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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 36



 Teens Hearts - Episode 36

Jeremy's POV

The witch was calling...
Had she heard of dad's accident already?

I hate her!

I held Andra as we walked up to Dr Sam.

People stared.
They must be wondering why we've been holding hands like lovers since we got in here.

Would they be thinking we are lovers huh?

I told Dr Sam, to take us to see Richy and he did.
He took us to the room he is and there he layed on the bed, machines beeping and oxygene on his nose. and a bandage around his head.

“Im sorry Richy. I wish you wake up soon. I wish this never happened.” I said calmly.

I still held Andra's hand and we turned and left.

My phone screen light came on.

Moni calling.

I picked it.
“Oh gracious God! Your dad isn't home yet Jeremy..” She said.

I breathed.

“Dad's in the hospital.” I said.
“Whaaaaaat!” She screamed.
“Just come to Washington Hospital.” I said and cut the call.

Andra looked at me.

“Your Nanny?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said.

We walked to the lounge and sat down..
I wanna stay with my dad but Dr Sam says he needs to be given some space.

I turned to Andra and stared at her.
Her hair look a bit messy now.
And her school shirt tie is hanging wrongly.

I can't believe she's here with me and cried cos of my dad.

Her dream came to reality and she's feeling guilty.

Shit! Why would she!

She came with me here... She shared to my pain and my cries.
She let me cry on her shoulder and she cried with me.

She's one of a kind.

“Andra..” I called.
She turned to me.
“Huh?” She raised her brows.

She look cute even though her hair is messy.
“You don't need to feel guilty Andra.” I said softly to her.

She nodded and looked away.

But I turned back her face to look at me.
She did,.looking at me..

“Thanks for being here.” I said to her.
She let out a smile that gave me chills.,

“Not that I wanna be anyways. But your dad made me too.. I can't help to leave you to come here alone.” She said.

Awn... This girl..

I smiled and pulled her into a hug and when I withrew, I kissed her forehead.
I don't care if peope stared..

She's the nicest girl I've ever seen.

We stared at people coming in and going out through the Push door.

“Lili might be calling now.” She said.

I smiled and squeezed her hand slightly..
“Moni would be here soon. She'll stay behind while I drive you to school to grab your things and drive you home.”
I said and she looked at me.

“You gonna come back here after that?” She asked.
“Yeah. I will spend the night with my dad.”  I said.
“Jeremyy...” She called.
“Please be careful.” She said.

I chuckled.

“Ofcourse i am.” I said.

Just then, Moni walked in, and when she searched around and saw me, She rushed to me but gasped as she saw Andra..

“Oh gracious!” She said and Andra was shocked and suprised as well.

I wonder why.

Alexandra's POV

She was the one..
The woman I saw at the church's passageway.

I couldn't believe it.
She's actually Jeremy's Nanny?

Oh my God.

She looked at Jeremy.
“What happened?” She asked him.
“I don't know. He's in the ward room. Room 101.” He said.

Then she turned to me.
“Hello Alex. Do you remember me?” She asked.

I nodded.
She even remembered my name.
I felt happy that I met her again..

Argh! Seriously!


After seeing Jeremy's dad with Moni geting out tears and wiping them off with a hankerchief.

We walked out to.... to..
I don't know his name.

Mr Taylozr'z driver room.
He's still in a coma.

And Moni did the same thing.
Cried and wiped if it off with a hankerchief.

When Jeremy and I came out from the hospital.
It was was getting late.

Moni stayed behind.

We got into the car and he drove off.
“Lili must be damn worried” I said as he got into the road and sped off..

Cos its so late.

He got my hand and squeezed it lightly.

“I'll tell her about it..” I said.



Alex POV

Getting back to the school, School was over now and everyone is gone accept extra class students..

We got down and headed to my locker.

I remembered Chris.
Jeremy haven't told him about this.
I decided not to ask him..

He took my hand again.

Argh! Jeremyyyyy.

I let him keep doing that.
I know he's acting this way cos of what happened.

He's broken... and sad.
He need someone to lean on..
Someone to comfort him.
He needs someone to make him happy and assure him that he's dad is gonna be fine again soon.

And I'll be that person.

We got to my locker and I opened it and got out my bag and took out my phone and closed my locker back.
Jeremy stood, waiting with his hands in his pockets.
Seriously this guy standing here is so down and dejected.
Look at his eyes.

I felt down too.
So down...

I checked my phone.

40 missed calls.

30 from Lili.
10 from Steph.


5 Unopened text messages.

I looked at Jeremy.
“Let's go...” I said and we walked back to his car.

When we got in, I opened the messages.
Two is from Lili.

<b> Alex.. You are not picking your call.. Im worried.
Where are you?

God! You not picking your calls Alex. Im so worried. Are you with Jeremy? Please reply me.

#I_know Lili would be so worried.
I'll tell her everything..

But Steph.

<b> Alex, Im so sorry. I need our friendship back.

I'll tell you the truth Alex. I got kinda jealous. Please forgive me and reply me.
I miss you.

I know you not gonna pick my calls. But please forgive me. I let some stupid jealousy control my thinking. I have no idea why I got jealous of you.. Please let's make up.

#I_read it over and over again.
She got jealous of what?

Seriously, I dont understand you Steph.... but anyways, I miss youuuu.

I didn't text her.

I looked at Jeremy.
He's eyes are on his driving.
He must be thinking alot now..
About his dad in the hospital.... And his driver as well.

Poor him.
I wish I could be beside him all through today till next day.

I made a call to Lili.

She picked up.
“Hi Lili..” I spoke up.
“Oh thank God.. I was so worried Alex. How are you. Hope you good? Why didn't you pick your calls?” She asked.

I glanced at Jeremy. Our eyes met cos he glanced at me as well.

“Lili.. Im with Jeremy. And im fine. Im on my way home home. I'll tell you about it.” I said.
“Alright. Be home quick dear. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

I dropped the call.

When he got to the gate, he pulled to a stop and turned to me and took my hand.

“Jeremy..” I said.
“Andra... Thanks for being the best friend.” He said.

I smiled and he smiled too, even though it was a sad smile.
He had a pale smile that only told of how broken and dejected he is.

“I just wish I could.. I could do something.” He said to me.
“What's that?” I asked.
“Promise me, you not gonna be upset?” He said.

Im confused.

“What's that Jeremy?”
“It will make me feel happy.. It would make me feel damn happy Andra..” He said softly.

I wanna make him happy.
I want to,.so I just nodded.
I wonder what that is.

“Just stay still Andra.. please.” He said as he began getting his face closer to mine

I felt chills.

Butterflies in my stomache.

What do he wanna do?

He got his hand at the back of my neck, then raised my face up with his other hand on my chin...

I guess, I closed my eyes.
Yeah I did.

Then, the next second, I felt his lips on mine.

He kissed me and the way he did it this time, took my breath away.

Gentle and so good.

I let him kiss me.
I can't deny that I liked this kiss.

The kiss lasted for more than a minute.

Then he withdrew and stared into my eyes. I stared into his as well..

“Thank you Andra.. For letting me.. kiss you.... for letting me kiss this lips again.” He said as he touched my lips with his thumb.
My lips were just agape as I stared at him.
I dont know what to do or say.

“..I feel so happy now. I really do.. I won't worry so much tonight. Cos im gonna have you by my side there in the hospital with the taste of your lips still here on my lips. Then Im gonna feel you with me.” He said and hugged me.

I felt speechless.
I couldn't believe it.

“I love all you did today Andra... You are amazing.” He said,still hugging me.

Just then, my phone rang.
He pulled away.

Lili calling.

“Lili. Im at the gate now. I'll be at the door soon.” I said.
“Oh dear..Im so worried that's the reason.”
“Im fine Lili.” I said and dropped the call.

I turned to Jeremy.
“B..bye.. goodnight. Don't worry so much. He'll wake up and he'll be fine. And if your mom calls back again. Try to pick her call. Take care of yourself.” I said and tried to get down but he pulled me back and hugged me again.

“Jeremy..” I said coldly.
“Just five minutes please..” He said.

I understood its all cos of he's down and need someone.
So I just let him.

When he finally withdrew. I got down and closed the door and he didn't drive off.
I walked into the gate and up to the door and pressed the door bell.
Lili opened up in a second and just hugged me.

Then, a heard his car drive off.

She withdrew.

“You good?” Lili asked, looking at me.
I sniffled, “His dad got into an accident. Sustained bad leg injuries.” I said as a tear dropped down my eyes.

She gasped, then pulled me into another hug.

Much warmer and consoling.

“It's fine.... It's well” She said.


Jeremy's POV

I really don't feel like letting her go..
I wish she could stay with me all through the night.
But she had to go to her Aunty.

But I feel really happy that I kissed her.
She let me kiss her again..
I smiled.

I drove off after watching Lili hug Andra at the door.
As I drove off..I decided to let Chris know about my dad.

I got out my phone and there was 15 missed calls.

2 from the Witch.
3 from Molly and 10 from Chris.

My phone had been in Silence mode so It never rang and I didn't wanted it to anyways.
Andra gave me the best company that I ever needed.

I miss her already..
I just wish she's still here with me..
I feel like I just can't be happy without her.

Fuck mom! Fuck Molly!
I'll call Chris.

I drove straight to his house and stopped right at their gate.
I dialled his line and it went through.
He picked up in few seconds.
“Hello J.. You've not been picking up my calls..” He said.
“Im almost at your gate right now. Come out. I got something to tell you.” I said.
“Really? Cool. Im out already.” He said.

I dropped the call and waited for him..

Chris POV

J, at the gate waiting to tell me something?
What could that be?

I stood up from the couch where I sat, watching the movie, MALEFICIENT, with my little sister, Angel.

Mom and dad's gone up to their room.

“Where're you leaving me to?” Angel asked as I got up from the couch.

She's gonna turn six in two weeks time.

“To see Jeremy. He's at the gate waiting for me.” I said.
“I'll just go to my room then..” She said.
“Why don't you stay and go on with the movie, I'll be back soon.” I said.
“No..I just better go up to my room.” She said and got up.
“Goodnight.” She said and turned towards the staircase.
“Sleep tight.” I said and rushed off to see J.

I got out and saw his car at the gate.
I walked to his car, pulled the door open and got in, closing it back.

“You good?” I asked him, cos he's face's not bright at all.
“No.” He said.
“What's it? C'mon you haven't told me about your dad dude.. He's home now huh?” I asked.

He looked at me and chuckled.

“Home?” He asked.
“Yeah?” I said, feeling uneasy.
“My dad's in a hospital.” He said.
“Hospital?” I asked, Not wanting to believe the shit he just said.
“Yeah, got into a fucking accident.. Not much people knows yet.” He said.
“Oh my... Oh shit!” I said...
“Im going to stay with him... Just wanna tell you about it..” He said.
“God! This is just too bad dude. I guess im fucking dreaming...He had injuries? ” I asked.
“Yeah on his legs.. Gonna take awhile to get healed.. He'do gotta be moving on wheelchairs.”

Just then, his phone vibrated.
He got it out.

Jeremy's POV

Moni calling..
I got scared that she was calling..

My dad..
I looked at Chris and he's staring at me with sad eyes.

I picked the call and placed the phone on my ear.
Moni doesn't talk loud when she's on calls.

“Hello Moni..” I said with my heart beating fast.
“Hello Jeremy.. You should come to the hospital now. Your dad is awake.” She said.


“My dad is AWAKE!?” I said it out so loud.
“Yes... He wanna talk to you. He wanna see you.” She said.
“I'll be there right now. Dad I lovee you.” I said it out so loud.
“Argh Don't block my ears boy.” She said and dropped the call.

“Wow. He's awake.” Chris let out.
“Yeah. Are you coming to the hospital with me?” I asked him.
“Come on dude.” He said and I drove off.

He texted his mom.
He loves her more....


We got to the hospital and we rushed to my dad.

The crazy thing is that, I still had my school uniform on.
I don't fucking care.
My dad mean so much to me.

When we got in, There he layed with Moni sitting on a chair, close to where he layed his head.

“Moni..” I called and he looked up.
I rushed to see my dad.
“Im sorry, he's gone to sleep again.” She said.

I felt lost.

“Did I come too late? I should have driven more faster.” I said as a tear rolled down from my eyes.
“It's okay dude. We gonna wait on him. He'll sure wake up again before day breaks.” Chris said, crossing his hand over my shoulder.
“I can't help it dude.. He's still and just breathing. Nothing else. I don't wanna loose him. I swear.” I said and more tears rolled off.

I can't remember crying this much before...

But my dad...
I love him so much and I can't help seeing him like this.
Remembering we talked hours ago and he was fine.. but then, look at him.

“I love him so much. He's the only one I've got you know.” I said as Chris hugged me.

He hugged me.

“It's okay dude. Nothing's gonna happen at all. He'll wake up again. Trust me.” He said and pulled away.

Moni stood up and hugged me too.
“Trust God, Jeremy. He'll be back soon.” She said and pulled away.

“Chris.. Can you take Moni home? Im gonna stay with my dad. I don't wanna be away from him.” I said.
“Why don't I stay and look after him Jeremy and they are doctors looking after him too.” Moni said.
“Fuck them all. He's my dad, Im gonna stay with him. Now just go Moni.” I said to her.
“It's okay Jeremy. Don't tryna wake him up okay.” She said.

I nodded as I stared at him.

“Do this for me dude..” I said to Chris.
“Sure. Can I come back?” He asked.
“If you can man...” I said and he smiled.
“Sure. I will.” He said and then they walked out.

I turned to my dad.

“Im sorry I came late. You were waiting for me. I promise to be awake to know when you when you open your eyes. I love you dad.” I said and kissed his hand.


Alexandra's POV

<b> Dear Diary,

Im so sad..
Jeremy's dad got into an accident today and Jeremy cried so much.
He loves his dad and I feel so down to see him broken and in tears.

I thought that dreadful dream's never gonna be a reality but it did and Im feeling so guilty and bad.

I wanna be by his side and make him smile in the mist of all this sadness.
I wanna make him believe I'll be there for him and his dad's gonna be fine...

I can't help it..
He kissed me to be happy...
It felt so wonderful..
 He hugged me to comfort himself..
And he said im amazing

I can't help but feel this way for him.
I think im inlove with Jeremy.

I don't wanna hide this feelings again.
I wanna fall inlove with him.
I don't just wanna be his friend...  I wanna be his lover and his best friend.
I hope he gets to love me soon, cos im gonna do everything I can to show him how much I care about him....

#I_closed up my diary and layed back on my bed.

Im so stupid!
He has a girlfriend.


He's never gonna love me cos he loves her..

Arghhh! why am I thinking so much.

I tried to sleep but I can't cos I know J's not.
He will with his dad, waiting on him.

I wanna text him and tell him, Hakuna Matata.
Tell him, not to be worried, everything's gonna be fine.

Im gonna do it.
I took my phone and texted him.


Jeremy's POV

Im here, sitting and staring at my dad.
He hadn't blinked ever since.

Chris is here. Staring as well.
My buddy.
He's one in a million.

Im not gonna sleep. Im gonna keep staring till he open his eyes..

A message came in.
I checked it and it's a message from Andra.

<b> Jeremy... I know you are awake, watching your dad..
I just wanna assure you that he's gonna wake up soonest.

Heres a little hug for you  , to make you smile when you're blue, to make you happy now you're sad, to let you know life aint so bad!

#I_smiled after reading that.
Ofcourse I read it over and over again.

“Dude, Wow. You eventually smiling. ” Chris said.

I just smiled more.

I fear that so soon, Im gonna let out this words to you.


I don't fucking care if I hated this words...
You're just too amazing..


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