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story : Teens Hearts - Episode - 23



 Teens Hearts - Episode - 23

Jeremy's POV

I sat there on the bench at the school garden and stared at the white roses.

‘White Rose bruise easily..’
Moni do say at times whenever she's on phone calls with her daughter's husband.
‘...So be careful enough not to hold it so tight.’
She would add.

She's actually referring to her daughter as the white rose that bruise easily.

I chuckled.

And that punk?
Why didn't she come with me anyways?

So annoying.

“Hey J..” I heard Molly's voice and before I could turn, she back hugged me.

“J.. I didn't see you in class. Was so worried so I decided to miss class just to look for you.” She said, still hugging me.

“Yeah, you gotta do that.” I said.
“You're lonely huh? I'll keep you company.” She said.
Came over, sat beside me and rested her head on my shoulder.


“You know I can miss every class just to keep you company.” She said.

I rolled my eyes.
What a punk too.

“I love you J.” She said.

I laughed within me.
It was funny to hear this words.
So funny.

“Ain't you saying anything?” She asked.

“We shouldn't be talking about love now huh?” I said, it was a bit of a yell.

She brought up her face to look at me, then rested her head back on my shoulder.

“I don't like the brat.” She said unexpectedly.
“Who's the brat?” I asked.
“Alex.” She said.

And so?

“So?” I asked, wanting to hear more.
“You can't be friends J. She's a brat. I can't even believe this.” She said.

Seriously? is she gonna tell me who to be friend with?

“You can't imagine that I saw your pullover in her locker. She's just a thief!” Molly said.
“She's not.” I said.
“Why do you say she isn't.” She asked,.as she got her head off my shoulder and stared at me.
“Cos I gave her the pullover so don't ask her for it.” I said.

“Okay fine.” She said but then stayd on her own, without putting her head on my shoulder anymore.

“Did you had to give her your pullover huh?” She asked, staring st the white roses just as I did.
“Yeah.” I said.

She waa about saying something but I stood up.

“Heading to class.” I said,.turned  and walked away.

such a pest.

Molly's POV

This is just too annoying!

He walked away.

Alexandra's #POV

As Statistics was almost ending, Jeremy walked in and over to his seat but our eyes met anyways while he headed to his seat.

Crazy guy.

Soon, Molly stepped in as well.


The rest of the school day was okay,  lunch, I met with Steph and we chatted.
I still told her about Chris but she firmly kept saying she fucking hates him.
I just hope she understands soon.

Jeremy didn't came by at lunch to drag me to the cafe.
I was happy.

When school got over and I went for my bag, Chris waved at me with a cute smile.

Jeremy was there, so I just waved back at Chris.
Would have went over if he wasn't there.
The jerk would akways wanna cause a scene.

I walked out of the class and over to my locker.
Opened it and got out my bag after dropping my Math wich was the last subject.

I turned and boom! there he was again.
His hands in his pockets as he stared awakwardly at me.

Why's he always appearing here all the time like a ghost?

“You know, I just gotta find out if you actually a ghost.” I said.

He laughed.

“I maybe afterall. Wanna check?” He asked.
“How?” I asked.
“By hugging me, putting your head on my chest to listen to my heartbeat.” He said with a broad smile.

Okay, I got to admit now. He looked super cute in that smile.
His dimples appeared like never before.

Why's such a cute guy this arrogant?

“You're so not serious.” I said, as I got my bag over my shoulder and tried to walk out.

He didn't pull me back this time around.
He followed me.

He followed me?
Has he got no idea Im heading to Steph's class?

“Are you just gonna let me follow you up to that bitch's class without stopping to ask why Im following you?” He asked.

Oh.. This punk.

I stopped and turned to him.
“Why are you following me?” I asked.
“Cos new friends are suppose to give each other hugs before parting each day after school.” He said.

Is this guy crazy huh!

“We just became friends yesterday and you're talking about hugs already?” I asked angrily.

Wait, did I just admit we became friends yesterday??
Oh oh no.!

He came closer with a smile on his lips.

“You just admit that we are friends?” He asked, kinda suprisd I guess.

Im suprised myself that I said it.

“No we ain't!” I said.
“Can we make it official?” He asked, staring right in my eyes.


“What official?” I asked.

People passed and they were just staring.

“Make everyone aware that we are now friends.” He said.


“Why do you like doing things in a way that invites crowd. I hate it.” I said.

I cant believe Im still standing here, talking about offici friendship with him.

He thought for awhile.
Then smiled.

“There's another way of making friendship official.” He said.
“What way?” I asked. I just wanted to know anyways.

“By hugging your new friend for five minutes.” He said.

I rolled my eyes.
Hmm. Weird!

“Im going,.bye.” I said, turne and walked away.
“Bye Andra. See you tomorrow.” He said.

I shook my head.
This isn't happening right?
Not this fast and unexpectedly.

I met Steph closing up her locker.

She smiled as she saw me.
“Alex.. Sorry, we had physics practical as the last subject and it took quite a time.” She said.

We walked down the hallway, and out and there was her car already.
We got in and Neil drove off.


🌺#Jeremy's #POV

That's girl's weird.
Admitting we are friends just yesterday and denying about it too.

Arghh crazy girl.
I wonder why I just want to keep getting her upset and then I wanna make her my friend as well.

She makes me smile so fucking much.
Just looking at her frowny face makes me smile.
Looking at her lips..
Her eyes..
They all make me smile.

Its so damn real, I really wanna make this friendship work even though I still love to get on her nerves.


Alexandra's POV

Lili opened the door quite not on time.
She apologised that she was sleeping and sincerely speaking she was.
With such dull eyes and pale cheeks.

I smiled and walked in..

“How was school today dear?” She asked.
“Just fine Lili.” I said and headed to my room.

Lili changed the bedsheets and pillowcase today.


I threw my bag on the bed, sat down on the bed and pulled my shoes off.
Then layed down, feeling quite tired.

I need to take a warm shower, then eat and do some assignments but I just layed down.
A little rest would be okay.

My phone buzzed inside my school bag.

A message.

I ignored it as I turned and closed my eyes.
But I ended up thinking about all that happened today in school.


Is he ever gonna change?
Always being a jerk and getting on people's nerves.
And now he's acting over weird by wanting us to be friends.

Official friends.

But though, he's really cute with those dimples. Do I wanna deny that?
Oh no no no no..

I got up, pulled off my clothes and went to shower.

When I came out, I pulled into a yellow nightie and took my school uniforms to the washing-machine and threw it inside.

Though I go another two neat uniforms apart from the one in the washing machine.
But i gotta wash this one.

I guess Lili had the sounds from the washer and came by,
“You washing. You should have eaten before doing this or leave it for me to do.” She said.

I shook my head.
“No. Its fine.” I said.

After eating, I went back to my room, letting Lili know I wanna work my assignments and then take some nap.

She said, she might go out to see a friend before I wakes.

I nodded and left to my room.
I unzip my bag and brought out my statistics work book and notebook.

Saw my phone but just ignored it.
And went on to do my assignments.

But then another message buzzed and I just got out my phone and went to my message inbox.

An unsaved number.

I opened it and read.

<b> Hey new friend. You home now?

Don't be too suprised how I got your phone number.

#I_couldn't believe it. I read it over and over again to be sure.

How the hell did he get my phone number?

I opened the second message.
From the same number

<b> We're making our friendship official tomorrow. So choose between the two.
Announcing it to the crowd or Hugging for five minutes.

See you tomorrow

#I_wonder how the hell he got my number to send me this trash.

Such a blockhead!

I switched off my phone.

Jeremy's #POV

Today's thursday....

Gonna be a happy day!

Ohh today's just gonna be sweet, remembering how Im gonna hug someone for five minutes makes it more sweeter!

Im damn sure she'do like to pick the first one, letting the crowd know.

That punk!
She won't accept the one that I want.

“Hey Moni, im off to school.” I half yelled after as I gulped down the last cup of juice just after being done eating.

I dropped the glasscup, grabbed my bag and rushed off, out to my car, hooped in and drove off.

Played ‘One Dance by, Drake.

I drove excitedly.
What's all this excitement about?

“Oh get yourself together man!” I said to myself.

She isn't my girlfriend.
I ain't even inlove with her, so why im I so ecited to get to school just to see her?

She was a little snail last week that she started school but now, it seemed as if she's becoming a cinderella all of a sudden.

And those time I kissed her.
Arghh.. Her lips.

Little sweet things had happened between me and her anyways.
It just isn't bad if we become friends.

Maybe im gonna get to kiss them today.
Ah never.

She's more stubborn now.


I got to school, grabbed my bag and got down.
I walked through the hallway, down to my locker, dropped my bag, and closed back the locker.

When I got to class, I saw her on her seat, with her eyes gazing out the window.

Her hair, in a new packed style. She'do look really cute.

I walked over to my seat and sat down.
Chris and Molly isn't in yet.
Andra's eyes still gazed out the window.

What's she looking at huh?
Can't she just turn and know im in class now?

I decided to do something.

Yell at the sunglasses guy.
He said his name is Mich.
That's what lame people like him bears anyways.

He was reading and it seems he always had extra classes.
Seems its Sketching and painting class.
Molly does too, hers is Dance class.

I hate Extra classes.
So boring.

I looked at Andra, she's still looking out the window.

Hmm,.so annoying.

I turned back to Mich.
“Hey! Ain't I talking to you lame!!” I yelled loudly at the guy.

Even though I never called him since I got to the seat..

Andra turned and looked over immediately.
Just the way every one in class did.

Mich turned, “Im sorry, I didn't hear you talking to me.” He said quietly.
“Fuck you!” I barked at him.

He turned and got his face on his desk.

I turned back to Andra but she wasn't looking anymore.
She's went back to gazing out the window.

What shit!

She couldn't even come over to ask how I got her number.
She never text messaged either.

This punk.
What did she choose?

Chris and Molly walked in.
“Hey dude.”Chris said as he went to his seat but Molly stopped at my seat and slowly sat on it, and moved her legs in, in a way that we faced each other. I, on the chair and she on my desk.

“Hi cute boyfriend.” She said, smiling.

I glanced at Andra.
Our eyes met.

You better just go on staring out the window.

“You musn't stare at the brat baby.” She said.
“Huh?” I asked, like I got no idea what she's talking about.
“The brat over there.” She said.

I glanced at Andra again.
She wasn't staring at us anymore.

The bell for classes rang.

Molly's POV

I wish the brat could keep staring.
What a happy watching it would be.


Jeremy's my boyfriend and mine alone. No brat can try to be his fucking friend.

She just gotta keep off or I'll deal with her damn self.

I smiled at J, our legs touching at times.
“Did you think about me last night?” I asked him in a just so soft tone.
“Huh?” He said, getting out his phone.

Didn't he hear me huh!

“Did you think about me last night? Did you miss me?” I reapeated as I brushed his weaved front hair back with my palm.

I glanced to see if the brat is watching but nop, she wasn't.
I hate this girl!

I turned back to J.
He was scrolling on his phone now.

“You've not answered me J.” I said, getting quite upset but I still maintained my sweet soft tone.

He looked up at me.

“I slept off just as I immediately I got on my bed. No time to think or miss you.” He said and went back to his phone.

That was annoying, hurting!

“Awn, you should have thought about me even a little would do or better still, dream about me.” I said, making a sad face.

He just ignored me.

This isn't happening to me. It's so annoying!
Im gonna deal with whoever that's making him act this way.
I swear it!

“J, ain't I your girlfriend anymore huh? Can't you just say you miss me or Love me even if you don't huh!” I said, touching his cheek.

Even though I kept a stoic face now, I was just so upset that he didn't look up.

I glanced at the brat. She was no longer on her desk.
Where did bitch go to?

I turned to Jeremy.
He was just busy typing on his phone.


I got down, walked to my seat, and sat down.

Feeling so fucking angry!


Alexandra's POV

I went for my Geometry notes..
That was what we have as first subject this morning.

I opened my locker and was getting out my books, when my phone backlight came on.

A message, I guess..

I took out my phone and checked.
Its a message really.

I scrolled to my message inbox.

Though I didn't save it but I know its his phone number.

<b> Andra, can we make our frienship official at Lunch Hour? and what did you choose?

Such a pest!

Seriously, Being his friends isn't by force.

Another message came in.

<b>Geometry teacher is in.

#I_threw my phone back into my bag, zipped it, shut the locker and walked to class with my geometry books.

Mr Frey was in and he was about to start.

I glanced at Jeremy and he was looking at me.

Jerk! You gonna explain how you got my number.
Chris face weren't up, Im sure he's eyes are on his phone.
But Molly, her eyes were staring devilishly at me.

Like  did I steal her thing?
Why's she staring at me that way?
Oh, must be her boyfriend's pullover.
I'll give it to her then.
I don't need the pullover anyways.

I hate such stares.
I walked over to my seat and sat down.

Jeremy's #POV

Why didn't she look at me that way?

Oh such a punk.

Lunch Hour should be in the next four hours.

Arghhh too long. Too long.


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