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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 4



 Teens Hearts - Episode 4

         Jeremy's POV

I came in and saw a new girl with Steph.
I was sure it was the girl I saw yesterday.
She look cute tho.
With such lovely hair.
But fuck I hate her for being close to that brat!
I walked to my seat..
and fuck?
Why the hell is her seat at my front?
And Steph is whispering to her.

Im so gonna deal with the Class mistress!

Now the bitch had left and the new girl can't even turn to look?
Don't she notice the cutest guy in class is behind her huh?
Cant she introduce herself?
Do she know who I am really?
The bitch didn't tell her?
She's just keeping a straight face.

Such a snail!

Im gonna teach her a little lesson.

“Hey, why the fuck are you here?!” I barked at her.

All eyes turned.
Yeah. I love it. I love to cause stares.

But the Snail didn't answer.
I looked at Chris,
He just stared and Molly too.
I looked back, annoyed.

“You're dumb huh?!” I yelled.

She still didn't answer.
She just kept quiet and still, not turning.

I inhaled.

Got an idea and decided to spoil her pretty hair.
I drew nearer, grabbed her hair and pulled it.
She screamed.
The class erupted into laughter.

“Are you an asshole huh? Im talking to you, bitch!” I barked.

    Alexandra's POV

I screamed as he pulled my hair.
Everyone laughed.
It was just so unexpected.

I got annoyed.
So enraged.

Why the hell did he had to pull on my hair.
Lili had a tough time fixing it to look that good.
And he spoilt it.
Who the heck does he think he is?

“Are you an asshole huh? Im talking to you, bitch!” He yelled.

This one touched me.
So I stood up and with so much anger, I walked to him.
He seemed suprised cos his eyes went wide open.
I didn't care.
I hate him now.

“Who the hell do you think you are!!!” I yelled as I grabbed his weaved hair and pulled it so hard that I feared they would cut.
He needed to feel the pain he made me feel.

“Fuck off me!” He yelled as pushed me with so much force that I almost fell.

I heard mutters everywhere.

“She's probably mad!”

“She's gone nuts!”

“Ahh. Who fights back at Jeremy!”

“I hate this new brat of a girl already!.”

“I hope Jeremy deals with her. Idiot.”

“How dare she touch Jeremy!”

“She's so rude.”

“Aw my Jeremy. Look at his hair.”

That made me chuckle cos his hair look pretty bad now, It would need some hair brush for it to become cute again.

Good for him.
We stared angrily at each other.
And his friend, The guy stared at me with agape lips.
While Molly fierced angry eyes at me.

Then she stood up and tried to advance towards me but Jeremy grabbed her and pulled her back.

And just in a swift and unexpectedly,
He grapped my wrist,

Ahh! It was so painful and tight that I felt my hand is gonna go paralysed.
“Let go off my hand!” I yelled.

“Who the fuck do you little snail think you are to touch my hair!?” He barked.

“I didn't touch it. I pulled the damn hair cos you pulled mine first!” I barked back.

I couldn't point where the courage and boldness came from.

“You little snail!” He scorned with red eyes.


I came right on his face.
“You rude punk!” I scorned back.

He paused to recollect.

Then he chuckled.

“What are you doing in this school anyway?” He asked.

“Stupid question, stupid people ask.” I said with a smirk.

She looked at me with fierce.
“You know what. Im gonna kick your ass off this school.” He said.

“You won't dare.” I said.

God! Where is this stupid boldness coming from.
God save me!

       Jeremy's POV

What the fuck!
This brat?
I won't dare?
Such an idiot! Im gonna deal with her.

A teacher walked in.

“You gonna regret this day snail.” I sneered.
She rolled her eyes.
“Let go off my wrist!” She yelled.

I pushed her off.
She landed on the back of her chair.

“What is happening in here? Jeremy Taylor?” Ms Lorrane asked.

I hissed,
brush back my hair with my palm and walked out of the class.

First, It was Stephanie..
And now, This little snail.
I'll show her the real me.

     Alexandra's POV

I sat back down on my seat...
Feeling so scared.

Angry eyes on me. Everyone sneering..
Everyone is Jeremy's fan and I can hear dangerous mutterings.
My heart beated fast.

“...gonna deal with her.” I heard some female voice whisper to another.

My eyes landed on the girl and she gave me a wicked smile.
Oh my God!

The teacher began to teach.
But I was thinking of how to escape the danger ahead.
I dont wanna get hurt by this people.

I got a plan and I smiled.
I just hope it works out.



       Jeremy's #POV

I stormed into the Love garden and sat on the long white bench.



Who the hell is that bitch?
How dare she pull my hair.
And then talk back at me!
Damn it!

Ouch! but it hurts tho.

“Arghhhh that little snail! I'll deal with her! So embarrasing!”

I'do love to see her cry while being given some really good beating.

How dare she?

She has no idea who I am here.
And im gonna let her know that... She's so bold!
No one has ever spoke right on my face here... No one!
Not even Steph!
But that punk?
That jerk?
She's so thin.. So small.
How dare she open her smelly mouth huh?

Gosh! She deserves some beating..
She's gonna regret ever coming to this school.

I got out my phone from my pockets and typed a message to Chris and Molly.

<b>“I want that little brat to regret ever coming here. Don't let her escape once the teacher is out. Tell the guys.”

  #I_sent and smiled.

A yellow butterfly with blue dots flew pass.

Its really so beautiful.

I stood up and went after it.
I got some love for flowers and butterflies.
Butterflies especially, and Im always careful not to hurt any that I come accross.
Its a childhood story.

The butterfly perched on a white rose flower and I gently and carefully picked it by its tail, making sure I avoid cutting off it soft and beautiful wings.

It struggled to be freed.
And I smiled.

Its so beautiful...
It makes me wanna remember my childhood days.
It was so boring maybe.
I don't wanna remember it.

“You wanna get freed huh?” I asked the little creature like it can hear me.

“Im a good guy and I love butterflies. I'll let you go but do one thing for me, Will you?”

“Send a message to the Fairy queen. Tell her to make me more handsome. I mean veeeeery handsome just like her fairy son, and send me some magic from her magic stick, so I can make some bitches tryna step on my toes go really mad. I mean crazy. It'll be fun watching them act weird and foolish in front of everyone right?”

“Yeah. It would.” I said with a smile.
Then I let it go.

It flew away..
Going upper.

I smiled.

But then I saw it flying down and then It perched on a flower.

They don't fucking work!


I read the message..
Damn it!
How can I let him do this?
How can I just do it?


I can't do this cos of her.
She'll see another reason not to accept my love for her.
The new girl is her friend.
They were together...
Ganging up to beat her friend would seem like its her..
And she'll never forgive me... Then its possible that im gonna hand myself to death.

I love Steph.

Im trying my best to change cos of her.
Yeah, though it seem so hard but im trying.
She says im a bad guy and I got no heart to love someone..
That's not true. I told her.
But she never believes.

Im tryna change, so she could see a reason to love me and accept me.

I feel like I can't do without her.
I love her really much..

Yeah, Jeremy hates her cos she never flaunted herself around him.
We thought she would when she came into the school.
Cos every new girl does, but after few weeks and she didn't, I couldn't believe it.
Jeremy thought she's just too pretentious and annoying.
He began hating her.
But I began to love her.
Such a girl is rare, like they say.

But Steph is making me go crazy..
She find it so hard to accept my heart.
Im damn sure I love her from the deepest side of my heart.
Fuck it! I really do.

I looked at the new girl,
She's just writting and listening.

I ain't even writting anything.
Fuck that, anyway.

Wow. She's a leftie?
Using her left hand to write.
Its so hard to see lefties.. Really hard.
And she's so cute..  Just like Steph.
Its so hard to hurt someone who is close to someone you cherish and Love.
Knowing fully well that its gonna affect that person..
I love Steph so much and I can't let Jeremy hurt her friend.
Not for anything.

I wish she would look at me, so I can give her a sigh to follow Ms Lorrane.
Cos if she stays. Im sure...

I looked at Molly and she's whispering to some people.

Im sure Jeremy sent her the message as well..
How can I save this new girl.
She should have ignored him.
Now she's in trouble and I can't just let anything happen to her.

For Steph.

I don't just know what to do.
Evil eyes are already on her. I just hope she notices on time.

     Alexandra's POV

I waited anxiously for Ms Lorrane to end the English class.
And when she did and went for her teaching notes.
I sprang up from my seat and rushed to them before she could get them..
I grabbed them,
and Ms Lorrane looked at me, obviously confused.

I grinned at her.

It was awkward, but I got to do this.

I heard chuckles..
Followed by audible mutterings.

“I said it, She's crazy. gosh!”

“She look like she's gone mad. Look at her hair.”

“Oh, she act so weird. Where the hell did she come from?”


“Oh so embarrasing.”

“She's been acting so weird.”

“Must have come out from the rehab or a psychiatric hospital.”

“What's this brat doing in Ellas? She act like a poor bitch.”

“Who's this girl anyway?”




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