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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 21



 Teens Hearts - Episode 21

   Alexandra's #POV

Ugh! Look at her... She's just so irritating.

She's irritating me already!

Is she crying?

Oh I hate her for taking J's Pullover!

She look sick.

Aww so embarrasing.


She should get out the pullover now!

All I heard were mutterings from the crowd that gathered.

My eyes were shut so I couldn't see these people. And he still held my wrist.
Then I heard his voice very close to my ear.

“You see, You ain't so good in yelling. This is the right way to yell. Hope you learnt well.” He whispered.

Tears fell down my eyes.

Then he let go of my hand, And  I ran off to... to where?

I ran with sobs down towards the hallway that lead to the long staircase.

My cry's echoed as I ran through the little hallway to the staircase, then I slumped down on the first stair block and with my head on my knees, I wept.

I couldn't believe what has just happened down there.
I couldn't believe he was this cruel and heartless to announce it to everyone.

I felt like hanging myself.
I felt like running off this school to never return.

My heart bled.
I was shaking as I wept, tears rolling down my cheeks.
I wept on. on and on..

My eyes shut tight.
I needed to wash off this memory.
I needed to wake up from this nightmares i've been having.
Im tired of sleeping for such a long time, dreaming off

Images of my mom appeared to me.
There in the kitchen when she colapsed to the floor
There at the hospital when the doctor with weary eyes confirmed she has a breast cancer.
There on her sick bed when she gave her last words.
And closed her eyes after smiling at me.

This couldn't be happening to me if mom was alive.
If mom lived just for me...

Oh mommy!

I feel i've been ripped off..
Im gonna hang myself to death!
Im gonna meet you soon mom... cos I can't stand the embarrasement.
I can't stand what that devil had put me to.

God! I can't believe this is happening.

I wept more.
Sniffling and my eye still shut as unending tears rolled down my cheeks.


Jeremy's POV

Just as she ran off.

I felt someway.


Many walked away, while four girls came.

“Im sorry J, We'll get back your dear pullover.” The first girl said.

“Yeah. She's a bitch.” The second girl said.

“Oh gosh. I don't wanna imagine she messed her skirt up.” the third girl in makeup said, twisting her face.

“Uh. Where's the bitch? So we can just deal with her.” The last girl said.

I stared at the direction she took.
I felt so bad.
Im starting to regret what I did.

I wanna go and say im sorry.
But won't it be so hard for that magic word to let out of me?

“Hello J, please talk to me.” The last girl said.
“To you? Like we are four here so he's talking to all of us here and not just you!” The second girl fired at her.

I turned to them.
“Can you girls leave now?” I said.

“Ohhhh.” They chorused and then began walking away.

I shoved my hand into my pockets.

Where could she have ran to?
Was what I said so mean?
I don't know why I was feeling really awful.

I turned and began walking down the direction which she ran towards.
Its the direction that's leading to the hallway up to the long staircase.

I turned to the hallway.
Walking past half of it, I heard a sound.

I stopped to listen and it was a whimpering cry.
But it soon stopped.

She's crying?

I slowly walked to the end of the hallway and there she was, her head on her knees.

She had stopped the cry but was sniffling.

I felt bad.
Maybe I shouldn't have did that, but damn! I was so annoyed.
How could she be so arrogant?

I walked to her.
Even though I had no idea what to say, I just stood in her front, with my hands  still in my pockets.

Apologising to her would be so difficult.
I just have to do something else.

“Hey..” I said.

She didn't look up and she didn't move either.

“Alexandra.” I called her name.
I can't believe I did.

She didnt move.

“Its okay, you can have my pullover. I know you've been admiring it.” I said just to make her look up but she didn't.

I rolled my eyes.
I mean what's there in looking up at someone in front of you?

I stared at her.
Half of her hair fell down her shoulder, to her arm while the rest fell scattered on her back.
Her hairband must have loosed while I was dragging her.

She sniffled.

I wanted to leave but still I couldn't.
I just stood and stared at her.

Then after what seemed like forever, She looked up.
Her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet in tears.

I felt bad.. so bad.

“This isn't a nice aura to cry right.” I said.

Her eyes were dull.

“I should show you where to.” I added.
“You are inhuman.” She said.


“You think after doing that, its gonna change anything about me and you gonna gain anything out of it?” She asked.

I just stared.

“You need to grow a little bit up cos now you act childishly.” She said.
“What you did there is never gonna stop me from being me and fuck you for stooping so low to act up in front of everyone just cos of a pullover.” She said.
Tears dropped but she wiped them off just immediately.

“I hate people like you.” She said as another tear dropped.

I looked away.

I hate the way im feeling right now.


Why's my heart acheing this way?
A pierce of guilty?

I walked to her.
She stood up.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

She glared at me and then try to move but I pulled her back.

She flung her hand away and took another steph but I pulled her back again but this time...

I pulled her.. I pulled her into me.

I hugged her.
She didn't move. She just stayed still.
I closed my eyes.

I don't understand the way that im feeling.

“I just wanted to say im sorry.” It came out like a magic out of my mouth.

I couldn't believe I said that.

“You..you are what?” She asked like she wasn't expecting it.
“Im sorry.” I said again, still hugging her.

    Alexandra's POV

He's sorry? I couldn't just believe he  was saying sorry after embarasing me in such a way?

What can a sorry do to wash away such embarrasement and humiliation?

But what?
He said sorry!
I wasn't expecting that.
And he's hugging me too.

What's wrong with him?

“Just get away from me.” I said.

He did.
He withdrew his his hold.

He's expression is pale..
He was staring right in my eyes.

“I don't need your sorry cos Its never gonna change anything!” I yelled at his face.
“It would. cos if you had said sorry then, I wouldn't have did that.You were so arrogant.” He said.


“Do you know how proud and how rude and how arrogant and inhuman you are huh!?” I asked.

He grabbed my hand.

“Let go off me now. You always grab people when you wanna hurt them!” I said.
“You asked me If I know what saving people is right?” He asked.

“You don't!” I yelled.
“Come with me.” He said.

He said and began pulling me.
But this time around it was gentle.
He wasn't dragging me, he was walking but he held me tight, pulling me with him.
What do you think Jeremy wanna do?
Right person wins a price.


 Alexandra's POV

I couldn't believe it when he stopped at the centre of the hallway, just at the same spot where he did that.

My heart raised again.
People were already gathering cos they knew he has something to say.

He still held my wrist even though I tried my best to pull away.

“You are certainly going to regret this.” I said.

“ALL I SAID BACK THEN..” He said to the crowd.

All he said back then?


I looked at him.

The crowd said.


I found it so hard to believe what he just did.

Everyone walked away.
But he still held my hand.

“What do we call what I just did?” He asked as he turned to me.

I didn't know what to reply so I just stared at him.

“You don't know anymore, I'll remind you. I just SAVED you.” He said.

It made me chuckle.

“You asked if I know what saving people is.. Im sure you've not forgotten I saved you up there at the balcony when you almost fell off it. And now I just saved your name from rounding the whole school for weeks..” He said.

“Seriously, Do you hurt people and save them after hurting them?” I asked, looking at him.

He still held me.

Jeremy's #POV

Such question.

Do I hurt people and save them after hurting them?
I have no idea what to reply anyway.

She stared at me and her eyes were always sparkling.
I like this girl's eyes.
And her lips.


I chuckled.

“Did you mean what you said to them?” She said.
“Huh. What?” I asked.
“You know what you said. I don't need to repeat them.”  She said.

That they should be ready for me if they try to hurt her.

“Oh that? I do.. yeah. Im saving you from them.” I said.

Just then, I saw the bitch, Steph.
She was rushing towards.

Alex tried to pull away but I held her more tighter.
A little play for the bitchy Steph wouldn't be so bad.

“Ouch!. Do you wanna squeeze off my wrist huh!” She said.

“Oh my! Oh Alex. I heard what happened to you. Why still let this devil hold you after embarrasing you in front of everyone.” She said, going to Alex.

Then she looked  at me with fierce.

“You've always been a devil. Nothing can ever change that you are a fucked up bitch. ” She said.
Then she turned to Alex.

“Alex let's go.” She said, then turned to me again,
“Get your filthy hand off hers.” She said.

“Why should I? We are friends now.” I said and glanced at Alex and her mouth went agape.

“We what?” Alex asked.
“Alex. What's he blabbing?” Steph asked.

“We ain't any friend.” Alex said, pulling her hand away but I squeezed it tighter and she gasped.

“OUCH! Are you so cruel huh! Let go of my hand now!” She yelled.

I like this.

I gave Steph a smirk smile.
“Let's go grap a some fries new friend..” I said to and pulled her along as we walked, leaving Steph standing with astonishment written all over her.


“You Know you can't keep pulling me like a kid and after hurting me, you faking friendship with me to my friend.” She said as we walked down the Cafe.

I was no longer holding her.
Why should I anyway.

“You should be happy when I say that we are friends.” I said.
“Seriously? Why should I? We ain't friend. Why should I be a friend with someone as arrogant as you.” She said.

I just smiled.

Alexandra's POV

Seriously, I don't understand what was happening now.

Like us walking to the cafe after all he did to me.

And he's talking about us being friends?
Why would I wanna be a friend to such a rude thing.

But im more suprised that I heard no muttering or gossip about me as we walked pass people.
They only stared.

Then I saw Molly coming out of the cafe.
She was shocked to see this.
Jeremy and I walking together.

Im just more shocked myself.

She walked to us.
Looked at me from my feet up to my head.


Then she turned to him.

“Seems we've gotten a new friend after so many fights.” She said.

I can never be their friend.
But why am I walking with him anyway If I don't wanna be.

“Yeah. We are quite good now.” He said, smiling at her.

We are quite good? In what way are we?

Molly nodded and turned to me.

“They are rumours everywhere that you messed up your school skirt yesterday. It must have been so embarrasing huh?” She asked me, smiling.

I know its a mockery smile.

I looked down in embarrasement.

“But did you had to keep J's pullover after he saved your ass huh?” She asked.

“Oh, Molly.. I gave the pullover to her to keep. She like it and I gave it to her.” He said.

I like it?
Is he such a bad liar?

“Wow.. Cool. J can we go to to class together now?” She asked him.
“Um.. Taking my new friend to buy chips. You can join us.” He said.

“No way!” She said and walked away.

“New friend, Do you like chips huh?” He asked.
“I ain't your new friend!” I snapped.

He's annoying.

We got to the cafe and he bought two packs of potato chips and handed one to me.

“Take it. For the start of our friendship.” He said with a grin.

I rolled my eyes.

But then I took it.
He paid.

I let him open his first and ate before I did mine.

“I like potato chips, I can eat this all day and don't bother about any other food..” He said.

I looked at him.
Can I still believe this jerk is tryna make us friends?


Im finding this so hard to believe.

“Do you like it like I do?” He asked.
“No. I hate it.” I said just cos he likes it.
I don't wanna like what the jerk likes.

“Whoa. Okay.” He said.
“Let's go watch basketball guys.” He said.

No. I need to get to Steph before Lunch get over.

“I need to check on Steph.” I said and was walking ahead of him already.
“Hey Andra.” He said and met up with me.


“What's Andra?” I asked.
“Check it out, Andra sound more girly than Alex. Alex is meant for guys. So I give you Andra.” He said, and smiled.


“My name is Alex and I don't like the Andra.” I said even though Andra sound really nice.
I can't admit that it does to him.

“I like it. So that's what Im gonna be calling you.” He said.

I hissed and walked faster.
After a while and no sound from him, I turned and he was... he wasn't at my back.

I saw him almost getting the the basketball field.

New friend indeed.


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