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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 30



 Teens Hearts - Episode 30

Alexandra's POV

The next day, After dressing for school, I couldn't help but wear his pullover.

It looked so good on me.
It's navy in colour.

Then remembering that it's only him that wears pullovers that isn't the school's, I pulled it off.

I folded it and placed it inside my bag.

After eating, I sat there at the breakfast bar, waiting for Steph.

Why's she taking quite a time to come today?
I called her so many times but she's not picking up.

Lili came in.
“You should call her.” She said.
“She's not picking up.” I said.
“Oh oh. What could be the problem?” Lili said, seating opposite me.
“I don't know.” I said coldly.
“Call her again okay?” She said.

And I did but she still didn't pick up.

“She's not picking up Lili. Im so worried.”  I said sadly.

Just then, We heard the doorbell ring.

But she never comes to the door. She just horns.

“I'll go check.” I said and rushed off with my bag.
I got to the door and pulled it open and what I saw shocked me.

He stood, smiling at me.
In his uniform, bag on his shoulder and in another pullover.

Ah, I like this one more. It's pink and white.
Wait, Am admiring his pullover when I should be asking why he's here.

“Hey Andra.” He said, smiling.
“What.. Why are you here now?” I asked.
“Wanna check if you're still home so we can drive together to school.” He said.


“What about your beautiful Aunt?” He asked.
“Im here.”Lili said, walking towards.
“Goodmorning Ma'am.” He said.
“Oh, just call me Lili. That's what everyone calls me.” She said to him with a smile.

He smiled back.

“Lili. Im sorry if I came unexpectedly. I just wanted check if Andra is still home. ” He said.

“Yeah she is. Alex, you should go with him right?. And when Steph comes, I'll let her know.” Lili said to me.

I shook my head.

“No. I'll wait right for Steph.” I said even though I wish to just go with him.

Lili inhaled.

I looked at Jeremy and he has a pale face.
He looked kinda sad.

“Fine, I'll go. Lili let Steph know that I went with Jeremy but I did cos I waited so long for her.”  I said.

She smiled.

“Okay dear. Have a grea day. Bye.” She said and I kissed her cheek.
“Bye Lili.” Jeremy said.
“Oh Jeremy, bye dear.” Lili said.

I left with him.


“You shouldn't have come tho.” I said as we headed to his car.
“I guess so.” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos you said it.” He said.

Huh. I didn't say that sincerely. Seriously, the truth is that, Im so happy he came.

He showed up just when Steph haven't showed up.

“Steph is not picking up.” I said as I got into his car.

He shrugged.

“Don't bother yourself about that bitch.” He said.
“She's my friend.” I said.
“Okay, you actually wanna know the reason I came?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said.

He cleared his throat.

“Saw Steph's car on the road. She was heading to school. There's a little traffic and when she drove slowly pass to mine, I glanced but I didn't see you in, so I had to turn back to check if actually you are still home or you were right in the car and I didn't see you.” He said.


“Are you kidding me? Steph left me to school?” I asked,.not believing it.

I don't wanna believe it at all.
Steph can't do this.. she can't.

“Im not. You gonna see her in school.”
He said.

Seriously? Steph left me to school. Why?
Is she upset with me?

I called her again. She didn't pick up.
I sighed.

Something is not right at all.


When we got to school and he pulled to a stop.
And I got down from his car, eyes were on me.

I rolled my eyes.

Why are they just staring like they're just seeing me for the first time?
Oh, cos I came down from the school's most popular guy?

They gotta know soon tho, that we are friends.

“I hate statistics.” He said as he walked beside me.
And we walked side by side towards the hallway.

“You told me that.” I said and he's saying it cos its the first subject we got this morning.

“Im not gonna stay for it.”  He said.
“You should.” I said.
“Why should I tho?” He asked.
“So you don't fail your papers. Get that.” I said.

He chuckled.

“I can't fail tho.” He said.
“What gives you such confident?” I asked.
“You don't need to ask.” He said.

Okay, I understood.
His dad is the proprietor and he's the hair and blah blah blah.

He's gotta come outta this stupidness tho.

When we got to Steph class door.
“I gotta check.” I said to him and walked in.

And there she is, on her seat, staring at a book.
She didn't see me.

I couldn't believe it.
I walked out.

Jeremy stood with his hands in his pockets.

“I saw her.” I said coldly.

He shrugged.

“You were kinda doubting me right?” He asked.
“I thought she'do never do such a thing. I mean, we had no fight tho.” I said.
“Let's go okay.” He said and began walking to clas, I followed beside him.

“Thanks for coming to check me.” I said to him.
“We are friends. Ain't we?” He said with a smile.

I looked at him.

“Yes we are.” I said.
I dropped my bag inside my lockerand took my statistics books and he did dropped his bag inside his locker, taking just his phone and headset.

No book.


When we got in, Molly saw us and she got up and rushed to him, hugging him.

In front of all this eyes?

Oh, did I forget this?, that she wasn't in school yesterday.

I walked to my seat and sat down.

“I MISSED YOU.” Her voice say quite loud.

I hissed.
I got something to worry about and not this stupid girl.

What did I do to her?

Is she so angry at me for going out with Jeremy?

Why would she be so angry to the point of not coming to check me.
And ignoring her calls too.

Alexandra's POV

When Lunch bell rang, I stood up and walked out to my locker, but not without taking a glance at Jeremy.
He was typing on his phone, and Molly sat on his desk.

She always do that.

He saw me and stared, but I looked away and walked out.

He's with his girlfriend and im just a friend.

I got to my locker and dropped my books, taking my phone.
His pullover still layed inside my bag and the one which he gave me then was still inside my locker.

Why do I have two of ths guy's pullover.
Im taking this one home too today.

I got to see her.
To know why she acted that way.

I turned to walk out but there is.. Jeremy,
standing with his hands in his pockets, like always.

“Andra..” He said.
“Let's go to lunch.” He said.
“I wanna go see Steph.” I said.
“Why?” He asked.


“She's my friend so I need to see her.” I said.

He chuckled.
“What type of a friend ignores her friend's calls and left to school without her?” He asked.
“There's a reason why she did that. Steph has been a nice friend to me.” I said.

He shrugged.

“Fine.” He said, turned to walk away but then turned back to me again.
“Are you gonna go to lunch with her or with me?” He asked.

Why's he asking that.

“You should go with your girlfriend.” I said.
“Oh, that's right.” He said, turned and walked away.

I inhaled.

I hope what I said didn't get him upset?
Why should it?

Molly is his girlfriend and Im just his friend.


When I got to Steph's class, She wasn't in.

I felt so bad, so horrible.
I walked out of the class and dialled her line but she ignored it.
I sent her a message.

<b> Im so sorry Steph, if I wronged you in any way. Just tell me where you are please? Im missing our friendship already.

#I_sent it and began walking out of the hallway but then someone touched me.

I turned and it's Eve.


“You going to lunch?” I asked her.
“No. Been looking for you.” She said.
“Oh. Im here. Sorry I didn't check on you in class. Im having a bad day.” I said
“Why? and seriously, your face tells it all.” She said.
“Steph's been ignoring my calls and didn't even check on me in the morning like she's been doing.” I said.

She sighed.

“Something's wrong then. I guess she's at the cafeteria. Let's go find her.” She said.

We walked down to the cafeteria and when we got in, there she was, sitting on a lonely table and sipping milkshake.

“Caught her. There she is.” Eve said with a wide smile.

We walked up to her and she looked up at us but smiled at Eve.

“Hi, Eve.” She said.
“Steph. You're alone here. Ain't you missing us?” Eve said and sat down.
I didn't.

Steph never did like im there.
What did I do that's so unforgivable.

“Steph.”  I called coldly.
She took her milkshake and sipped.
She didn't look at me.
“You care for one?” She asked Eve.
“Alex's talking to you.” Eve said.

Steph then, looked at me.

“Hi Alex, you good?” She asked.
“Im not Steph.” I said.

She shrugged.

“Seat down Alex. Stop standing.” Eve said.

I sat down beside Eve.
Steph was opposite.

“What did I do wrong Steph?” I asked.
“You did nothing suprising to me tho.” She said.
“I just wanna know what it is, so I can ask you to forgive me. We are friends you know.” I said.
“We are friends huh?” She asked, looking at me.

She chuckled.

“You got your friend, Jeremy. You guys went out yesterday. He's your friend now, so you should go meet him.” She said.


“Yeah, he's my friend Steph, im sorry that I didn't tell you that on time. We went out to celebrate our one week friendship anniversary and he was nice. He's arrogant, yeah, but he's also nice and caring when you get quite close to him.” I said.

I don't know why I said all that but I guess I felt she should know that he's not only arrogant and bitchy, but also nice too.

“Well, It ain't suprising. Every girl wanna be the bitch's friend. Flaunting theirselves around him like...” She paused,
“But you know I don't have such time.” She said.

Flaunting around him like what?
I felt like asking her this but I restrained myself.

“Im not upset with you being his friend tho but gosh! I can't believe you choosed him over us. Your friends. You choosed to go out with him than going home with me.” Steph said.
“Arghh, this doesn't make any sense actually. What's wrong with that tho? They are friends Steph.” Eve said.

But Steph got up and walked away.

Eve turned to me, “She's acting sispicious tho. I mean there's nothing so wrong with you going out with a guy that she doesn't like. She's acting like she's your mom seriously.” Eve said.
“We've been friends.” I said coldly.
“For?” She asked.
“for two weeks now.” I said.
“Just two weeks and she's acting so protective like she's your guardian. That's not so cool tho.” She said.

I inhaled.

“She hate him and think he's so bitchy all the time. I thought so too but yesterday, I found out that he's actually nice.” I said.
“Wow. Can you tell me a bit of how nice he was?” She asked.

I laughed.

“Well, I know you not gonna tell me.” She said with a smile.
“Ain't you scared of Molly? she's his girlfriend.” She asked.
“Are you thinking otherwise? We are just friends tho.” I said.
“Friendship could lead to you know...”
“Nothing. Just stop Eve.” I said.

She laughed.

“But anyways, It's cool to have the most popular guy in school as your friend you know. Gives you some pride and aw! He's the proprietor's son. I can't deny that I really crushed on him those new weeks in school.” She said with a giggle.

I smiled.

“Everyone knows he's arrogant and proud and picks on someone but It's cool to hear that he's nice.” She said.

I smiled.
Her words were just giving me smiles.

My phone buzzed.
A message.
I opened it and its a message from Jeremy.

<b> Can you come over to the basketball court?

#Oh_ for what?

<b> For what?


“Your phone's cute.” Eve said.
I looked at her.
“Thanks for that tho.” I said with a smile.
She smiled.

Cute friend.

A message came in.

<b> Got something I wanna show you.

#What_could that be?

I turned to Eve.
“Jeremy wanna show me something tho.” I said.

She smiled.

“Oh. Fine. I'll be here.” She said.
I smiled, “I'll be back soon. And oh, have this and grab something.” I said, stretching some money to her.

She smiled.

“Oh, don't bother. I got money with me today.” She said.
“You keep yours okay.” I said.

She smiled and took it.

“Thanks Alex.” She said.
“I'll be right back.” I said.
“I'll wait.” She said.

I got up and walked out, and down the basketball court.

What do he wanna show me?

I saw him, sitting down and watching the basket ball guys.

I walked over to meet him.


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