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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 39



 Teens Hearts - Episode 39

Jeremy 's POV

I got to the hospital, and getting into the room my dad is, I saw my mom, okay the witch! holding my dad's hand.
And she was saying things to my dad and he was just smiling along.
I stood at the door and just stared at them.
It was just annoying...
After seven months.... She came home, she wouldn't have if dad didn't get into an accident.
And here she is, pretending she loves dad.. And dad is so blind to see that she don't feel one bit of love for him..
My birthday was four months ago and she never came.
She just sent stupid gifts and transfered money to my account like its all that matters to me.
Now here she is, talking shits and dad will always believe.
They haven't noticed im here.
She bent and kissed him.
I closed my eyes and clenched my fist, then I walked to them.
She saw me and did her fake wide smile.
“Ohh son, you here, I missed you.” She said.
I hissed and looked at my dad.
He was smiling..
“Dad, you fine? Sorry I had to take my friend home and then, go take a shower.” I said.
“It's fine son. You have been the best son every father would so much love to have.” He said.
I smiled, “It's just you that I got dad. And I would do anything just to make you stay for me.” I said.
He glanced at my mom and then back at me.
“Your mom... Jeremy. She got something to say out to you.” He said.
“Dad, do I have a mom? For all I care, you the only person I got as my parent.” I said.
“Jeremy..” The witch called and tried to touch me but I flung her hand away.
“Jeremyy... Im sorry.” She said.
I scoffed, “Tell yourself that.” I said.
“You need to listen to your mom son. I know she've been too far away but she's back to stay.” Dad said.
“Dad, she's never gonna get my forgiveness cos she don't deserve it. She never cared about me. I hate her.” I spat, turned and walked away.
“Jeremy...Come back..” I heard my dad say.
“Please son.. Forgive me. I love you very much.” That was the witch voice.
I walked away and over to the hospital lounge and sat down.
I fought so hard to stop the tear but it fell.
<b> Next Day

Alexandra 's POV

I woke up the next day to find text messages from Jeremy.
Awwwn, Im so sorry for sleeping off Jeremy!
The messages were three.
I quickly opened them and went through them.
<b>1st Message: Andra, My mom claims that she's back to stay. She wants me to forgive her but I don't fucking wanna do that.
2nd Message: I know you're asleep babe. I just wish you're here with me. Im lonely and it's making me think a hell lot.
3rd Message: I wanna see you tomorrow Andra.. Please. I love you so much.
# I_inhaled and reread the messages again.
The first message.
I decided to reply him that one.
<b>Jeremy, I don't know what to say about this, but I just think you should forgive your mom.
If she's gonna stay back and not leave again then im sure she's gonna use this times to make up for her past mistakes and give you the attention and affection that you always had needed. Im sure that she loves you alot.
Please give her a chance.
# I_sent it and then inhaled.
I wish he forgives her.
I got up and walked out to find Lili. She was at the laundry room.
“Goodmorning Lili.” I said and back hugged her.
I love her alot.
She turned and hugged me, then pulled away with a smile.
“How was your night Niece?” She asked.
“I guess, it was fine.” I said, with a wide smile.
She looked closely into my eyes.
“You seem so happy Alex.. With such a wide smile,.you look so really Angelic.” She said..
I laughed.
“Arghhh.. Lili, you just wanna make me blush this early morning.” I said.
She smiled.
“You deserve more dear.” She said.
“Church today?” I asked.
“Yeah. In a hour, we should be heading to church. I just wanna wash this nighties. We should do some shopping after church.. What do you think?” She asked.
“Sweeeeeet!!” I said with a happy smile. But then I recalled.
Jeremy said he wants to see me today.
Arghhhh!! What do I do!
“Lili..I can't go to the shopping actually.” I said coldly.
She looked at me, “Why?”
Im gonna tell her.
“Jeremy..He said he wanna see me today.” I said.
She smiled, “Alex, are you gonna tell me the truth?” She said, staring into my eyes.
“What truth Lili?” I asked.
“That there is more to you guys friendship. I can feel it Alex.” She said.
I wanna quickly deny that but then, I guess I couldn't cos I became silent.
Lili let out what seemed like an understanding smile and then hugged me..
“It's fine Alex. I understand. Just be careful and know your limits. I understand you both love yourselves right?” She asked.
“Yeah.. Im sorry Lili, for not telling you first. He confessed his love for me last night and asked me to be his girlfriend and... and.. cos I really feel same way for him, I didn't decline. Im sorry.” I said.
“It's fine dearrr.” She said and hugged me more.
Jeremy's POV

I read Andra's reply.
I was still at the hospital but at the lounge..
I actually slept there cos I don't wanna go home neither did I wanna go to my dad and
I can't believe she stayed with him all night and still is in there.
I reread Andra's text message and then, I felt like giving the witch a chance.
And forgiving her as well...
But why didn't she reply the other two messages that I sent.
Argghh! I just gotta see her today. I miss her.
And shit! I haven't even announced her as my girlfriend to everyone.
I can't wait to do that.
“Jeremy..” I heard my name.
I know the voice tho.
The witch.
I turned to that direction and she stood, in her classy gown and high heels, looking at me.
She looked like she didn't catch a glimpse of sleep all night and she spent all that hours in that tight gown and heels, without even bothering to go home and change to something much comfortable.
Is she actually changing?
“Jeremy..” She called again and walked to me.
I looked away.
“Can.. can I sit beside you?” She asked.
I ignored her.
She waited awhile and then sat down gently beside me.
When last did she sit beside me?
She always come home that night and leaves the next morning, only to come home again months later.
Soon, I felt her fingers move to my hand and rested on top the back of my palm.
I closed my eyes, cos I really hate what she just did.
I hate that she wanna hold me now that I don't need it.
There were those times I needed this hold but she never was around and she never cared!
“Get your hand off mine.” I said.
“Please Jeremy.. Im still your mom and I really love you. Im sorry I was so busy and cared for just myself. Im sorry I never tried to give the attentions and affection that you wanted. Please son, forgive me. I promise to make up for those times. I wanna be so close to you and give you the best attention and love. I miss you and I miss your dad. I've come to realise that I'do never be complete without you both. Jeremy please give me a chance. Give your mom another chance.” She said.
I glanced at her and she's already in tears.
Seriously in tears.
Then she put her head on my shoulder and cried more with her hand still on top mine.
“Im sorry son, please.. Find a place in your heart to forgive me. I love you so very much.. I love you very much son.” She cried.
I glanced at her and looked away.
I sighed as tears gathered in my eyes.
I blinked my eyes and they rolled down my cheeks.
I don't need her to see my tears so I kept my gaze away from her.
She kept weeping on my shoulder.
I blinked more tears out.
I don't know why, but I took my phone and scrolled to Andra's message and read it again.
<b>Jeremy, I don't know what to say about this, but I just think you should forgive your mom.
If she's gonna stay back and not leave again then im sure she's gonna use this times to make up for her past mistakes and give you the attention and affection that you always had needed. Im sure that she loves you alot.
Please give her a chance.
# I_shut my eyes as more tears rolled out.
“Jeremy, Please say something.. I really need your forgiveness.” She cried.
I inhaled but I ended up sniffling, cos my tears were so much.
She took her head away from my shoulder and then put her fingers on my chin and turned my face to look at her..
She wanna see if im actually crying.
More tears rolled out of her eyes as she saw mine.
“Son..” She called me..
I inhaled.
“Mo...m..” I said and before I could finish that word, I hugged her.
“I don't wanna forgive you. I just wanna give you a chance.” I said...
“Thank you so much son. I love you very much.” She said and just then, I saw my dad being wheeled towards us in a wheelchair by Moni.
Then they stopped and just stared with smiles on their faces.
I pulled away and wiped my tears immediately.
She looked at me with smiles.
“Thank you Jeremy. Thank you for giving me another chance to love you like a mother loves her son.” She said and took my hand.
Then Moni wheeled my dad to our front and he was just smiling, and Moni as well.
“Thank you son.” Dad said to me..
Just then, I saw Doctor Sam. He was in smiles and was coming towards us.
He wore his sparkling white doctor coat with a stethoscope around his neck and a flat book in his hand.
We all stared at him till he got to us.
“Hello, happy family. I've got good news.” He announced,.still in his usual assuring smile.
“Richy is back to consciousness and he's awake right now..” He said.
“Oh my God!..” Dad exclaimed.
“Oh Gracious God!” Moni said.
“This is good news.” Mom said.
I just smiled.

Alexandra 's #POV

[After church]
Lili and I drove back home..
It was 2pm when we got to the house and Lili had to go meet a friend she called, Prissy.
So she changed into another wear of trouser and a shirt.
“Alex, be careful. And don't go far.” She said, gave me a peck and left..
I smiled, “Bye Lili.” I said and closed the door...
Soon, I heard her car zoom off.
Whoa.. Im alone in the house ..
And seriously, I don't like it.
Jeremy said he wanna see me. I wonder when and where..
I walked back to my room and changed into a blue bomshorts and white top and packed my hair into a ponytail cos I left it to fall down my shoulders for church cos I wore a panama hat, but now im back and I want it back to a ponytail.
I took my phone and walked back to the sitting room.
I don't feel hungry, so I just took a chocolate candy from the fridge and decided to watch Disney Tv,
I've missed it.
jeremy 's #POV

I was alone at home now cos both mom and Moni are at the hospital, though Mom had come home and freshen up but she's back to the hospital with Moni.
She's actually changing.
I layed on my bed and im just on my boxers.
I checked the time and it's 3:20pm.
I gotta go see Andra.
I got up, walked to my closet and opened it.,
Got out a black jean and white shirt and pulled on.
Then I closed it, took my phone and walked out.
Im gonna go to her house.
She'do go wit me to the saloon.
Gotta fix my hair.
When I got to her house, I saw no car.
Not back from church yet?
Or they are out?
I hope not.
Andra gotta be at home..
I got down from my car and walked to the door.
I pressed the doorbell and few minutes later.
The door opened to review my babe,
Gawd!??? What's this hot thing she's putting on?
I checked her cute slender legs and looked at her dazzling eyes..
Why's this girl so pretty? And she's looking hot!
“Andra.. I sent you a message that I wanna see you..” I said coldy.
“Yeah, you did.” She said
“Can I come in?” I asked.
“Fine.” She said and left the door and I stepped in.
I can't find Lili nor can I hear her voice either.
“Lili's out to see a friend..” She said.
“Andra..”I called.
“Huh.. have a seat. Was watching disney.” She said.
“I want to hug you.” I said and before she could react, I hugged her already.
I really love this girl..
“I gave my mom another chance and my dad is on a wheelchair now and his driver is now awake from the coma now. Im kinda happy but without you, my happiness isn't complete..Im so happy Im here wit you.” I said.
Then, I pulled away and stared into her eyes.
“I wanna go fix my hair. I need you to come with me.” I said and she let out a smile.
“Alright. Just stay back while I go change into something more okay.” She said, then left.
I watched till she left and I smiled..
Argghhh! she look so hot in that bomshort..
Alexandra's POV

When I got into my room, I couldn't help it but smile..
Where did he learn to say all that breath taking words from?
And gosh! I had bomshorts on me.
I got out a blue jeans and a yellow shirt and wore then...
Then took my phone and came out and he turned to me and gave a little frown.
“Andra I'do love that white shirt on you..” He said.
I glared at him, but he smiled in return.
“Pleaseee...” He said.
I rolled my eyes and went back to my room.
I pulled off the yellow shirt and wore back the white shirt I was puting on then.
I wonder what's his plan.
He's on a white shirt and he wants me to wear white shirt too.
I saw my black bobble hat... and got it out.
It's been a while I wore this so I decided to wear it.
I pulled the hairband off my hair and my hair fell down my shoulders, Then I wore the bobble hat and maybe it fits me.
I guess Jeremy would tell me if it do.
I walked out to the sitting room and met him looking at Lili's picture frame.
He saw me and is like wowwww,
“You look damn pretty Andra.. Oh gosh!” He said as he came over and hugged me, with the frame still in his hand.
“You look so cute babe.” He said with a smile. and pulled away...

When we left the house, I sent Lili a message that Jeremy needs me to go with him to a hair saloon to fix his hair.
She replied.
<b> Alright Niece. Be careful. Have fun.
# As_Jeremy drove, he kept stealing glances at me.
Like seriously, why?
“Andra.. do you want something?” He asked as we were almost at a popular eatery. BUTTERA eatery.
“Im not hungry. You wanna eat?” I asked.
“Nop..” He said and drove pass the Eatery.
Caring boyfrend!
Steph's POV

Im in my room, and im going through his facebook profile.
Chris Ray.
His profile picture is really cute and I Liked with a reaction [ ]. But didn't comment.
Then I found out he sent me a friend request.
Yeah, but I never cared to accept, I always delete it.
He must have sent this one recently, cos I can recall I deleted his last friend request weeks ago.
I accepted this one [Confirmed ]
Just then, I heard dad knock on my door.
“Come in dad.” I said even though I felt like not seeing him.
He came in and sat beside me and tried to kiss me on the lip, but i hid my lip.
“No dad. Just a peck would do.” I said.
He seem suprised but just went on and gave me a peck on my cheek.
“But baby, you know I love kissing those sweet lips of yours.” He said.
I looked at him and smiled.
It was was a sad smile.. I wonder if he noticed.
I got a question for him.
“Do you really love me dad?” I asked while staring at his eyes.
He blinked with his eyes still on mine.
“Yes baby.. I really love you and would do anything in the world for you my Angel.” He saidd and caressed my cheek.
I went back to my phone.
Chris Ray sent a message...
“Baby you good?” He asked.
“Im.. im okay dad.” I said.
“C'm on honey, let's go watch some movies downstairs.” He said.
“Im fine dad..Actually I was actually tryna get a nap before you knocked.” I said.
“It's fine baby.. Just missing your sweet self beside me tho.” He said.
“I know you do dad. Im sorry, i really gotta sleep.” I said and faked a smile.
He smiled back.
“Alright baby. Sleep dear.” He said and kissed me on the cheek,.then stood up and left.
I shut my eyes and opened them back.
I inhaled and went back to my phone.
I opened my fb messenger.
I saw his message.
Chris Ray: Hi Steph, thanks for making accepting my friend request. I feel so happy right now. It means alot to me.
Steph Wright: You're welcome Chris.
Him: Um.. so we're friends now?
[Rolls my eyes.]
Me: What are we?
Him: Thanks for being my friend Steph.
[I inhaled]
Me: It's finee.
Alexandra's #POV

NOw, he drove into a JiMall and pulled to a stop at the second parking Lot where the saloon is.
Classic-Hair-Rock! Saloon
We got down and Jeremy took my hand.
Then he dropped my hand and moved his hand over my waist, to hold me there.
I can't even say anything, So I just shyly walked into the saloon and then it was worse!
They were so many people who was staring as Jeremy and me.,(People who never mind their business) staring at us.
“Are you shy?” He whisper.
It's like a smirk.
Oh! oh! this question wanna make me punch him on the nose.
“You just hold me that way. What do you expect huh?” I whispered back and he smiled and did.... the craziest thing!
He pecked me on the cheek in front of all this people staring.
I swallowed and tried hard not to miss my step.
“Im glad I got you as my girlfriend, so everyone need to know how special you are to me.” He said and my stomache tightenned.
“And again, I love causing stares.” He said.
I swallowed.
“You so shy.. Don't miss your step.” He said and held my ... my waist tighter.
Such a boyfriend!
I sat down on the lounge chair and Jeremy brought his face almost to mine.
Gosh! I thought he's gonna kiss me on the lips in front of everyone here...
God! Im gonna kill him!
But he just smiled instead.
“Stay right here, Im gonna be here too.” He said like im some kid.
Then he walked over to one of the empty hair dressing table and a guy walked to him to do his hair.
When his current plait was loosed and his hair got combed.
Gosh! He was looking so crazily handsome.
He turned to my direction and smiled at me.
Killer smile.
“How do I look babe?” He asked me from there he sat.
God! Everyone in here heard him ask me.
I understand he's doesn't want our dating to be secret.
But mehn! He look so handsome.
“You're so handsomee.” I said.
I know if I don't say anything, that would only cause unbearable embarrasemment.
“Thank you babe.” He said and winke at me.
Gosh! I wish I could a picture of him..
He's so cute. I wish he doesn't plait it again.
Then I remembered something.
The pictures he posted on facebook...
I really wanna know about those pictures..
See them.
Now I think im gonna start facebooking again.
Fast Forward

Jeremy 's POV

After I was done weaving a new hairstyle that look damn good.
I stood up and walked to my babe..
She was actually playing Candy Crush on her phone.
I took her hand and pulled her up.
“Fix your hair too Andra.” I said and took her to the seat.
“Jeremy, I don't wanna wash my hair.” She said.
“Just wash it. Don't argue girlfriend, please.” I said and pecked her cheek.
“No..” She said.
“Yes.” I said.

I won cos her her hair is being washed and stretched now.
I just stared at her.
Her hair was looking more beauitiful.
Mom called and I picked up.
“Hello J. You're not home.” She said.
“Yeah. Im at the hair saloon. I'll be at the hospital soon. How's dad?” I asked.
“Alright. He's better and we're missing you today. Your dad would be discharged tomorrow and I'll start treating him myself.” She said..
That's why you're a doctor.
“Alright. Im bringing someone along. Dad knows her already tho.” I said.
“She? Wow, I can't wait to see her.” She said.
I smiled.
“Alright. Bye mom.” I said.
“Bye son..Love you.” She said.
I smiled.
I don't wanna tell her I love her yet.
That would take some time.
Soon, Andra's hair got fixed and when she got up and turned towards me.
Oh my God!!???????
She looked like the model I see in magazines...
Gawd! She's even more beautiful..
I got up my phone and took a snap. before she noticed.
I took another one...
Awwwn, this one look so cute. Arghhh!
She noticed and widened her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows in a frown..
TARA! I took another one..
Making the whole pix three.
“Jeremyyy!..” She snapped but I got up and winked at her.
“You're a damsel.” I said with a smile and gave her nose a playful squeeze.
“Ouch” She said.
People were staring and I love it..
My girlfriend's a damsel so let the stare continue.
I got out my wallet and paid for the service rendered to my hair and to my Andra's hair.
I took Andra's hand and we walked out.
“You so love causing stares!” She said nudging my shoulder.
I smiled.
“Oh my God!” She yelled out, hitting her forehead.
“What's that babe?” I asked.
“I just left my bobble cap there in the saloon.” She said.
Awshhhh! That's right..
“I really love that cap.” She said and was acting like she wanna go back in and find it.
I held her hand tighter.
Lol.. That's gonna be kinda embarrasing if she do.
“I wanna go get it.” She said.
“No you can't do that. You gonna get a new one.” I said and pulled her along..


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