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story : Teens Hearts episode _3




        Jeremy's #POV

Ding Ding Ding Ding! Came the lousy bell.
Moni again, this morning!
Im so gonna deal with this old woman!

“Im gonna fire you!” I yelled and slam a pillow over my ears.

“Get up Jeremy.” She rung the bell more louder.
“I hate you Moni!” I yelled.

She rung it on my ear.
I sprang out of the bed.
Her left hand was Akimbo and the other one held the bell.
“You can't forget there's the word SCHOOL, today. Can you?” She asked.

I inhaled.

“You know Moni, You are such a pest.” I said.
She laughed.
“Im doing my duty.” She said with a smile.
I hissed, and walked into the en-suite.


#Alexandra's POV
I was done dressing up for school.
I checked myself in the mirror..
And what can I say?
I look..

“You look great Alex..” Lili said, walking in.
I smiled.
“Lili. Im really gonna miss you today.” I said, hugging her.
“You too dearie. But you know I'll definitely give you a call on break hour.” She said.
I nodded.
“You look really beautiful.” She said.

“Thanks. And I love the way you did my hair. It look so cute.” I said.
She smiled.

We heard a car horn.
Must be Steph.
Told me she's gonna come so we can ride together to school.

I like her.

“It should be Steph.” I said to Lili and got my school bag..
“Bye Lili” I said and walked out.
She followed.

Saw a black Range Rover.
I walked over.
Turned to Lili.

“I pray your first day in Ellas be as great as I could ever imagine.” She said.
“I hope so.” I said.

Steph wind down the glass and waved at Lili.
Lili waved back with a smile.

I walked to the car and went in, at the backseat.
That was where Steph sat.
“Alex.” she smiled.
“Steph.” I smiled back.

“Goodmorning.” I greeted her driver.
“Goodmorning to you too.” He said.

“You look just perfect on this uniform.” She said.
“Really, thank you.” I said with a smile.
We waved at Lili as we drove off.
She said something but we couldn't hear her but I think she said, BE SAFE.
I smiled.

When we got to school, I followed Steph to her classroom.
She showed me her seat and told me her favourite subject is Biology, though its a General subject.
I smiled and told her mine had always been Literature.
She said she wanna be a doctor and I told her I love to be a writer.

She showed me to the my classroom, ART CLASS 2. and called it,
The Craziest class.

I laughed.
She's quite funny.

“Jeremy and his team right?” I asked.

“Yeah. You just ignore him if he try to annoy you. Jeremy.” She said.


“Do he pick on someone or what?” I asked.
“He's just arrogant and loves to be noticed.” She said.


“Wait, Is he the one in the school magazine?” I asked.
“Yeah. He is.” She said.

OMG! Crazy!
“But he look cool there.” I said.

“The way he had to appear there.” She said.
“Have he try to pick on you?” I asked.
“He picks on everyone.” She said.

Then he's sure gonna come to me too.

“He's bad. Arrogant. You shouldn't talk to him if he try to get you mad. You can just walk away. Cos if you try to talk back at him, He'll hurt you badly.” She said.

I shrugged.

“Got to search for your desk.” She said.

No one was in class. I needed to know why, so I asked Steph.
“Why's no one in class?” I asked.
“No idea.” She said.

We began searching.

         Steph's POV

We began searching for Alex's seat with the name pasted on it.
This is how it's always done for New comers.
And then the person can take it off later.

We searched the front roles and when I found no desk with Alex's name,

I hissed.

I just hope her seat isn't close to Jeremy's..
Um.. that arrogant idiot.

But as I searched, I finally found her seat so close to Jeremy's.
No where else but that close to Jeremy.
He was right behind her.
That fool is gonna pick on her.
“Alex come.” I called.

She ran over.

“That is Jeremy's seat behind you. This is your seat here.” I said.
She looked at his seat, then at hers and then at me.
“Really? But wheren't there someone at his front before?” She asked.
“I guess the seats were switched.” I said.

I felt bad, annoyed cos I know Jeremy would defintely try to annoy her.
Why would she stay so close to those lousy dummy people.
They would be a distraction to her while teachings are going on.

We'll have to see Ms. Ashley, the class mistress.

“We are going to see the class mistress. Your seat have to be changed.” I said and grabbed her hand.
She gently pulled away.

“It's fine Steph. I can stay here. I don't wanna cause a scene on my first day here.” She said.
“I don't want that jerk getting you annoyed.” I said.

She chuckled.

“I don't even know him yet, So just let it go.We can visit the Class mistress if he try to pick on me.” She said.

She chuckled.
“You're never gonna like it when he do.” I said.

      Alexandra's POV

Somehow I felt like being close to the guy.
The unknown guy, Jeremy.
Maybe it's gonna be quite a nice thing to be close to a bad arrogant guy and his group.

I looked at Steph.

She is really caring.
I like her.

I smiled at her.
I know she's worried about my seat being so close to the bad guy, that I don't even know yet.

“You sure you'll be okay here?” She asked with a worried look.
“Yap.” I said with an assuring smile.

Just then, Two guys and a girl walked into the classroom.
The guy with his hair weaved look a little bit like the guy in the school magazine.
But so much look like the guy in the white Range Rover sport yesterday.

Wow. He is so cute.
Really cute with his friends as well.

Look at the way he walks.
Oh my!

         Steph's POV

Newly weaved hair.
Always on a pullover that isn't the school pullover.
White Sneakers instead of black.
With his nose in the air as he walked.

Proud peacock!
Arrogant idiot.

And Chris!
I saw his eyes drop as he saw me.
Then he raised them up to look at me but I turned to Alex.

He's so annoying.

“Are they the one?” Alex whispered.
“Yeah.” I said.

They walked pass and over to their seats.
“Let's go out of here.” I said.

I hate to be around this punks.

“To?” She asked.
“To where others maybe... We are the only one here.” I said.

“Where are others?”  She asked.
“No idea. You asked that before.” I said.

Then the bell rang.
It was time for First class.
I have Chemistry and I know Alex have English Class now.

“Time for first class. You guys got English while I have Chemistry.” I said to her.

She smiled. “Go on. I'll be fine ok.” She said.
“Be safe ok.” I said, giving her a smile.

I avoided looking at the punks.
“Yeah. I will. Be safe too.” She said.
“See ya at Lunch hour.” I said.
She smiled.

I turned and walked away.

       Alexandra's POV

Steph left and I sat down feeling quite uneasy.
But why?
Cos of the guy at my back?
No it can't be.
Why should I be?

But, Oh my world! He's really handsome.

With such cute eyebrows and eyeballs.
Is this how one feel, being so close to a cute popular guy in class?
My former school was all girls and I have no idea how it feels to sit close to a guy,
As handsome as this one at my back.
Steph says he's arrogant...
but I just think he's just too cute.

I percieved his cologne.
It smelt so good.

Alex, what's wrong with you anyway?
Why thinking about a guy with a girlfriend?
And why's a teacher still not yet in Class anyway?

Everyone was in class now.
Pretty girls, Cute guys, but Jeremy is the cutest.
I wish I could turn and look at his face again.

Arghhhh Alex. You think too much!

“Hey girl, Why the fuck are you here?” I heard an arrogant voice ask from my back.


Is he this arrogant?
Is he talking to me?
Steph was so right.
She warned me.
And he said it out so loud.
Now all eyes are on me.

What do I do?

Ignore him?

Talk back at him?

Walk away?

What do I just do?

I should have gone to the Class mistress with Steph!

Now everyone is staring at me.
He's just so rude!
     ....... TO BE CONTINUED ✔️

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