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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 37



 Teens Hearts - Episode 37

Jeremy 's POV

Dad didn't wake up all through the night.
And now it's morning..
Chris slept on his seat when it got to midnight.
I couldn't.. Not when my dad haven't woken.
I stared at him.
“I miss you dad.” I said.
Just then my phone vibrated.
The witch calling.
I ignored it and went on to watch my dad.
Why the fuck is she calling?
Like she care about daddy or me...
Just then, I saw his fingers move.
“Dad?” I called sotly...
“Dad you awake?” I called out to him softly..
But he kept still, his eyelids never moved.
I sighed.
“Dad, I've been here staring at you and you don't wanna wake up. What's wrong?” I said.
“Do you wanna leave me?”
“No he can't.” That was Chris voice behind me.
He has woken up.
Sleepy head!
“He's gonna wake up.” He said, rubbing his eyes.

Alexandra 's POV

I woke up, with a slight headache..
I know why tho, cos I slept so late.
I went for my phone first.
Bad habit. ugh!
To check for Jeremy's message but saw none.
So I got up, slide my feet into my flipflop and walked out to check Lili.
She was right at the breakfastbar, Making mixed fruit grind for dessert..
I walked to her and backhugged her.
“Goodmorning Lili.” I said.
She looked closely at me, “Slept early? cos your eyes are just inside.”She said.
“I slept quite late Lili. I guess I slept around 2am in the morning.” I said and sat down on the chair beside her.
“You still need some sleep dear. You should go sleep.” She said.
I shook my head.
“I wanna go to Washington Hospital to check on Jeremy.” I said.
She looked at me and smiled.
“You're such a nice friend to him. Im.sure he's gonna appreciate that if you do.” She said.
I smiled.
“I wish I could come with you but I really don't wanna barge into their family matters now.” She said.
“It's okay Lili. I'll tell you everything when im back.” I said.
“Anything to tidy up before I go?” I asked her and she shook her head.
“No. You just gonna eat.” She said.
“And have some drug cos I got slight headache.” I said, touching the right side of my head.
“Cos you didn't get enough sleep. I'll give you some drug.” She said.
“Yeah I know.” I said as I watched her pour out the juice into the jug beside.
“Im gonna resume work next month.” She said.
“Wow!...” I exclaimed, feeling happy.
She smiled.
I felt happy, she's been staying home all this while.
Im glad she's gonna be going out soon.
“You might miss me Alex, cos I come back really late.” She said.
“I don't care Lili. I just want you to be happy.” I said.
She looked at me with a smile.
“You're amazing Alex.” She said.
I smiled as I recalled that was what Jeremy said to me too.
Im I actually amazing?
“Im really lucky to have you niece.” She said.
“Me too Lili.” I said and hugged her.
Then we heard the doorbell ring.
“Who might that be?” Lili said.
“I'll go check.” I said and walked out to, to the door to check.
Might be Jeremy..
But he can't leave his dad..
I opened the door and Wow....
She grinned awkwardly..
“Stephh.” I called.
“Alex... Im sorry.” She said.
I just hugged her.
I remember she texted me but I didn't reply although I was very happy within.
I miss her. I miss our friendship.
“I miss you Alex.. I wanna make things right between us.” She said.
“I miss you too.” I said, still hugging her.
“Alexx... Who's at the door?” Lili asked from the kitchen, but I guess she was coming out now.
“It's Steph. She's here.” I said.
I took Steph's hand and we walked in and I closed the door.
Then Lili came out.
She smiled at Steph.
“Hello Steph. We miss you.” Lili said, smiling.
Then came over and hugged her.
I smiled.
“Don't go away again.” Lili said to her as she pulled away.
“I won't. I promise.” Steph said.
“Im going back to the kitchen.” Lili said and headed out towards the kitchen.
I understand. She wanna give us space to talk..
I sat down on a couch and Steph sat down too, beside me.
“Thanks for forgiving me Alex.” She said.
“I gotta do that. Thanks for coming around. Im happy you did.” I said.
“I heard something..” She said.
“What??” I asked.
“That.. that you and Jeremy are now official friends.” She said.
I looked at her and smiled.
“Yeah, I think. We are friends now.” I said.
Not just friends. I love him now. I suddenly do.
Not after seeing his tears and loving the way he kissed me there in his car.
She became silent.
“I wanna tell you something..” I said.
“What's that?” She asked.
“His.. his dad got into an accident yesterday while he was coming back.” I said.
Her eyes widened and she blinked.
“Oh my God!..” She exclaimed.
“Jeremy's tryna make it not to get to the mass and crowd.” I said.
“Is he badly injured?” She asked.
“His legs... and would have to be on a wheelchair till its all healed.” I said.
“He took you to his dad?” She asked.
“I went with him.” I said.
She went silent.
“..And Im gonna go to check on him this morning at the hospital.” I said.
She looked at me.
“Can I come with you?” She asked.
Wow.... Im I actually dreaming?
If i am. Then this one's a good dream.
“You wanna come like seriously?” I asked, not quite sure about her decision.
“Yeah. I want to..” She said.
“Okay. I'll go take my bath and dress up.” I said and got up.
“I'll just put on the TV so you don't get so bored.” I said with a smile and went for it.
“Thanks.” She said.
I rushed off to the bathroom after letting Lili know Steph's coming with me.
She just smiled and said.
“She's changing.”

Alex #POV

I was happy.. I brushed my teeth and took my bath.
I can't believe Steph wanna go with me.
I pulled on my clothe..
Blue jeans, a white shirt and a baseball boots.
But ugh! I wonder if Jeremy is gonna like this..
Steph coming with me.
But I can't help it! I really want those two to stop hating each other.. And this might be a chance for her and Chris..
I really want those two together.
Oh, I just wish Chris would be there and I really wish Jeremy's dad would be awake now.
Everyone would smile.
I miss Jeremy and I miss his hug and us holding hands..
I wish to get all that today again..
Ohh Alexxxx! Stop wishing too much!!
I went to the dressing table and tried to fix my hair but ugh! So bad! I can't... So I went out to the sitting room..
Steph was watching Zeeworld Tv.
“Steph..” I called.
She turned to me.“ Yea?”
“Can you help me out in my room? Im finding it hard to fix my hair.” I said.
“Sure.” She said and got up.
We walked back to my room and she helped me fix my hair and it looked so good.
“Thanks Steph.” I said.
She smiled.
“You so beautiful.” She said.
“Awwn, just like you are.” I said..
Steph is sure so beautiful..
With brown hair that fits her skin and eyelashes that fits her small eyes..
She wore a blue jeans as well with a blue top and blue sandals.
She has blue ribbon on her hair.
Blue girl, I guess that name fit her today.
I grabbed my phone and we walked to the kitchen.
Lili is mopping the kitchen.
I should be the one doing that not her.
But I gotta go to the hospital to see Jeremy.
I don't know, but I just think that he needs me.
That he miss me.
That he need someone close to him, to talk to..
Someone to hold her hand.. And that person is mee..
Argh! Stop thinking Alexxx..
“Im not hungry Lili... I might eat at the Hospital Eatery.” I said.
She looked at me.
“It's okay dear. Lemme go get you some money.” She said.
“No Lili. I got some money with me.” I said.
“Will that be okay?” She asked.
“Sure.” I said.
She hugged me.
“Be the best friend you can to him. He needs that now.” She whispered to me.
Im sure, Steph didn't hear it.
“I will.” I said.
She pulled away.
“Alright. Bye. Take care ok. Be careful.” She said to both Steph and I.
“Bye Lili.” Steph said.
We left and headed down the road for a Cab..
I wanna let Jeremy know im on my way, but I felt like just letting him see me there..
A cab came by and we entered.
“Washington Hospital, Grandel.” I said.
I still can't believe Steph was going there with me.
We soon got to Washington hospital and I paid the cab driver and he zoomed off..
“I feel kinda nervous.” Steph said as we headed down the hallway.
“Why?” I asked.
“Jeremy might be get annoyed to see me here.” She said.
“It's fine. I don't think he will.” I said and took her hand.
We walked to the hospital hall and sat down at the lounge.
I then called Jeremy.
For the first time, I called him.
He picked up like he's been expecting my call.
“Hello Jeremy..” I spoke first.
I don't want him to be the one to speak first.
“Andra..” He said. His voice sound really bad and gloomy.
“Im here in the hospital..” I said.
“You are??” He asked like he's suprised.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Oh... Andra.. You make me wonder alot.” He said.
Arghh! My heart
Why did it jump now?
I can't wait to see him.
“I'll be out now Andra.. Chris is here.” He said.
“I got something to tell you.” I said.
“What?” He said.
“Steph came with me.” I said and looked at Steph.
She was looking at me too.
The line went silent for a while, then he spoke.
“Im coming.” He said and dropped the call.
“He's coming.” I said to her.
She inhaled.
Jeremy's POV

I turned to Chris after the call.
He was at the window, looking at whatever..
My dad is not yet awake.
But he moved his fingers again.
“Andra is here...” I said to him.
He turned.
“She's just too good.” He said.
“Yeah.” I said and walked out.
I don't wanna tell him Steph's here.
I'll just send her back once I get there.
I hate that brat! Why's she here??
And why are they friends again!
I got to the hospital hall and Saw them sitting at the lounge area.
I hissed and walked to them.
The bitch couldn't look at me.
She had her face down.
Andra smiled at me and her smile just found a way to my heart and made me my smile as well.
I missed you.
“Andra..” I called as I took her hand, pulled her up and pulled her into me.
“Please, don't send her away.. She's changed. I know you're annoyed she's here.” She whispered to me.
I looked at the brat she hadn't looked at me.
I withdrew our hug and took Andra's hand.
“Hey..” I called to the brat.
She then looked up.
“Jeremy?” She said.
“Great. You called me by my name. Ain't you acting all bitchy today? Are you acting now dull and dummy all of a sudden huh?” I asked her.
Andra squeezed my hand.
I understood.
So I inhaled.
“Well, I don't really need your bitchy self here bitch. But Im gonna do that anyways.” I said.
“It's fine. I'll go back. Bye Alex.” She said and stood up to leave.
“Steph.” Andra said and rushed to her.
“Steph..” I heard another voice call.
It was Chris.
He just came out...
Steph's #POV

“Steph” Alex called me as she rushed to me and grabbed my hand..
“It's fine. I gotta go. He does't want me here.” I said to her.
“Steph.” I heard someone else call me.
I looked at the direction the voice came through and there, stood Chris.
I can't deny that he looked so cute.
He walked to Jeremy and said few words to him that I didn't hear.
Then Jeremy looked at me, then at Alex.
Chris turned and walked towards us..
My heartbeat raised.
I suddenly liked the way he walked.
I suddenly fell inlove with his black hair.
He stood in my front and smiled at me.
I got no idea how to act towards him now. I've been mean to him ever since.
“Steph.. Im sorry for all he said. Please don't leave.” He said.
I just stared at him.
“It's fine. He still don't want you to go see his dad.” He said and I looked at Jeremy.. He had his hands in his pockets, stood far and watched us.
Alex still held my hand.
“I'll go talk to him.” Alex said and tried to go over to Jeremy but I pulled her back.
“Im fine Alex.” I said.
“Alex.. Don't talk to him now.. He might get really annoyed.” Chris said.
She inhaled.
“So you want Steph to leave then?” She asked Chris.
“No way..No.” He said then turned to me.
“Steph.. Please come with me.” He said.
“To where?” I asked.
“To... to the cafeteria outside.” He said.
I pused to think.
“No. Im leaving.” I said.
“Please Steph.” He begged.
I looked at Alex..
“Steph, go with him.. I'll talk to Jeremy.” She said.
“Fine.” I breathed.
I looked at Chris and he smiled awkwardly.
He's actually a cutie..
He stared at me, then turned towards the passageway that leads outta the hospital building.
I followed him..
Alexandra 's POV

After they walked away, I walked over to Jeremy.
He looked at me without uttering any word.
I didn't either.
We just stared at each other for what seemed like forever..
Then he blinked.
“You.. you can't keep staring at me that way.” He said and then took my hand and we walked towards the hallway that leads to the room his dad is.
I love this hold.
The way he held me.
“Thanks for coming Andra..” He said.
I smiled.
He's just too appreciative.
“Jeremy..” I said.
“Andra.” He said.
I smiled and nudged his shoulder
“You shouldn't have talked that way to Steph. She's my friend and she's cool now.” I said.
“Andra..” He called and then stopped and turned to me, looking into my eyes and I looked into his as well.
“Andra.. I don't need her here. I don't need crowd to know about my dad now. I need just you and Chris here, cos you guys are the best people I've got now.” He said.
Wow.. Im the best person he got now?
What about Molly?
I bet she don't know about his dad accident yet.
We got into the room and his dad still layed on the bed, his eyes closed.
“He's been checked by Dr. Sam this morning and he said, my dad's sure to open his eyes before it's 12pm.” He said.
“It's fine. He would.” I said.
He then turned me and pulled me into him.
Second time today..
I felt his chin on my ahoulder as he hugged me still..
“Andra?” He called softly.
“Huh?” I said.
“If.. If my dad wakes,. Im gonna say out something to you.” He said.
“What's that?” I asked.
What could that be??
“Uh... I can't tell you now. I'll tell you when my dad wakes up.” He said.
“O.. Okay” I said.
Suspense is gonna kill me!
What's he gonna say to me?
“Andra..” He called again.
“Do you know you're amazing?” He asked.
“I...Im I?” I asked.
“Ofcourse you are.” He said.
My cheek turned pink.
# Jeremy 's POV
I smiled and pulled away as I stared into her eyes.
This sparkling eyes..
Then my eyes went down to her lips..
I recalled I kissed this lips yesterday but Im craving to kiss them again.
I went back to look at her eyes.
She blinked them.
“Moni would be here in a short while.. Im messy. I need to take a bathe.” I said and chuckled.
“But my dad..” I said and turned to him.
She did same.
“He don't wanna wake up and I don't leave him.” I said.
She took my hand and held it tight and we stared at my dad...
Steph's POV

[At the cafeteria]
He stared at me as I ate.
“Can you stop staring at me that way?” I said.
He just smiled.
He should stop smiling that way.
It's getting on me..
Im suddenly feeling for him..
All those while I got apart from Steph, I really felt lonely.
I felt bored and seeing Jeremy and Chris liking Alex so much angered me cos I never made them to like me.
I felt jealous and horrible but I never wanna admit that..
After I saw Jeremy's hand over Alex shoulder at the basketball field at school.
I felt like im missing something..
I couldn't help... it so I gotta make up with Alex and so I did.
Im happy she forgave me. But I wanna make up with ones too.
Chris, Jeremy.
I really wanna be happy.
“Ain't you gonna eat something?” I asked him.
“Should I?” He asked.
Like seriously?
“I don't know.” I said.
“Im nor hungry.” He said and smiled.
I shrugged.
“How's his dad?” I asked.
“I don't k.ow what to say.” He said.
I don't know what to say too, so I just kept silent.
“Steph... Im really happy you're here with me. Even though I feel really sad cos Jeremy's dad is on the sick bed, but seeing you here have brightened me up. I love you Stephanie. Please stay with me.” He said and my spoon got stucked in my mouth hanged in my mouth.
I got it out and back to the plate.
I inhaled, then grabbed my bottle water and drank it much longer than expected.
I then dropped it and inhaled again.
He was staring at me all this while.
“Thanks for coming. Even if J isn't happy you here. I am and he knows that.” He said.
I stared at his eyes.
Those eyes are charming...
Way too charming..
I wish I could love back Chris..
Okay, I want to love you back Chris. But I can't.
I don't wanna hurt you.
“Steph.” He called.
“Huh?” I answered.
“Tell me the truth.” He said.
“What truth?” I asked.
“Im I so bad for you?” He asked.
I swallowed and just drank more water.
I don't know what to answer.
He smiled and just watched me.

Chris POV

My heart tells me that she wants me.
It tells me that she loves me now.
She's drinking so much water cos she can't say im bad for her.
If It was those times she was all neddy, She would have said it before two seconds clicks.
Arghh! Im so happyyyyyy...
“You drinking too much water Steph.” I said to her.
“Cos I want to.” She said.....
Argh! You lying.

Alexandra 's POV

Jeremy and I stared out the window when we thought we got a bit tired of staring at his dad.
He still hasn't woken up and Dr Sam said he should before its 12pm.
Its's 10:35am now.
I couldn't wait for his dad to wake up so he'do tell me what he wanna say to me.
“What do you love Andra..” He suddenly asked me.
“I've told you all that before.” I said.
“Yeah.. you can tell me again. Here's boring now. My dad don't wanna wake up.” He said.
I looked at him and noticed his hair needs new weave.
I guess he always reaweave it every weekend, but here he is, in a hospital.
“Your.. your hair needs new weaving.” I said to him.
“Yeah. I know.” He said, touching it.
I turned out the window again.
I don't wanna keep looking at him cos he's just too handsome and could make me do something crazy.
“Can you plait it for me?” He asked.
“Ofcourse not. I can't do that.” I said, smiling.
He chuckled.
“You're so lazy...” He said.
“Hell. Im not. I can't plait hair.” I said.
“Ugh, I don't mean that.” He said.
“What do you mean then?” I asked.
He turned to me and took my hands.
“Why can't you....” He was trying to say it when Moni walked in.
“Oh gracious. Did he wake up?”
Jeremy and I turned to her.. With Jeremy still holding my hand.
One hand now tho..
“And whaaat kept you so long?” Jeremy asked, and got his other hand into his trouser pocket.
“Oh you can't ask me that. I got things to tidy up at the house.” She said.
“Why?” He asked.
She went silent for a while, then looked at him.
“Your mom is coming home.” She said.
He scoffed.
“Dad doesn't need her here. I don't either!.” He said.
I squeezed his hand slightly.
I guess Moni saw this cos she smiled at me.
“Alex..” She called.
“Ma'am.” I answered.
“Oh, Moni is my name. Call me Moni.” She said.
I nodded.
“It's such a good thing to know how close you two are. That time we met at the washroom passageway, My feelings told me you have the heart of someone close to me.” She said with a smile.
I glanced at Jeremy and he did same.
Looking really confused.
Did I already had his heart then? Cos those times, we were still enemies..
But do I have his heart now?
“What do you mean Moni?” He asked, staring at her now.
“It's obvious.” She said with a smile.

Jeremy 's POV

It's obvious?
“Im just his friend Moni.” Andra said.
“That's great. You are an affectionate friend.” She said.
Affectionate friend..
Just then, Moni's eyes widened as she stared at my dad's direction..
I turned to him.
Andra did too.
“His eyeslids moved. Oh I saw that.” She said.
Just then, I saw it. His eyelids really moved again, like they are about to open,
Then followed by his fingers. They moved.
“Dad..” I called anxiously.
His eyes began opening.
We all stared at him as his eyes slowly began opening and his fingers moved more.
Then it finally did.
He opened his eyes!!
“Dadddd..” I called, taking his hand.
He looked over at us with his eyes narrowed..
I guess his vision was still blur..
“Daddyy..” I called again.
He looked at me, it took him almost two minutes to finally keep his gaze.
When he did. It was on me... At me.
“Dad I miss you.” I said, holding his hand closely like he's gonna disappear if I don't..
“Je..remy.” He said weakly.
“Yes dad. Thanks for waking up.” I said.
He looked at the Moni, then at Andra.
“Ahh.. I feel so much pains on my legs..” He said.
“We need to call Dr. Sam.” Moni said and tried to go out but my dad's voice stopped her.
“No Moni..” He said and looked at me..
“Im sorry.. Im sorry son, for not listening to you.” He said.
“No no Dad.. It's fine.. Im glad you're awake.” I said and kissed his hand.
He gave a weak smile and looked at Andra.
“She's my friend dad. She's amazing.” I.said and glanced at Andra and her face was down. She wasn't even looking at my dad.
He smiled and looked back at me..
“I miss you dad.” I said.
“I miss you too son. What about her?” He asked.
“Who dad?” I asked.
“Your mom.” He said.
“I don't know dad. All I wanna know and care about is you.” I said.
“Mark, Your wife is coming home today. I had to tell her about this.” She said.
He smiled.
“I can't wait to see her.” He said.
I inhaled.
Dad still love that witch!
Chris POV

I was still here at the cafeteria..
With Steph...
We've gotten along pretty good.
Just in a day.
I can't believe it. But im so glad we are.
I've been waiting for this moment in so many months now..
“You wanna be a doctor right?” I asked her.
“Yeah. I loved it right from when I was a kid. I love to help the sick recover and save people's lives.” She said.
I smiled.
My heartbeat.
“You're perfect for it. I mean those white coats gonna look really perfect on you..” I said.
“And a stethoscope over my neck. Haha.. I love putting that and then check my dad's heartbeat then, Those years I was a kid.” She said.
“Wow..” I said with a smile.
“You'do be a beautiful great doctor in the future.” I said.
She smiled.
“Thanks.” She said.
I stared at her.
“Steph..” I called softly.
“Do you wanna see something?” I asked her.
She looked at me.
I got out my phone and scrolled through my gallery.

Steph's #POV

“It's like my secret. I love drawing and painting but I never think im too good to boast about it. My mom and dad, Jeremy and my kid sister are the only people that know I can actually draw and paint something.” He said as I stared at him..
I can't believe we are talking quite good now.
It started by him, telling me how he feels for me..
Those love words that I guess found a way to my heart.
Then he began saying somethings quite funny and I found myself laughing to his talks and.. then he asked me If I wanna be a doctor and now he's telling me about his painting secret.
Im wondering what he wanna show me.
“And... then those times I got so crazy for you Steph.. And I couldn't stop thinking about you cos you were always in my mind, in my head. and I drank so much cos of you.. Cos I can't have you.. I... I drew this.”
My heart beated as he said all that...
He stretched his phone to me and....I saw a drawing...
A gorgeous painting of me, in my brown blowing hair and my school shirt.
God! Im I this beautiful?
And he had this inscribed on it.
It touched me. It really touched me.
He loves me so much and I can't deny that he's been faking it.
I looked at him and he just stared at me.
“You don't like it?” He asked.
“I... I do. It's so beautiful.” I said and held myself from dropping a tear.
Here is someone that has been crazy in love with me.
And I've been..
“Thanks Steph for saying that you like it. I feel like I was awarded first, in a competition. I feel really proud and happy now.” He said.
His phone vibrated and made me flinch cos I was lost in my world of thought.
My eyes went to the screen and it was,
J calling...
I stretched the phone to him.
He picked the call.
I guess Jeremy told him something shocking or suprising or rather exciting cos his eyes went wide open and he let out,
Then the call dropped and he looked at me.
“His dad is awake now. We've been waiting for hours for him to.” He said and stood up.
I nodded.
I know I can't go with him cos Jeremy don't want me around.
“Steph.. Im sorry J is still this way to you but im sure he'll let go in no time and you guys gonna be good too.” He said.
“It's fine. I'll just go home.. I'll text Alex.” I said.
“Bye Steph.” He said, turned and walked towards the hospital building..
I blinked my eyes as a tear finally rolled down.
Im too glad he didn't stay here to see it.
I just sat there on the seat and stared at him till he was out of sight..
God! I can't explain how sad I feel right now.
He truely loved me.
He did...


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