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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 31



 Teens Hearts - Episode 31

Jeremy's POV

I looked up and I saw her coming.
I smiled.

I got nothing to show her tho.
Mehn! I just want her here. Here with me.
I wanna smile while looking at her frowny cute face and the way she yells at me.

Like the way she's gonna yell now, when I tell her I got nothing to show her actually.

She got to me and stood.
Breeze blew her hair that fell accross her cheeks and it was wow...

“Hey Andra.” I said,smiling.
She came over and sat down. Beside me.
Not close tho. Why would she sit that far?
“Said you got something to tell me. So what's that?” She asked, watching the basketball guys.

Arghh, what do I tell her?

“Yeahh. Let's go grab Icecream.” I said,.grinning.

She looked at me.

“Icecream?” She asked.
“Um.. yeah? Don't you like it?” I asked.
“Is that what you got to show me?” She asked.

Arghh, what I do I say now.

“I got something to show you but first, let's go get some icecream.” I said.
“I don't want ice cream.”  She said.
“What do you want?” She said.

She looked at me and smiled.
Why's making her smile?

“I want what you wanna show me.” She said and frowned just right after saying that.

Arghh crazy girl.

I got an idea.
“alright come.” I said and got up. She did too.

“I wanna show you something amazing.” I said.
“What's that?” She asked.
“Follow me.” I said and began walking.
She followed behind me.

I stopped so she would get beside me.
When she did, we walked out of the basketball court and down the cafe.

“You wanna buy icecream?” She asked.
“Yeah. We need it when we get there.” I said.

She didn't say anything

“Hey man, two ice chocolates cream.” I said to the seller.
“Right.” He said and got them out.

I stretched on to her.
“Here.” I said and she slowly took it.
I smiled, paid the man and turned towards the way that lead to the school love garden.

She just followed.
I opened my icecream and she did same like she was waiting for me to take the move.

“It doesn't taste bad tho.” I said.
“It tastes really good.” She said.

When we got to the garden, she stopped and stared.

“I've not been here. I had no idea such a cool and beautiful place is here in Ellas.” She said.

I smiled.

“Chris and I do come here to relax and talk.” I said.
“Its pretty cool.” She said.
“Is this where you wanna show me?”  She asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Wow.” She said.

Did she say that actually?

“Let's go sit down.” I said and took her hand.

She didn't wince. She followed and we both sat down in a bench, really cose to eachother.
And I love it that way.

We licked our icecream as we stared at the flowers.

“I love flowers.” I said.
“You do?” She asked.
“Yeah right from when I turned four.” He said..
“What do you think about flowers?” I asked her.

She stayed silent for awhile and licked her icecream slowly.
I admire this girl alot.

“Flowers are beautiful and gives brightness. They are special and represent good signs and things.” She said.

I smiled.

“Do white roses bruise easily?” I asked.
“I... think they do.” She said.
“My nanny always say that to your daughter's husband. To hold her daughter softly so she don't bruise cos she's a white rose and white roses bruise easily.” I said.

She laughed.

“Wow. it's funny but I guess she's right.” She said.
“Your nanny must be quite funny tho.” She said.

I smiled.

“Yeah, she is. She's been my nanny since I was a kid.” I said.
“Wow.. She must be really lovely.”  She said.
“Yeah but she's a pest at times.” I said.
“Oh..” She laughed.

My phone rang.

I got it out and its my DAD.

“My dad.” I said with a smile.
“Hello dad.” I said after picking up the call.
“Hello son. How are you doing there?” He asked.
“Fine. Just missing you, you know. Those car rides and swimmings we do together.” I said, smiling and looking at Andra who's face was in a kinda smile too.
“It's fine dear. Don't miss me so much cos im fying down to Florida next tomorrow.” He said.

My smile widened.
“Oh my God! Are you serious dad?” I asked, feeling so happy to hear that.
“Yeah. Im through with whatever im doing here. I miss my family.” He said.
“Wow dad, I can't wait to see you. Like it's been up to three months now!” I said, smiling broadly.
“Im sorry. Im so sorry.” He said.
“You're only gonna get forgiven when I see ya.” I said with a happy smile.
“Im sincerely saying that im gonna come.” He said.
“Great. You should.” I said.
“You've talked to your mom since then?” He asked.
“I don't wish to hear her voice.” I said.

He stayed silent for awhile.

“It's okay son. Be careful. I'll be home soon to stay awhie with you.” He c
“Okay dad.” I said and the call dropped.

I turned to Andra with a smile.
“He said he's coming back the day after tomorrow.” I said.

She just smiled.

“I love my dad tho.” I said with a smile

She smiled.

“You gotta prepare for your dad arrival.” She said.
“Yeah.” I said with a smile.
“I miss the man and I just can't wait to see him.” I said.

She smiled broady.
Wow. Iove this girl's smile.

Alexandra's POV

We stayed together, just the both of us at this beautiful garden till  we heard the lunch over bell ring.

We got up and headed out of the garden and down the school building.
As I saw the cafeteria.

Shit! I remembered Eve. I've tod her to wait for me and damn, I didn't come back! She must have left.

Oops.. My bad!
I hope she forgives me.  Steph don't want to.

We walked into class after grabbing my Literature books.

I walked to my seat and sat down.
I glanced at Jeremy.
He was on his seat now.


She isn't in class yet.. But Chris is, and he's eyes are on his phone.
Like always!

Jeremy glancerd at ne

School got over and I went for my school bag with Eve.

“Steph might have gone.” Eve said.
“Maybe” I said and closed the door
We headed into Steph's car class but she was gone.

What's wrong!

“Im sorry that she left.” Eve said.
“It's fine.” I said and with a gloomy face, I walked out of the class and down the hallway with her.

Steph. How could she do this to me?

“Andra.” I heard Jeremy's voice behind.
I turned.
“See you later.” Eve said and walked away.

“The bitch's left?” He asked.
“Steph left.” I said.
“It's fine. I'll take you home.” He said and took my hand.

It felt so good.

“Must you hold my hand?” I asked, like I don't like it.
“Fine.. ” He said and let go.

Ugh! He should have just ignored me and go on to hold my hand.

He drove me home.
“Thanks.” I said as he got to the front of the house.
“See ya tomorrow.” He said with a smile.
“See you too.” I said, tried to get down put he pulled me back

What again this time!

He brought his face close and kissed my forehead.


He stayed for few seconds and withdrew as he stared into my eyes.
“You should let me kiss your forehead from today. It should be our goodbye sign..”  He said, as he stared into my eyes.

I didn't know what to say, so I got down from the car, closed back the door and he drove off.

I touched my forehead.
I felt the warmness of his kiss there.

Am speechless, I don't know what to say or do.
Jeremy is no more the arrogant jerk I knew.

 I pressed the doorbell and Lili opened the door.
I got in and headed to my room.
I need to sleep.
To sleep.

“How was school today Alex?” Lili asked.
“Fine.” I said.
“What about Stephanie?”
“Fine.” I said.
“You hungry?”
“Not yet. I wanna sleep” I said.
“Alright dear. Take a nap.” She said.

I fell on my bed and layed my head on the pillow without even pulling off anything.

I really wanna sleep.
I don't know what's happening to me now.

Jeremy. The kiss. it sent chills down me.

And Steph. I don't know how to beg her now.

my phone buzzed.
A message.

I got it out and checked and yeah, its from him.

<b> I cherish our friendship alot Andra. Take care. Bye.


Jeremy you're astonishing me.

<b> I wanna catch some sleep. Bye

#I_sent it. and few seconds later he replied.

<b>Dream of me.

Crazy guy. Why will I dream of him.

I dropped my phone and closed my eyes.

Jeremy's POV

She didn't reply again.

I smiled.

I've been staring at her pictures and each new day that I do, I discover one thing that makes her so beautiful.

Her fingers.
They look really cute.

I love this girl.

Wait! What did I just thought?

I love who?
Fuck I can't! Or do I?
Do I even know what love is all about?

Next Day

Steph's POV

“Hey dad, Im off to school.” I said as I walked down the stairs to him and backhugged him, kisding his cheek.

He turned to me with a smile.

“You're so beautiful my princess.” He said, and kissed me on the lips.

It felt good.

“Bye Dad. Miss you.” I said, kissing his lips again.
“Bye my baby..” He said and I walked away.

I got into my car and Neil drove off.

“Are we stopping by to pick up Alex?” Neil asked as we were getting to her house.
“Keep driving.” I said and looked away, to the left side through the window. Her house is at the right.

“You're having some kinda problem witg her?” He asked.
“Just keep driving and don't ask me questions!” I barked at him.
“Im sorry.” I said.


Jeremy and Alex are friends.
God! just thinking about it makes me sick!

That bitch?

Couldn't she just hate him like I do huh?
I hate that bitch, I told her. But she fucking choosed to be friends with him.

Well, I don't give a damn.

We can't be friends if she choose to be friends with those punks!


I saw a car coming towards.
He's coming to pick her up?

He's pretending to be nice all of a sudden?
Alex got no idea who she's tryna be friends with.


Jeremy's POV

Andra wasn't in her car..


I know she's acting all this way cos of me. Cos Andra and I are now friends.

“Bitch! She could just go to hell!” I said and stopped in front of Andra's house.
I got down and walked up to the door.
I pressed the doorbell and she opened just in time.


She was smiling.
Waw, My cutie friend.

“Jeremy.” She called.
“Andra. You're done?” I asked.
“Yeah I am. Steph haven't come tho.” She said.
“She've left.” I said.

“You saw her?” She asked coldly.
“Yeah. Go get your bag.” I said.

She gave an awkward smile and walked in.

I heard her say goodbye to her Aunt.
Then she came out.

“Let's go.” I said and took her hand.
She looked at me.
I smiled.

I got no idea why I held her hand but I felt like doing it cos she looked so cute.

When we got to the car, I left her hand and we got into the car.

“Did you dream of me?” I asked her as we drove off.
“Huh?” She raised eyebrows.
“Argh, don't ask like you didn't hear me girl.” I said,
“I didn't hear it.” She said, letting out a sharp smile that vanished just right after.

“Uh! But I told you to dream of me.” I said.
“Why will I dream of you huh?” She asked.


“What? Ain't I so cute to dream about?” I asked.
“Nah, you ain't.” She said, smiling.
“Ofcos I am.” I said.

She shook her head.
“You ain't tho.” She said.

I got her hand unaware and squeezed it.
“I am!” I said.
“Ouch!” She yelled.

I smiled.

Damn! Traffic shit again.

“Seems we gonna get a little late to school.” I said.
“It's gonna clear in no time.”She said.
“You think so?” I asked.

Alexandra's #POV

“Im so happy.” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos my dad is coming home tomorrow.” He said.
“You really do love your dad.” I said.
“Yeah. I do.” He said, smiling.

Cute smile.
He turned to me.

“Can I ask you something?” He said.
“What's that?” I asked.
“What do you think of me?” He asked.

Huh? What I think if him?
Nothing.. I don't think anything.

I stared out the windscreen.

The traffic light switched to Green, and cars began moving.

“You're not gonna answer me?” He asked.
“Cars moving now.” I told him.

He didn't notice that cos he's been staring at me.
He turned to the steering and began driving.

“Just answer me Andra.” He said as he drove.
“I don't know what you really are. You are so arrogant but you're also nice.” I said.

He smiled.
He didn't say anything else till we got to school.

And I?

I stared out the window, watching the buildings and people.


He pulled into the school and turned off the car.
Then turned to me.

“Go to lunch with me today, will you?” He asked.
“Oh.. Okay.” I said.

He smiled and got his face closer to mine.

What's he tryna do?

His smile widened as he stared into my eyes.
My stomache tightend.

He wanna kiss me huh? He better don't!
But I felt his fingers on my shirt colar.

“It looked bad.” He said, as he got it well and then pulled himself back.

I swallowed.

I reached for the door to go out.

“Andra” He called.

I turned to him.

He smiled, and stared at me for a moment.

“You.. you're cute.” He said.

I blinked my eyes because I couldn't keep up with the stare.
I felt butterflies in my stomache.

Then he brought his face closer to mine again.

“Can't you say; Thank you and you too, huh?” He asked, making a frowny face.

His face was so close now and I can't deny that he's eyes are really charming.

I swallowed.
He smiled a really killer smile and.. Squeezed my hand.


“Ouch Jeremy!” I yelled and just that moment, he kissed my forehead.

I paused..

“Im sorry.” He said as he withdrew and winked.


I grabbed his hand and squeezed it really hard and he yelled out,
“Ouch! ouch! That hurts!” He said.

I glared angrily at him.

Then he smiled.
“Won't you kiss me huh?” He asked.

“Why would I?” I asked.
“Cos I did that after squeezing your hand.” He said.


I hit his arm hard.
He laughed and hit me back lightly.
I hit him again.

I wonder when this stupid play started tho.
Hitting each other in his car and right in the school premises.

He laughed and caught my hand.

“Ouch. Don't squeeze it.” I said.
“Im not.” He said and dropped my hand.
“Let's go to class.” He said.

I got my bag and opened the door.
Got down and closed it back.

I felt eyes on me.

They can keep staring.
We are friends now.

And im happy about it.

We walked side by side to class.


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