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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 35



 Teens Hearts - Episode 35

Alexandra's POV

He held my hand.. 
As we watched the blue sky and the things at the distance..
It felt amazingly cool.
To be here..
Even though Im missing another class, History..
I don't mind.

I love here.. With this cute guy beside me.

“Are you upset with me?” He suddenly asked.
“For what?” I asked, and looked at him.

He turned to me, a cute smile on his cute face.

“You just missed two classes today.” He said.
“You did as well. But im upset tho.” I said.

Im not upset at all.
Just gotta lie you know.

“You ain't.” He said.

How did he know?

“Yeah, cos you haven't talked about it and you've been smiling.” He said and winked.


Just then, we heard Lunch time bell ring.

“You hungry?” He asked.
“Yeah.”I said.  “And.. I need to talk with Steph too.” I added.
“Why's the bitch acting that way?” He asked.

Bitch huh!
I glared at him.

“Aw.. Don't kill me with such glare.” He said, smiling.
“Stop calling her names!” I said.
“Fine. It just comes. That's what she is anyways.” He said.

I hit him hard on the arm.

“Ouch!” He cried.
“Serves you right.” I said.

He squeezed my hand.

“Jeremy!” I yelled.

He got up and pulled me up.
“Let's go.” He said and we walked down the stairs holding hands.


“I wanna go check on Steph in her class.” I said but he dragged me with and we turned towards the way that lead out of the hallway,.towards the cafeteria..
“You don't fucking need to do that. If she's fed up being your friend. Im here for you Andra..” He said.

Ouch! my heart. Why did it beat so loud.

“I just wanna make up with her. I miss her.” I said.
“C'mon. I really wanna eat.” He said and pulled me along.
“Can't you eat without me huh?” I said.
“No. Yeah.. I can but... fuck. just come on.” He said pulled me along.
“Hey, stop. Don't pull me. I'll go with you.” I said.
“Great.” He said and stopped dragging me but still held my hand.

I rolled my eyes...
What kinda crazy friend is this huh?

He stopped by at the Cafe.
“Thought we're going to the cafeteria?” I asked. 
“I want us to sit there.” He said referring to the seat beside the cafe, where you can view the table tennis girls from.

“Okay.” I just said and watched him buy two milkshake and two burger.

He stretched one milkshake and burger to me.

Then I don't know what happened, I coughed.

“Water.” He said to the cafe man.
The man got out a bottle of water and Jeremy handed it to me.

“Thanks.” I said as I took it.
I opened it and drank..

I got fine.

“You fine?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said..

We sat down at the long seat beside the cafe and watched the tennis girls as we ate..

The time was 12:40pm.
Jeremy's dad should have arrived down Florida now.

And just then, His phone rang.
It was his dad.
“My dad.” He said and picked it up.

Jeremy's POV

“Hello.” Dad I said.
“Hello Son. Im at the airport now. I'll soon be home. I know you at school..  Richy would soon be here.” He said.

Richy is his driver.

“Whoa. dad.. In happy you are in Florida now.”  I said, feeling really excited.
“Im happy too son... See you. ” He said.

I turned to Andra and smilled.

“He's at the airport now. He's almost home. Gosh. I miss him.” I said, smiling broadly.

She smiled.

“Whoa. Im happy to hear that.”She said, smiling.
“Yeah.” I smiled.

Then, I saw the bitch, Steph. She was walking out of the cafeteria and our eyes met .
She was far but she saw me.
And me with Andra too.


Then she began walking forward. 
So I crossed my hand over Andra's shoulder.

“What?” She asked, and looked at me.
“Nothing.” I said.
She turned back to the Table tennis girls.

She didn't see the bitch..
Good one.

“I think I need to go talk to Steph now before lunch time get over.” She said and stood up just immedaitely and I guess she saw Steph cos she went still.

I looked back and Steph was walking away and im sure their eyes met but she looked away and walked on..

Andra made to go after her but I pulled 

her back.
“Don't do that.” I said and got her to seat back down.
“She's my friend Jeremy.” She said coldly.
“Yeah?” I said.
“I just wanna go make up with her. Im missing our friendship.” She said.
“Stay with me.” I said and I held her hand tighter.

Steph's #POV


I hate all that stupid drama and display.
Holding hands like stupid lovers.

Alex is so annoying..
It's just better not being friends with her.

Bu the time, The bitch shows her the real him, she would come begging me!

Jeremy's POV

Just then, my phone rang.

Dad calling.
Must have gotten home.
Moni would give him a little trouble.

I picked up.

“Hey dad. You home now?” I said happily.
“This is emergency ward calling.. From Washington Hospital. A man by name, Mr Mark Taylor got into a road accident with another man we don't know his name yet. We presume you are Mr Taylor's son and the last person he made a call to. Please come over to Washington Hospital in 3rd Grandel road. We need you.” 

Oh my God!

That couldn't be true....
Oh... No.. That couldn't be true.

“Hey, Jeremy. What's wrong?” She asked, looking at me.

“My dad..” I  said as a tear fell off my eye.

“Your dad?” She said.
“He got... he got into an accident.” I said as another tear fell off my eye.

This can't be true...

“Oh my! God! oh God.. ” She said as tears suddenly gathered in her eyes.

I got up and rushed towards my car.
“Jeremy..” She called coldly as I got into my and tried to drive off but she stood and blocked my way.


I opened the door and got down.
My eyes were getting dull and blur.
I just need to see my dad.

“Lemme go with you Jeremy.” She said as tears fell off her eyes.

Before I could say anything, she rushed into the car and shut the door..
I got in and inhaled.

“Andra...”. I called.
“Let's go..” She said.
“I don't wanna believe it.” I said.
“I don't wanna believe it too.” She said with tears in her eyes.

I drove off.

My dad....

You can't do this to me.

OMG! Jeremy's dad, an accident.?
This is saddening!

Alexandra's POV

“Damn it!...” He yelled, hitting the steering wheel and turned to the next road by the left.

He drove with speed and was overtaking cars.

I shut my eyes.
“Jeremy, please you got to calm down.. You are driving so rough.” I said.
“Andra, My dad's in the hospital. Like it's so funny. I don't wanna believe it.” He said it like a whisper.

I inhaled and opened my eyes as I looked at him.
He wasn't in tears but his face spoke of fright.


I felt like taking his hand but cos he's driving, I couldn't, so I just watched him.
He's lips were agape and his eyes were red but no tear.

I felt broken..

We were close to Washington Hospital and he drove with more speed.

“I hate to go to hospital! I fucking hate to!” He yelled, hitting the steering again.
“Jeremy..” I called sadly.
“I don't wanna believe my dad is here.. I don't want to.” He said as he pulled into the hospital and stopped at the parking lot.

When he turned off and was about opening the door, I took his hand and he turned and looked at me.
We stared into eachother's eyes..
He's eyes are drenched with so much fright.

“Jeremy.. you gotta just calm down there.” I said softly to him.

He looked down.

I left his hand and he opened the door and went out.
I did same.

He walked fast and I ran to be able to meet his pace.

I prayed so hard that nothing happened to him.

God please don't let this be true, cos I guess I can't bear Jeremy sad and in tears.
I can't.

When we got to the attendant counter and a nurse required what he wants.

He just said,
“I need to see my dad.” He said.
“What's your name please?” She asked him.
“Jeremy Taylor.” He said.

She gasped.

“Oh my! Please have a sit and wait out for Doctor Sam. He'will be out soon.” She said.
“He's with my dad?” Jeremy asked.
“Im sorry. He'll be the one to explain to you Jeremy.” She said to him.

He hit the counter with his fist and the nurse flinched.

“Tell me where my daddy is right now! Tell me what happened to my dad!!”He barked at her.

I took his hand and squeezed it slightly.

“Please Jeremy..Let's do what she said.” I said.
“I wanna see my dad!” He said to me. It was a yell.
“Come on, please.” I said quietly to him.

He turned and we walked over to the lounge and sat down.
But then he stood back up and and slide his hands into his pockets as he stared at the hallway that leads to the rooms.

I got up, and stood beside him and stared at the hallway too.

“Is my dad really in there?” He mumbled.

I blinked my eyes.

“I don't wanna believe that.” He said.
“I don't wanna believe either.” I said and took his hand again.

He looked at me.
Then I saw a doctor in glasses walk out through the hallway. He has gloves on and he look young.

“Jeremy.” I said as I held his hand tighter.
He turned his head over and saw him too.

He walked to him, with me still holding him.

“Mr Jeremy Taylor.” The doctor called him with a smile.

Such smile assured me of something good.

“I wanna see my dad.” Jeremy said.
The doctor smiled again.

I like this doctor already.

“Your dad is fine.” He said and turned back towards the hallway and we followed him. 

The thing is that, I still held Jeremy's hand.

“He sustained legs injuries that would take quite sometime to heal.” He said.
“Oh damn! I told dad not to come home.
I can't believe this shit!” He said.

My dream.... 
That dream.
Why did God allowed it to come through..

Doctor Sam took us into the ward room that his dad is and we saw him.

On the hospital bed... 
With his legs bandaged.

Oh... no.. Oh no..

“This can't be my dad.” Jeremy said.

I held his hand tighter.. As I suddenly saw a tear drop down his hand..
“The other man we presumed would be his driver in a coma. He lost consciousness.”  Doctor Sam said and I gasped.

Jeremy looked shocked too.

“Is he gonna be fine?” I asked doctor Sam.
“We hope so.” He said.
“Is my dad ever gonna walk?” Jeremy asked.
“Once his legs get healed. But he'll be on a wheelchair.” Dr Sam said.

Jeremy's POV

I shut my eyes when he said that.
I went closer to look at my dad.

But the amazing fact was that, Andra followed me, still holding my hand.

Lol. He still has his handsome face..Even though his eyelids look dark brown and weary.
And his breathing was just too slow and frightening.

“Dad..” I called softly to him.

He's sleeping. I know.
It's great to catch some sleep.

“I miss you dad. Please wake up soon.” I said as tears fell off my eyes.
“Im really missing you.” I cried quietly as Andra held me tighter.

Doctor Sam had left.

“You should be home dad, not here in this fucking hospital.” I said.

“You could have just gone back when I told you to.”

“Dad.. I don't wanna miss you so much. You just better wake up and I dont even wanna see you on a wheelchair dad. Promise me dad, that you'll wake up.
 soon. Don't leave me dad. Don't leave me.” 

I was in so much tears that I couldn't help it... and I turned and hugged Andra.

“Andra..” I whispered as she let me hug her still as I cried on her shoulder, wetting her school shirt.
“I can't help it... I love my dad.” I said.

Hugging her more tightly.

Alexandra's POV

I let him cry on me..
Tears fell off my eyes as well but he couldn't notice.

I blinked my eyes as more tears fell.
Then I.. don't know if it was right..

I wrapped my hand around him as he wept more on me.

I can't just help it... 
His cries made me feel so broken and I felt guilty for everything..
I sniffled I know he heard the sound.

“Andra,..” He called.
“Huh?” I answered.
“You're crying?” He asked.

I sniffled and shut my eyes.
“I can't help it. You're crying.” I said.

He pulled away and stared at me.. 
Into my eyes..
His lips are dry and agape. His eyes are red and teary.

“You're in tears Andra.. Cos I am?” He asked in a whisper.

A tear rolled outta my right eye.
“I can't help it. Your dad. He loves you and you love him so much. I wish we had convinced him to stay back. After that dreadful dream.. I feel so guilty. I shouldn't have had that dream..” I said as tears flowed.

He shook his head.

“Oh no Andra... Don't fucking say that.” He said and hugged me again.
“He never believed the dream. If he had....” He didn't finish it, he began a whimpering cry..

I wrapped my hand around him and cried too.

Just then, his phone rang and it reminded me of mine.

I left it in school..
Lili might be calling me all this while.

He seemed not to hear his phone ringing cos he still held me,.not wanting to pull away so soon.

“You.. you got a call..” I said.
“Yeah.. I know.” He said, and sniffled.
“You should pick up.” I said.
“Yeah... I know.” He said but he still held me..

So I pulled away.
His face look so pale and gloomy.

He got out his phone out and switched it to Silent.
Then he went coser to his dad,.bent and kissed his head and his hand.

“I hope you wake up soon dad. Im coming dad.” He said and took my hand and we walked out.

“Who called you?” I asked.
“The witch.” He said.

Im confused.

“Witch?” I asked.
“My mom..” He said.

I inhaled.


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