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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 24



 Teens Hearts - Episode 24

Jeremy's POV

After what seems like forever, the bell finally rang for lunch hour.
I glanced at Andra..

She stayed still in her seat.

Isn't she gonna stand up and go drop her books in her locker?
Isn't she gonna check on her bitchy friend?

Why's she sitting like she don't know about what we got to do huh.

This punk.

Molly came over.

“J, come walk with me to the cafeteria pleaseee.” She said.
“Im busy,.you just tell Chris to.” I said.

She turned to Chris, who had his legs on his desk, earphone on his ear,.he's watching a movie on his phone.

She turned back to him.
“But I want you to J, are you so unfair huh.” She said, making a really sad face.
“Im busy, don't you see?.” I said, showing her my geometry textbook.
“You're reading geometry. That's a lie J.Come with me J.” She said.

I breathed.

“Molly, just go on. Im so busy.” I said.

She stared angrily at me for quite awhile, then turned and walked away.

Arghh! Such a pest.

I looked at the punk..
She's still sitting down, now gazing out the window.

Arghhh, so annoying.

If I wait for ten minutes more and she isn't getting up, then im gonna go drag her up from the damn seat.

Alexandra's POV

Im gonna keep seating here, till Lunch is over.

He thinks im gonna go out so he'do drag me to the crowd or pull into those stupid hugs of his.

Nah nah.. its never gonna work out jerk.
Im sure Steph is gonna come to check on me.

I'll just stay here and gaze out the window, even though im so hungry.

Im damn hungry.

But I kept my gaze at the window. I don't want our eyes meeting.
Im damn sure, he'll never try coming to my seat.

“Hey.” I suddenly heard someone call behind me.


I turned and he stood with his hands always in his pockets, looking at me.

“Are you really gonna keep sitting down there when we had lunch hour to make our friendship official huh?” He said, making a mean face.

I cleared my throat.
Seriously im damn suprised to see him standing here.

“You.. you know what? I got no slightest idea what you're talking about.” I said, pushing my hair back.

I didn't pack it today.
Worse mistake. They keep falling over my face.

“You do Andra. Stop pretending like you don't wanna be my friend.”  He said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Like seriously? I don't care!” I half yelled.

He stared at me for awhile, then inhaled.

“Just get up, let's go grab something. I know you hungry.” He said.
“I don't wanna eat your potato chips.” I said harshly.

He chuckled.

“But there are so many other things to eat apart from that.” He said.
“I don't want them. I ain't hungry. Get that right.” I snapped.

He chuckled.
Do he love doing that?

“Where's your phone?” He asked.
“Why do you wanna know?” I asked.

Then I remembered.
“And how the hell did you get my phone number?” I added.

He shrugged.

“Got it from somewhere.” He said.
“Where?” I asked.
“Somewhere you don't have to know. Just come with me.” He said.

“Where?”I asked.
“Cafeteria.” He said.

My stomache grumbled. I just hope he didn't hear it.

“Can you just do what I say?” He asked.

I gnored him and tried to turn back to the window but he grabbed my hand and I tried to pull away but he pulled me up.

“Don't act like im asking you out for a date. I just want us to walk to the cafeteria.” He said.

Maybe it hurt or maybe its annoying, I just felt a kinda sadness within me.
For what he just said.

He released his grip on my wrist.

“Are you tired of holding my wrist?” I snapped at him.

He just smiled.

I was going to walk with him anyway.

I looked at Chris and he was staring at us, and I could see a smile on his lips.

Why's he smiling?
What's funny?

“C'mon Andra.” Jeremy said and held my wrist again.
“Ouch do you always hold wrist all the time huh?” I asked, angry.

I took  my books

He didn't answer, he just ignored and pulled me out of the class.

A Pest is so better than this proud jerk!

Jeremy's POV

I pulled her to her locker and she quickly pulled her hand out to open it.

I smiled at this.

She turned, opened her locker and got her books inside.
She was trying to close it back when i got hold of the door.

“What's this?” She asked.
Im quite taller than her, so I just stretched my hand and grabbed her bag.

Damn.. its so heavy.

“What do you need my bag for!” She asked, trying to get it from me but couldn't, cos I kept dodging it from her reach.

“Give me my bag now, you punk! ” She yelled.

I  opened it and got my hand in to grab her phone.
And yes! I did.

I gave her a smirk smile.
An Iphone with pink fancy cover pack.
It look quite cute like her.

She grabbed her bag, though she only did cos I wasn't dodging it anymore.

“Are you gonna gimme my phone now huh?” She aaked, narrowing her eyes angrily.

Her eyelashes flapped as she did that.
I love it.

I turned on the screen light, and her picture appeared as the wallpaper.

Wow. She look really cute.
With such pink lips and sparkling eyes.

Wow, her phone isn't even in passwords.
No app locked.
Molly has every of her App locked.

I went to her gallery.

But I had no idea how she grabbed it out of my hand.

I gasped and stared at her.
She gave a smirky smile.

I breathed.

“Let's go  to the cafeteria.”  I said and pulled her along.
“My phone.”She said.
“Im holding it.” I said

Alexadra's #POV

We walked through the school compound, down to the school cafeteria.
But waZlking in, there was Molly walking out.
That made me remember Steph.
She'do be looking out for me in my class.

I was suprised Molly said nothing, She just glared at us, mostly at me, then walked away.

He walked on and I followed him up to the counter.

“Im need two sausage roll, chicken pie with Apple juice.” He said to the waiter.

He smiled.

“What about you miss?” He asked me.
“Give her same.” Jeremy said.


“I don't want that.” I said.
Not that i don't want it but why couldn't he just let me say what I want to eat.


“Is it the sausage roll or the chicken or the juice that you don't want?”

Oh, who wouldn't want a chicken pie and sausage roll.
I want it.

“Its fine. Lemme have them.” I said.

The waiter soon brought two trays, handed one to me and the other to him.

The both tray were filled up with the <.delicious things...

As I followed him to an empty table with four chairs, I heard some girls muttering,


Aww Jeremy.

Are they friends now?

Stupid girls.
I rolled my eyes.
After we ate and was almost finishing up,  he came on with the question.

“Which one do you choose Andra.
Hugging or announcing it to the whole public.” He said.

I paused.

“Making friendship official is done by handshake and not by all that.” I said.
“But I want ours that way.” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos thats the way I want it.” He said.
“You aint gonna have any of it then.” I said.

“Seriously? But um, do you accept that we are friends now?” He asked, staring at me.

It took me like forever to say it.
But finally, I said it even though I got no idea why I did.

“Yes.” I said.

Jeremy's POV

[Contines from the past scene]

Okay, I didn't expect that..
Like, did she just say yes?

The stubborn girl finally accepted that we're friends?
“Are you sure you just said yes? you know you so stubborn.” I said, smiling.

She rolled her eyes.
I like it when she do.
I like everything that she do.

“Im not so sure cos you're just too rude to be friends with.” She said.

I laughed.

“You're always rude, you know.” I said.
“You're more arrogant.” I said.

I recalled I was still with her phone.
I took it out and put on the screenlight. and there is her picture again.

I glanced at her.
She was about to sip her juice but then seeing her phone, she frowned.

“Lemme have my phone now.” She said.
“Ugh! Why are you so ugly in the picture?” I asked, trying to get on her nerves.
Even though the picture look just too beautiful.

I love it already.

She flashed red eyes at me.
I smiled.

I scrolled to her gallery and flip through her pictures.
Every single one look really cute and she really knows how to take pictures.
I got out my phone and sent three of her pictures into my phone.

The ones I can't stop looking at.

She has no idea I did that.

Then scrolling down more, I saw pictures of a woman who looks just like her.
That should be her mom.
They took pictures together, so many of them.

She look so beautiful and young.
Unlike my mom, who's nothing but a witch!

“Your mom look beautiful just like you.” I said to her.

She was sipping her juice but then she got the cup out and dropped it on the table and some juice split on her white shirt and she wore no suit-jacket.

Why did she drop it that forcefully?

“Don't you know how to keep cup on a table huh?” I asked.
Its kinda embarrassing.
Some were looking you know.

She didn't look at me. She just stood up and walked away.

I stood up and followed her.
She was heading to the cafeteria washrooms and I met up with her.

“Im going to the girls washroom, do you have to follow me?” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Im not following you, Im heading to the Male's washroom, can't you see?” I said and turned towards the male's washroom passageway.
She turned right to the female's.

I stood and watched her till she was out of sight.

I chuckled, turned and walked back to the cafeteria then out.

Then, I saw Chris walking towards with a red hair girl.
The girl was just the one talking.

I stood and waited.

“Hey dude.” He said as he they got to where I am. The girl stood beside him.

“Dude..” I said, looking at the girl.
“Hi J, im Sandy and im Chris friend. So sweet to talk with you. I feel really happy. Oh my God!” She said, grinning.

“This girl? She's just a talkative.” Chris said.

She laughed.

“Hey, im not.” She said, and poked him on the nose.

It was quite funny.
Chris frowned.
Seems he doesn't want her around.
I gotta do something.

“C'mon dude, We got something to do.” I said.
“Can I come with you guys?” She asked.

Chris glared at her.
“No way, Don't try to to follow us.” Chris said.

She turned to me.
“J, please can I?” she said to me.

What the fuck?

“Don't be a bitch girl.” I said.

She flinched and then stared awfully as Chris and I walked off.

“Damn, she's such a parrot.” Chris said.

I chuckled.

“What do we got to do?” He asked.

I glared angrily at him.

“I just saved your damn ass dude.” I said.

He laughed.

“Thanks man.” He said.

Phone buzzed in my pocket.
Not my phone, should be hers.

I got out the phone and its a text message.

“Who's phone's that?” Chris asked, staring at it.

I just smiled.
He should guess if he can.

“That looks like a girl's phone.” He said.

I ignored him and scrolled to the message inbox.

A message from ‘Steph’


I quickly opened it and read,
<b> Alex, where are you now? Been looking for you. I can't find you anywhere, Im inside the cafeteria now. I hope that bitch haven't dragged you to God knows where! I don't like you being that bitch's friend. He's a jerk.

#I_laughed and then decided to show her a piece of me.

“What's funny dude?” Chris asked.

I wrote, <b> It's ok Steph. Im here wit J.
He's so cute n so nice dat I can't miss being friends wit him. Im falling inluv wit him already. I wish he could jst kiss me. Aww. Don't worry abwt me. Im wit the best friend ever.

I_sent it and smiled.

“What's really funny. Can I take a look huh?” Chris asked.

I decided to tell him.

“This is Andra's phone and Steph sent a funny message.” I said.
“Goodness, Lemme have her number.” He said, trying to grab the phone from my hand.


“Hold on dude, who do you wanna have her number?” I asked, hoping it isn't Andra.

“Steph's.” He said.


“I could have Alex's as well. We're friends too.” He said.

I glared at him and got the phone back into my pockets, waiting for the next text message that would come in..

Steph's POV

< It's ok Steph. Im here wit J.
He's so cute n so nice dat I can't miss being friends wit him. Im falling inluv wit him already. I wish he could jst kiss me. Aww. Don't worry abwt me. Im wit the best friend ever.

#I_read the message and for a second, I thought I was actually dreaming.

Did Alex actually sent this?
No, it can't be her.

Alex never sends in short words.


Alex always write in full.
Someone is with Alex. Im damn sure about it.

Alex can't send such trash.
I need to find Alex.
But where do I go now?

Alexandra's POV

I cleaned off the stain as I watched my reflection on the mirror.

How did he know that's my mom?
And he said she's beautiful just like me?

Why did I react that way when he said that?
Splitting the juice on my shirt.
Goodness. Im such an idiot tho.
And he still said unfair thing to me when I split the drink on my shirt.

I sighed. Pushed my hair back and left the washroom.

But getting back inside the Cafeteria, I saw no Jeremy again.

Where did the jerk go with my phone!

Then I saw Steph.
She saw me too.
She must have been looking for me..


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