what's gonna happen today in school.
Jeremy promised to be by my side but im still so scared.
She might wanna cause a fight. And gosh! I don't want that.
“You thinking Andra?” He suddenly asked.
I looked at him.
He's eyes are on the windscreen but then he glanced at me.
“Im... im just thinking Molly would try to cause something bad.” I said.
I had to tell him.
“Andra.. Molly can't hurt you. Trust me. And damn! You shouldn't be fucking scared of a girl like you Babe.” He said.
“Im not!” I snapped. It's a lie. I am seriously scared..
I really need to drop this fright before I get to school or my heart is so gonna jump really bad when I see her.
“Babe, She's not gonna try anything.. Trust me. She's so scared of me. You are my girlfriend and you really mean a lot to me and Im would do anything to make you happy.” He said and pecked me.
I smiled.
We got to school and once we got down from his car, He took my hand.
(Like always!) He just makes me feel special.
We walked down the hallway and everyone stared.
They can.
He's my boyfriend.
Then I heard those gossipping..
“I saw their picture. They are dating..”
“Gosh! What's so special about her!”
“Wow...Look at them.”
“He broke up with Molly for her. Gosh!”
I smiled and looked at them.
They all had angry faces.
They must really love Molly or probably are jealous.
I know why, Cos Jeremy did upload that picture on his facebook wall.
I saw it,.
I can't forget the caption.
‘Andraa.. I love you.’
That was the caption he wrote.
How di
“My mom's coming to Ellas today..” He said.
“Really?” I said.
“Yeah... To announce about my dad.” He said.
I nodded..
I looked at him, “Thanks for forgiving your mom.” I said.
“I haven't forgiven her. I just gave her a second chance.” He said with a smile.
I squeezed his hand.
Aww, it's been a while we did that cos he squeezed mine.
“I love you Andra..” He said.
“I love you too J.” I said.
We walked into class...
Oh oh oh oh... Every eyes turned to us..
Molly is on her seat, Chris, Eve.
I pulled my hand out, turned and walked to my seat..
As I sat down, I glanced at Jeremy and he was already on his seat.
I looked away.

Jeremy 's POV

As I sat down, I saw Andra was looking away now.
Molly had her eyes away.
I wish it will continue to look away till school's over.
“Hey dude.” Chris said.
“Mehn..What's up?” I asked him.
“Wanna know something?” He asked.
“What's that?” I asked.
“Im gonna ask her out on a date... Guess who?”
Who else but Steph! im sure she's tired of being a bitch.
“So she wants you now after being such an asshole?” I asked.
“I love her J.. She's so cool now.” He said.
“Great.” I said.
“What about Alex?” He asked.
“Huh?” I asked and glanced at Andra.
She had her eyes at the window..
“We need to talk dude.” He said.
I already know what he wanna talk about.
“Yeah.. She's my girlfriend now and Mo....” I glanced at Molly.
She's on her phone.
“Molly.. I broke up with her.” I said.
“Yeah.. You guys dating were all game played, you know. You love Andra?” He asked.
“Damn! Like hell. I guess I need some winnie cos im love sick.. Im head over heels inlove with Andra..” I said and we laughed.
Molly got up and walked away..
“Men.. She's been crying tho.” Chris said.
“I will talk to her.” I said.
I got up and went after Molly..
I saw her going towards the female's washroom passageway.
“Molly.” I called her.
She stopped but didn't turn.
I walked to her and moved to her front so we face each other.
She had tears in her eyes..
“Molly..” I called again.
“Fuck you Jeremy!” She snapped.
“Molly, I just wanna make it clear to you that its really over between us.” I said.
“Yeah, its over, so fuck off.” She said.
Forming like it doesn't hurt her.. Well it shouldn't. We were only flirting around.
But Chris said she was crying.
“Don't tryna hurt my girlfriend.. Though I know you can't. But don't tryna do anything stupid.” I said.
She scoffed, eyed me and tried to leave but I grabbed her hand.
She looked at me with fierce eyes.
“Im warning you..” I said.

Molly 's POV

“Im warning you..” He said, then dropped my hand and walked away..
I breathed hard with my teeth clenched.
It's so annoying! I can't bear it!
I turned to go on, but freak! I pomped into someone..
Fuck! Crap!
It was actually the dummy black girl.
“Im sorry Molly.” She said and tried to walk away.
“Hey..” I called.
She stopped.
“Huh?” She asked and turned back to me.
“Didn't you fucking see well huh? Are you fucking blind?” I barked.
“I apologised. Didn't I?” She said.
“Fine.. ” I said and inhaled.
“Can I know your name?” I asked her.
“Eve.” She said.
I inhaled.
I got this idea.
“Do you still want to join the girls dance club huh?” I asked.
Her face lightened up at that.
“Seriously?, God! Ofcourse.” She said excitedly.
“Fine.. you gonna join..” I said and with all the excitement, she tried to hug me but I shifted away.
What the heck!
“Thanks Molly. I appreciate alot.” She said.
I smiled.
“But you gonna do something for me.” I said.
“What's that?” She asked, smiling.

Eve's POV

“But you gonna do something for me.” She said.
“What's that?” I asked, smiling.
She smiled for few seconds.. then came too close to me.
“I've lost him to that bitch, Alex..” She said.
“Who?” I asked, pretending to be confused, though I know what she's talking about.
“I wanna deal with that girl!” She said.
I stared at her.
“And... I want you to help me. If you really want to join the girls dance club, then you gonna whatever that I tell you.” She said.
“I really wanna join Molly, tell me what to do.” I said.
“I want you to spy on her. I need an information that I would use to hurt her.. Something that's gonna make Jeremy hate her and come back to me.” She said.
I was shocked.
“So are you gonna do it?” She asked.
“Is that all you want me to do?” I asked.
“Yeahh.. It's simple. You her friend and let's continue to be enemies. But we gonna be meeting secretly.” She said.
I inhaled.
“That's betraying my friend. I can never do that to Alex.” I said.
She looked at me,“Don't you wanna join the girls dance club?” She asked.
“I wanna join, but not this way. I can never hurt Alex.” I said.
“What?” Her gaze at me turned to a glare.
“Yeah Molly. I can't help you hurt Alex and im never gonna let you hurt Alex.” I said.
She let an awkward chuckle.
“So what you brat gonna do to me?” She asked.
“Im gonna spill this conversation out to her and also to Jeremy.” I said.
“Don't you dare!” She said.
I inhaled.
“I can't compare my friendship with Alex with a school dance club. Ofcourse soon, Im gonna graduate from this school and the fucking dance club, im gonna drop it, but my friendship with Alex is something that's gonna be forever. I love Alex and a heartless girl like you is never gonna make me betray and hurt her.” I said.
“She stole my boyfriend you bitch!” She yelled.
I chuckled.
“She stole his heart and he threw you out. What do you think?” I smirked, turned and walked away.
She thinks I can do that? Spy on Alex..
Help her hurt Alex?
She's so crazy if she think I can do that..
I can never hurt Alex, Im even scared to hurt her.
Im even scared to loose my friendship with her.
Fuck Dance club!
Fuck you Molly...
I love my friendship with Alex and Steph.
Nothing's ever gonna make me stop.
Im gonna tell Alex about this... And not just her. Jeremy too.

Molly 's POV

She walked away...
Gosh! I can't believe this is fucking happening..
I gotta wake up from this freaking dream..
Alexandra 's POV

When Lunch bell rang...
An announcement came...
That the proprietress is around and needs to say out something to everyone at the School announcement hall.
Jeremy had told me what she wanna announce already.
We all walked up the school hall..Which is at the second storey.
Eve came to me and took my hand...
Have she became Jeremy too?
“Alex, Im gonna tell you something after.” She said in a whisper.
Where is Jeremy??
He must be with his mom, I guess.
“Alright.. How was your weekend?” I asked her.
“Fine and I know yours was sweet and fun filled.” She said.
“Why will you say that?” I asked.
She smiled.
“You tryna deny that right?” She asked and began searching around with her eyes.
“Deny what? and what're you searching for?” I asked.
“Steph.” She said.
Oh! Where's she?
“Hello girls.” We heard her voice behind.
We turned.
She had a cute smile on her face.
“Steeeph. I missed you.” Eve said and hugged her.
“I missed you too Eve.” Steph said.
“Steph..” I called her.
“Alex..” She said with a cute smile and then we hugged.
“I missed you this weekend.” She said and I smiled.
“Just the way that I missed you.” I said.
We got to the announcement hall and we got our seats beside each other., Though my seat is at the middle, Eve sat at my left and Steph sat at the right..
I still searched for Jeremy...
To see if he's at the upper seats for the school administrators. But he isn't.
He's with his mom Alex. Stop thinking!

Steph's POV

I was searching with my eyes for Chris but he was nowhere to be seen.
Probably he's with Jeremy cos I can't see Jeremy as well.
Last night. I had said yes to his request.
To go out with him after school today..
I wanted to decline but I couldn't.
My heart, my mind tells me he's gonna say those words to me again
‘Please be my girlfriend.’
I swear. I don't know what im gonna say, but I just think im gonna say yes to him.
I wanna be his girlfriend.
My dad came last night to try to... to.
[I don't wanna think about it]
But I refused. I told him I don't wanna continue that with him anymore. He left my room and haven't talked to me to today even when I greeted him this morning.
He didn't say anything to me.
“Steph??” Alex voice jolted me out of my lonely thoughts.
I looked at her.
She had wide eyes.
“I've called you three times Steph. You thinking?” She asked.
I can't lie that I wasn't.
“Y..yeah.” I said and took my eyes over the hall.
Every student of Ellas is now seated.
“You wanna talk about it?” She asked me.
“No.. its nothing important actually.” I said.
I can't tell her..
My incest with my dad.
Tears was gathering in my eyes.
“Im pressed. I wanna go to the washroom, I'll be back.” I said to her, got up and left towards the Hall washrooms.
I just wanna go in there and drop my tears.
I've been really an idiot..
To think I was doing the right thing. To think my dad loved me really much.. and was proving to me how much he do.
I opened a washroom door and walked in, shutting the door behind as I let the tears roll down.
I cut a tissue roll and watched myself at the mirror as tears rolled down my cheek and each tear that falls, I immediately clean it off with a tissue..
I've been so stupid to believe you dad! I should have hated both you and mom!
I should have run away...
I should have....
I felt nusea..
Is it cos im crying?
Is it cos im suddenly regretting everything I'v been doing with my dad?
Shit! I felt like vomitting..
It was serious...
I cleaned off my tears and rubbed my stomache.
But it was becoming unbearable, and I got my face at the sink and in ten seconds, I began vomitting.
Alexandra's POV

Steph is taking so long...
“You sure she went to urinate?” Eve asked.
“Yeah, she said she was pressed.” I said, searching around.
Eve eyes followed mine.
It's up to twenty minutes now and the proprietress would soon come up the stage to make her announcement.
God! Where's Steph. I need to go find her.
“Im going to find Steph.” I told Eve and just when I was about getting up, I saw her walk in.
“Steph.. ” I said when she sat down.
“Steph..” Eve called too.
“I don't know. I got to the washroom and felt nusea, and I vomitted..” She said.
Oh my God..
“Im sorry Steph.. Do you wanna go to the school hospital?” I asked her.
“No.. Im fine.” She said.
I inhaled.
“Alright. You sure you fine?” I asked.
“Yeah. I am.” She said with a smile..
I inhaled.
Just then, A voice came into the microphone.
I looked and it was the vice principal.
“THIS DAY IS A REALLY SPECIAL DAY TO US.. OUR BEAUTUFUL AND ELEGANT PROPRIETRESS, DR. ELLA TAYLOR IS HERE TO SAY OUT SOMETHING TO US ALL AND I WANT YOU ALL TO CLAP YOUR HANDS TOGETHER AS WE WELCOME HER TO THE STAGE...” V.P Bianca said and we all began clapping As Jeremy's mom, dressed in black trouser and black suites with her black hair which fell over her shoulder walked up to the hall stage with a broad smile.
She looked wonderful.
Soon, the clap died down.
“WE MISSED YOU TOO!!” Everyone shouted, except me.
I was just smiling and I was still searching for Jeremy.
I finally saw Jeremy and I smiled.
He just walked into the hall with Chris and they had their seats opposite us.
He smiled when he saw we were opposite each other.
And he did a hiding thumb up for me, in a way that only me saw it.
Wow.. She added ‘My husband’
Shouts of “Whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!”
“Oh my God!!!!!” raised instantly.
“HE...” She continued and the noise died down.
Claps followed and then some minutes later. it died down.
“JEREMY TAYLOR..” She called and my heart jumped.
Why's he calling him?
I looked at him and he was looking at this mom.
Claps came on instantly... Loud claps that lasted for minutes.
I looked at Jeremy and he was all smiling.
Then he glanced at me and smiled more widely.
“ACTUALLY, HE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY.PLEASE COME FORWARD SON.” His mom announced and my heart sinked into my belly.
I looked at him.
He stood up, looked at me and then gave me that smile that I only could understand that he wanna say something about me.. About us.. To this whole crowd.
I freezed.


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