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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 28



 Teens Hearts - Episode 28

  Jeremy's POV

School got over and Andra and the girl walked out together.


Why the fuck should they be walking together huh!

I hissed and stood up and walked out to meet them.

They are both talking as Andra got her bag and closed back her locker.

I walked over and grabbed her hand.
She looked at me.
The girl did too but I gave a glare and she looked down.

“What's this huh?” Andra yelled.

I glanced at the girl again, then back at Andra.

“Come with me okay?” I said and pulled her along.

The girl raised up her face and stood, staring.


“Let go off me!” Andra said as we got to the hallway.

I let go of her hand.

“Why would you let that girl be your friend!” I said.

She raised her eyesbrows.
“What?” She asked.
“You can't be be friends with her. She's fucking poor!” He said.

I just don't anyone walking with her to her locker. And intruding.

She gasped.

“What? you're so unbelievable!” She spat.
“Don't be friends with her!.” I said.

She shifted a littlw bit away from me.
“Are you such a jerk! I'do be friends with whoever that I wanna be friends with. Who are you to tell me not to be friends with Eve huh!” She barked.

Ohh. Her name is Eve.

“I don't want you guys being friends don't you get?” I said.
“Fuck you. You know what?” She said, glaring at me.


“...I hate who you are.” She said and turned to walk away but I grabbed her.

“I..Im... I just don't want you to be friends with that girl.” I said calmly now.
“Leave my hand.” She said.
“Are you gonna walk away?” I asked.

I don't want her to.

“Let go off my hand first!” She half yelled.

I did.

She crossed her arm and stared at me.
I love her eyes.

“What's your reasons?” She asked.
“She's a damn girl from a wretched home. She's on a fucking scholarship here.” I said.

“And?” She said.


“Nothing else.” I said.
“Well, That doesn't change that she's a girl like me and I 'do rather be her friend than be a friend to a jerk like you!” She said and walked away.

I shut my eyes, inhaled and opened them back to see her walking away with the girl.

I stared at Andra.
Im feeling so sad.
Damn.. why?
I should be fucking angry.

“Hey guy” I heard Chris voice behind me.
I didn't turn. I kept staring at Andra, walking away with the girl.

Chris came over and stood beside me.

“Tomorrow's gonna be you guys one week friendsip anniversary. What do you think?” He said.

I chuckled. That's right.
Even though she accepted to be my friend on thursday. I made her my friend on tuesday.

“She's quite upset with me.” I said.
“Huh? why?” He asked.
“Cos I told her not to be friends with that black girl, Eve.” I said.
“The one with her?” He asked.
“Yeah. I just feel she shouldn't come in.” I said.
“Dude, you can't tell her who to be friends with.  Come on man.” He said.

I chuckled.

“Is your heart beating fast?” He asked.
“No.” I said.
“Ah, you're not inlove.” He said.

I looked at him.
Cos it seems my heart is beating fast.

“When it beat fast?” I asked.
“Then you're inlove.” He said.

I chuckled.
“Oh fuck that. Don't talk nonsence.” I said.
“Im serious man.” He said.
“Im not you, you know.” I said.
“Oh sweet.” He said.


Alexandra's POV

“I heard all he said.” Eve said as he walked towards Steph's class.


“He told you not to be friends with me cos im damn poor.” She said.

I stopped and pulled her into a hug.

“My dad is just a cab driver and my mom is on wheelchair.” She said, sobbing already.

“Im sorry Eve. Don't think about what he said. No one tells me what to do okay?” I said as I felt a tear drop from my eye.

She withdrew and looked at me.
Tears in her eyes.
She look so pretty.

“Are you guys friends?” She asked.
“You mean Jeremy?” I asked.
“I don't know what we are.” I said.

She stared at me.
“Let's go.” I said and held her hand as we walked into Steph's class. Found her packing her books.

She looked up at us.
“Im sorry guys, had physics practical today. It takes quite a time.” She said.

I smiled, recalling she has said that to me before.

She stared awkwardly at us.

“Why are your eyes kinda red?” She asked.

Eve smiled.
She was about saying something but I cut in.

“It's nothing. Told me a little about her mom and we shed few tears.” I lied.

She glanced at me.

Why are my tryna hide what Jeremy said about Eve to Steph?
I have no idea why but anyway, I just did.

“Aww.”  Steph said as she walked over and hugged her.
“I wish I was with you guys to shed some tears too. It's been a while I did.” Steph said.

Good you weren't with us.

At night.
I had my shower and walked to bed to sleep.

Then I just felt playing few songs,
I scrolled to Tatiana Manaois, Like you.

🎶you gotta get up..

   you gotta get up and make a move.

    cuz the world will never see you until    you do..
   No they don't really care what you're    going through..

    so you've gotta show 'em baby
   you gotta show 'em the real you
   you gotta give 'em what you got
  no don't let them say what you're not,

   cuz you are strong
  you are wise..
you are worth beyond a thousand reason why...

and you can't be perfect baby
cuz nobody's perfect darling
but no no no there's nobody in the world..
Like you...🎶

 A message came in.

I wanna ignore it cos I know its Jeremy, but seconds later, I was going to my message inbox.
And I read the message.

<b> Im sorry Andra.

#I_rolled my eyes.
Though I felt happy inside.

He said sorry to me, for the second time.

The song played on.

🎶...and you can't be perfect
   cuz nobody's perfect darling
    no no no there's nobody in the world
   like you...

    you know you're worth cuz you know        that you can't be perfect baby
  cuz nobody's perfect darling..

    i love you just the way that you are
   i love you just the way that you are..

   My love..

    it's like the stars in the sky
    oh, when you look in my eyes..
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oohh🎶

Jeremy's POV

The next day, I woke up by a damn crazy bell ringing in my ears.
It seems I woke up quite late cos its Moni.

“7:30 and you're still sleeping?” She yelled and began ringing the damn bell again.

I covered my ears with a pillow.

But It doesn't change the fact that the bell still rang loudly in my ears.

“Get out Jeremyyy.” She said.
I threw the pillow away and kicked the duvets out of my body.
As I glared angrily at her.

“Why did you keep sleeping like there's a holiday today?” She asked.
“Seriously im gonna throw this fucking bell away!” I said.

She smiled and left.

“I give you five minutes to get done.” She said outside the door.

I rolled my eyes.
Who uses five minutes to brush, bathe, dress up and go down?

I got out out of my bed and reached for my phone.

No text from Andra.
I dropped it back and turned into the bathroom.

I stared at my reflection.
I remembered Andra.

Today's our one week friendship anniversary.
I kept thinking so much last night till I slept off.
I don't know what time that I did.

I decided on the idea of us going out, after school.
I don't wanna tell her about it now so she don't tryna avoid me cos of it.

I'll just tell her after school's over and if she refuse to come with me.
I drag her.

Andra. Why is she making me feel this way?
This strange way.

When I came out.
I texted Chris.

<b> I wanna celebrate my one week friendship with Andra. We gonna go out. What do you think? She's gonnq reject. I know.


He replied me few minutes later when I was done pulling on my school uniform.

<b>Wow Its great. We'll talk about it in school. See ya.

I pulled on my white sneakers.
Spread some cologne and walked off with my bag and my phone.

I rushed off to school after eating.

I wanna just see Andra and maybe she has forgiven me.
But If she did, she'do had replied my message.


When I pulled into the school and over to the class, she's in, staring out the window.
Just like always.
I went to my seat and sat down.
“Hey man.” Chris said.

I smiled.

I glanced at Andra and she isn't staring at the window anymore.
Im she've seen me.

“You guys gonna go somewhere?” Chris asked.
“Yeah. What do you think?” I asked.
“Cool, but im sure Andra is not gonna accept that.” He said.

I glanced at her, then back at Chris.

“She's gonna accept.” I said.
He shrugged and smiled.


Alexandra's POV

Lunch bell rang and I stood up and walked over to Eve.
“Hi Alex.” She said.
“Eve, do you wanna go to lunch?” I asked with a smile.

She nodded.
As we walked out, I couldn't help but notice how frowny Jeremy's face was as he stared at me... or rather, at us.
I looked away and walked out.

Jeremy's POV

Today again?
Andra choosed to go to lunch with that Eve.

Gosh! Why do I have a feeling that this Eve is gonna cause something?
Andra should go to lunch with me!
Why with those two brats?

I stood up.
“Dude, let's go grab something.” I said to Chris.

He got up and we walked out.


“I don't like that girl.” I said as we walked towards the cafeteria.

I know they are in there now.

“Who?” He asked.
“Eve. You see, I hate Steph. Yeah but Eve. Ugh! She's gonna be stucking around Andra all time. I don't want that dude.” I said.
“Huh?” He asked, looking at me.
“Yeah.” I said.
“You acting like Alex is your girl tho. You guys are just friends.” He said.


“Oh, that's right.” I said and we walked into the cafeteria.

I saw them. But my eyes is on Andra.
She ate slowly and I love the way her hair fell across her face.

Why Im I just staring?
It was suppose to be a glance.

We walked over the counter to make our order.
We did and walked over to our favourite seat.

I didn't see Andra glance at me.
Our eyes haven't met.
Haven't she seen me huh?

Alexandra's POV

I saw him.
When they both came in.
I know he's gonna be looking at me, so I just looked away and didn't wanna look again.
I just focused on my food as Steph talked about joing an Extra lesson soon.

Music class.

Eve said she loves Dancing clsss but Molly couldn't let her join in.
“Go meet with the Ms Bella.” I said.
“That never worked cos I did sometime ago but she couldn't let me.” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos im on scholarship.” She said.
“And so damn what?” Steph said.
“Im sorry Eve.” I said.

I glanced at Jeremy now.
 I can't help it not to take a few seconds glance.

He said sorry to me and we haven't even talked today.

I sighed.
Why am I just feeling this way?

Alex POV

They left before us cos we stayed chitchatting..

Soon, Lunch over bell rang and we walked back to our classes.
Steph to hers, I and Eve to ours.

I went over to my locker to grab my Literature books.
I checked my phone and no message.
I dropped it back, closed back my locker and walked to class.

Jeremy was typing on his phone.
Maybe typing her a message to me?

I turned and walked back to my locker and took my phone.
No message tho but I took it to class,for the first time.

But till school got over, there was no message from him.

I stood up as Eve joined me and we walked over to my locker and I grabbed my bag.

“That's Jeremy's pullover right?” She asked.

I paused awhile.
Why's she asking tho?

“Yeah” I said.
“I was there when he embarrased you cos of it.” She said.

I closed my eyes.
I don't wanna remember that.

“It's past now. Let's not talk about that.” I said and opened my eyes back and we walked down the hallway.

“Andra...” I heard his voice behind us.

I turned, including Eve.

His bag is over his left shoulder, his hands in his pockets and his white headphone around his neck.

He looked so cool.

“I wanna tell you something Andra.” He said as he walked up to me.
“What?” I asked.

Couldn't he just text it to me?

He looked at Eve.
Eve turned to me, I looked at her.

“Alex, I'll go meet Steph and we'do wait for you.” She said, turned and walked away.

I turned to Jeremy.

“What?” I repeated.
“Didn't you miss me today?” He asked, smiling.

The way he did it, gave me butterflies in my stomache.
I couldn't help but admire.
He's damn cute tho.

“Why would I miss a jerk huh!?” I asked, pretending like im still so annoyed with him.

Seriously, im not anymore.
Maybe cos he said ‘Sorry’ to me.

“Today's our one week friendship anniversary.” He said.

Lol. Funny tho.

“Huh?” I asked.
“You heard me right. Im sure you don't know cos you don't value our friendship.” He said.
“Why would I value such annoying friendship like ours huh?” I said.
“Its annoying?” He asked.
“Yeah and you are the reason why.” I said.
“No way.You are the reason why its damn annoying.” He said.
“Im not but you are.” I said.
“You are, not I!” He said.
“You are!!” I yelled.

He paused and inhaled.

“Fine. Whatever it is, our annoying friendship is up to a week and we gotta celebrate it.” He said.

 Celebrate what?

“It's not up to a week. I accepted that we are friends last week thursday.”I said.
“But I made us friends on tuesday. You gotta accept that.” He said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Im not gonna accept!” I said.
“Huh? We just gonna go somewhere cool. Are you so scared of me huh? Im not a murderer.” He said.

I rolled my eyes again.
“Somewhere like?” I asked.
“You'll know when we get there.” He said.
“You're just a jerk tho.” I said.
“You can say that again if you want to.” He said.

Wow. Really?

“You're a jerk! A big time jerk!” I said.
“Huh! Don't be so arrogant.” He said.

I smiled.

Why did I smile?
Oh, maybe... cos of... cos of what?
Arghh! no idea. My bad!

Jeremy's #POV

I love her smile and it gave me butterflies.

I guess im liking this girl now.
I can't help but admire everything she gat.

Her hair... Her eyes... Her nose... Her lipss... Her...
Where am I actually staring at?
I looked away, to her frowny face.

Can I be so crazy to admire her b**bs too.

“Andra, you gotta come with me. Im gonna be so upset if you don't.” I said.
“You can't force me, you know.” She said.

The last time she said that, I did.

“I still can.” I said.
“Then fine!” She said and turned, but I grabbed her hand.

She stared at me.

“Okay fine. I can't force you. Just come with me.” I said.
“I need to meet with my friends.” She said.

Fuck those friends of yours!

“I'll take you home.” I said.

I don't know her home tho. But wouldn't it be nice to know it anyways.

“I don't want you to know my home. So I can't accept that.” She said.

Fuck you.

“You're so stubborn Andra.” I said and left her hand, turned and began walking away.

Such a punk!
So annoying!

“Fine. I'll go with you.” I heard her say.


I turned to her with a smile.
She wasn't smiling tho. She's in a frown.

“But its not gonna take more than an hour.” She said, then turned and began walking away.

“Where're you going?” I asked.
“Ain't I gonna tell my friends? huh!” She half yelled.

I smiled and followed her.

Just to make sure she doesn't go away.


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