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story : Teens Hearts - Episode -20



 Teens Hearts - Episode -20

Alexandra's POV

“Jeremy told you?” I asked, suprised.
I couldn't believe he talked to her.
“Yeah. He stopped me at the hallway while I was heading to the cafe to look for you. He told me you're in one of the washrooms.” She said. “What happened?” She asked.

I sighed.

“Messed up real bad. It's so embarrasing and you can't believe those devils in class had to see it including Jeremy.”  I said and turned my skirt for her to take a look, though the stain's wiped off now.

She gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Oh my! This might have been so embarrasing. I can't believe it, I don't even wanna imagine it.” She said.
“I've never been so embarrased. I don't even wanna go out. I just wanna stay in here till school's over.” I said.
“He gave you his pullover?” She asked, pointing at it.

I nodded.
“I wouldn't have known there was a stain if he hadn't seen it. Oh God! I feel so shy and so embarrased. I ain't leaving here till school's over. I swear it.” I said.
“It's fine Alex. Just stay here okay, I'll go talk to the vice principal to let you go home and then i'll collect some pad from the sanitary mistress. Then call my driver to come take you home. You want that?” She said.


“Yes. I really wanna leave school for the rest of today. Im sure I'll be better by tomorrow.” I said.

She smiled.

“I'll be right back in just few minutes.” She said.
I smiled as she opened the door and left, closing it behind her.

God I was just too grateful.
I can't believe how lucky I am to have Steph as my friend..

Steph's POV

Walking out of the washroom and heading to the vice principal's office, I couldn't help but remember how I came to know about Alex being in one of the washrooms.


As I pushed Chris out of the way and walked out of the class, I walked into Alex class but suprisingly, She wasn't in there.

Where is she?

And suspiciously, Jeremy wasn't in class as well.

I need to find Alex.

I walked out and was heading out of the hallway to go check if she's down at the cafe, When I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey bitch.”

I knew who it was already.
I didn't turn to check nor did I stop walking. I just kept walking.

“Can you stop walking that way? Don't be a bitch all the time.” He said.


But anyway, I stopped walking and just stood, without turning.

He walked up to me and came to my front.


“Do you have to be bitchy all the time huh?” He asked.
“You are the bitch and you are to be treated like the bitch that you are.” I said harshly.

He chuckled and gazed left. Then he turned back at me.

“You know, I shouldn't be talking to a brat ass like you. I just wanna tell you something.” He said.

What do he wanna tell me?
Has Chris sent him as well?

Anyway, I crossed my arms and waited to hear what he had to say but he kept quiet. Getting me so annoyed.

I glared at him.
Then he chuckled.

“Ain't you gonna ask me what I got to say, bitch?” He said.


“Fuck you!” I said and was about turning, when his worda stopped me.

“The snail asked what If I know what saving people is.” He said.

I looked at him.
Did he mean Alex?

“Do you? Cos the last time I checked, you only hurt people and not save them.” I said.
“Are they many different ways of saving people?” He asked.

Why's he asking this?

“Yea, but its all the same word 'Save'.” I said.

He chuckled.

“She's in one of the washrooms now. She might need your help.” He said.
“Who?” I asked, even though I knew it's Alex.
“The snail.” He said and then he began walking away.

Just then, I saw Chris and a red hair girl.
They were walking together and were obviously talking to each other.

Wait, Jeremy said Alex is in one of the washrooms  and might need my help.

I rushed down the washroom passageway and over to each washroom door, knocking and asking If Alex is one in till I got to the right one.

I  got to the Vice principal's office and explained to her abour Alex situation and she approved for Alex to go home.
I thanked her and walked out and the next place was the Sanitary mistress.

“Ms Susana.” I called as I entered her office. She was sitting down and her head was on her desk. It seem she've been sleeping.

“Ms Susana.” I said, going closer to her.
But then, sluggishly, she sat up, rubbing her eyes.

She's really fat. Maybe that's why she sleeps alot in the day.

“Oh dear. Ohhh” She yawned.
“Ms, I need your help.” I said.

She looked at me with dull narrowed eyes.

“What's that?” She  asked.
“My friend is in a big mess and I need a sanitary pad for her.” I said.
“Oh, alright.” She said and forced herself up from the seat.

She walked, almost falling to a brown carton box.
Then took out two pads and put into a black obscure nylon.

“Thanks Ms.” I said as I took it and walked out of her office.

On my way back to the washroom, I called my driver to drive down to school immediately.

Getting back to the washroom, I knocked and she opened up, Then I handed it to her.

She smiled.

“Thanks alot.” She said.
“I've called My driver, Neil and he's on his way. Lunch hour would be over in fifteen minutes time and Im sure he'll be here in ten minutes.” I said.
“Oh I wish he'do come when everyone is in class.” She said.

I smiled.

“Don't let it bite you off. You ain't the only one this has happened to. I mean, they are so many that it had happened to as well.” I said.
“Did it happen to you?” She asked.
“No.” I said.
“Oh friend, then you don't really understand how embarrasing this is.” She said.

I just smiled.


Alexandra's #POV

Steph's driver came seven minutes after Lunch hour and I was glad almost everyone was in class.

I went into the carand waved Steph goodbye.
She did same and left.

“Are you sick ma'am?” Neil asked.
“Im fine.” I said.

His pullover was still around my waist, I had to tight it back as I was about coming out of the washroom.

I was glad the devils were all in and not one of them saw me.

I texted Lili, telling her Im on my way home and told her the reason why.

Getting home, Lili opened the door and pulled me into a hug.

“Oh dear, Steph is such a nice girl.” She said.
“Yea. She is Lili.” I said.

She withdrew our hug and looked at the pullover.

“Who's pullover is that?” She asked.
“Its for Jeremy.” I said.

I saw the shock on her face.

“Seriously?” She said.
“Yeah. You can't imagine he had to see it and then gave me his pullover to cover it.” I said.

She pulled me into another hug.

“Its okay dear. Just try not to think about it.” She said.

When we got in.

“Alex dear. Go take a shower, so you can eat and then take a blood tonic. And we are going to do some exercise so you don't keep having stomache pains. Do you hear me?” She said.

“I hate blood tonic.” I said, heading to my room.
“You need to start liking it now, cos you are gonna take it, then have some warm water. Don't go to have a nap. We are gonna walk round the house ten times before you can have a nap. Get that?

“I hate exercises.” I said and walked into my room.

I showered.
And after eating and being forced to take a blood tonic, then warm water and having to walk round the house ten times.

I was finally able to go back to my room.
I took the pullover, walked to the laundry room and threw it into the washing-machine.
Spread it there after and promised myself not to forget taking it to school tomorrow and handing it back to Jeremy.

Steph called later to check on me and I told her im fine but not without gisting her about all that  Lili made me do.
She laughed at every single one and said Lili is just a great Aunt.

Later, At night, I took out my diary, to write down my most embarrasing day ever.

<b> Dear Diary,

Gosh, today had been my worse day ever!
Messing up my school skirt with menses without realising on time and the devils in my class had to laugh stupidly at me and Jeremy had to see it too!
Oh oh so embarrasing.
But again, I couldn't believe Jeremy had to be my first saviour...

Jeremy's POV

It was hard not thinking about her.
The snail.
Why am I suddenly thinking about her huh?
And why have I been feeling quite sorry for her?

I tucked and turned on my bed.

Arghh, and I waited for her in class all afternoon but It seem she had to go home.

I wonder why I even needed to see her.
Argh, Jeremy, not again!

First was her lips and now im feeling like I missed her in class.
And Im feeling sorry for what happened to her.
Why am I feeling this way huh!

She has my pullover with her now.
And those time I was tryna tighteen the sleeves around her waist, shw withdrew her hand.

Huh, was she so ungrateful huh.

But her eyes, they did sparkle like before and her lips, its always keep curving when she talked.

Anyway, I finally slept off to the dream world and suprisingly,
It was the snail, I had to dream about.

It was a stupid dream.

We were in the balle dance classroom, dancing balle as I held her up, threw her up and she landed on my arms, then I spinned her around.
The music 'My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion played as we danced,slowly.


I woke up.

Stupid dream.

I can't even make the simpliest step of Balle dance talkmore of those hard steps I was taking with the snail.

Stupid dream!

But jeez! She was really cute and her hair blew as I threw her up.

Arghh! Why should I dream of her?

I just have to admit.
I hate this fucking thing happening.



Alexandra's POV

I was almost in school when I recalled I wasn't with Jeremy's pullover.

Oh my bad! Oh oh..

I forgot. I had forget and Lili couldn't remember for me either.

Oh, what was I thinking?
What! what! what!!

I hit my forehead.

“What's that Alex?” Steph asked.

We were inside the school now and Neil pulled to a stop.

“I forgot his pullover.” I said.
“Oh my! What can we say he's gonna say or do this time? That rude thing!” Steph said.

I felt kinda scared.

He might just go ahead and announce to everyone that I got my school skirt stained in menses and he gave me his pullover to cover up and then I had to be so ungrateful to leave it at home.
He might just say, I decided to keep the pullover.

“Im kinda scared.” I said to Steph
“Its okay. You just tell him, you forgot it and you gonna bring it tomorrow. Not like you gonna eat his damn pullover.” Steph said.

I inhaled.

“Just feeling he's gonna act really crazy about it. You know how rude he is.” I said.
“He'll be such a crib to do that.” She said.

Steph left to her class and I slowly walked my locker, dropped my bag.

We had Geometry.
I sighed.

I don't like that subject.
Much calculations.

I took my geometry books and with wobbling legs, I headed to the class.
The few devils were around and they just looked at me.
I can remember four to five faces of those who laughed at me. They were on their seats, just staring at me.

I breathed and decided to let go of the embarrasement I was starting to feel again.

I was relieved to see no Jeremy in class. No Molly too but Chris was on his desk, with his head low.
He must be on his phone as usual.

I took courage and walked up to him.
Speaking to him might might be of help to my situation now.

“Hi Chris.” I said, letting out a smile.

He looked up and smiled. But he looked at me like he he's trying to confirm something.

God, I just hope Jeremy didn't tell him about yesterday.

“Hi Alex. Are you good with geometry?” He asked.
“I am kinda.” I said.
“Maybe you'do teach me today's topic after.” He said with a smile.

I laughed.

“How do you know if you're gonna grab it pretty good today or not?” I asked.

He's expression changed.

“Cos im always thinking of Steph.” He said.

Aww, I felt sad for him.
If only I could make Steph to understand that Chris really loves her.

“I will talk to her okay. Im sure she'll understand soon.” I said.

He just smiled.

He's such a cute guy.
Too cute to be a guy. Why is it that Stephanie can't see all this?

Then I heard footsteps and when I turned, It was Jeremy and Molly walking in.

Omg!.Jeremy. His pullover!

I turned back to Chris.
“We'll talk later Chris.” I said and quickly walked away to my seat and sat down.

Arghh.. He was looking at me.
I looked away.
Oh oh. Why did I had to forget about it!?

Then I took a glance.
The duo sat down on their seats. and chatted and was laughing
Chris joined them.

I wonder what they are talking about
What concern me anyway.

I opened my geometry note to review on even though I deeply prayed that the rude punk wouldn't do act so rude and crazy when he finds out im not with his pullover.
God, I dont even want him to ask about it today. God.

And it seemed as If I forgot about Ms Ashley.
Wow. I can't!
She called last night and said she've gotten a new work at CamStars High School.
I don't know much about the school but Lili said it's one of the famous school in Florida, just like Ellas is

Whoah! I couldn't believe how fast she got the work.
Like, it was just on friday she got fired and she's gotten a work back just yesterday.

Its really a miracle.

I was extremely happy and elated.
We are really happy now.

And uh! I've not told Steph yet.
My bad!
I can't wait to tell her..

Jeremy's POV

I don't understand how I felt when I saw her talking with Chris.

She was looking alright but anyway, I had to look at her skirt to check something.


She walked back to her seat as she saw me walk in.

Then I remembered.

My pullover?
It must be in her locker.
I'do get it from her at Lunch hour.

Mr Frey, the geomety teacher came in and I rolled my eyes.

I hate geometry anyway!
I'do just log into my facebook.

We didn't go to subject classes cos we only had Geometry, History and English in the morning before Lunch hour, so we remained in the classroom.

At lunch, just immediately the bell rang. I saw her quickly stand up and walked out of the class.
I smiled, stood up and went after her.

For my pullover.

Alexandra's POV

I had to be fast about this.
I don't wanna end up answering questions.

About his pullover.

I quickly opened my locker, threw my books into my bag, closed it back and turned to rush to Steph's class.

But OMG! I saw him standing just right in my front. His hands in his pockets.
My hands were on my chest in shock before I could even realise it.

Then he got out his right hand and stretched it out.

His pullover?

I cleared my throat.
Hum hum hum..

“My pullover.” He said.

I cleared my throat again..
I wonder how im gonna explain this.

Jeremy im sorry, I forgot your pullover at home.

No.. I can't add sorry.
Why should I?
Its just a pullover and not a Ferrari.

“Hey, what's wrong. Lemme have my pullover?” He said, staring awkwardly at me.

Jeremy, I'l bring it tomorrow. I forgot it at home.

Fine. I'll just say this one.

I cleared my throat again.
Seriously why?

“Why are you doing that three times now? Do you got lumps in your throat huh?” He said.
“Cos I forget your pullover at home. Im gonna bring it tomorrow.” I said.

Jeremy's POV

I paused to recollect.

She did what?
Forgot my pullover at home?

Okay, that isn't an issue for me. I gat as many of them in my wardrobe but why couldn't she add an apology word?

“Couldn't you say sorry that you did huh? Are you such a bitch?” I asked.
“I said I forgot it. Its just a pullover!!” She yelled

Whoa. She had to fucking yell too?

“After saving your damn ass messed up in disgusting looking stain, You still yell at me huh?” I said with anger.

Then I grapped her wrist and dragged her.

Alexandra's POV

He gripped my wrist and began dragging me to the hallway.

What's he trying to do?
“Let go of my hand.” I yelled.
“You deserve whatever im gonna do to you.” He snapped.

I deserve whatever he's gonna do to me?
That was what he said too when he dragged me up to that dreadful balcony.

“What do you wanna do this time! Let go off me.” I said.

But he held tight to my hand till he stopped at the middle of the hallway.

He still held me tight. My hairband had loosed and my hair was in a mess.

“LISTEN EVERYONE!” He said aloud.

My heart began raising.
So many thoughts ran through my mind.

People gathered in a twinkling of an eye.
Plenty of them.

“Jeremy, What are you trying to say?” I asked.

He ignored.


I shut my eyes. I felt the ground should open and Lemme dive in.
I knew what he was gonna say already.
I struggled hard to free my hand from his but he's just too strong.
I saw no Steph to help me.
No Chris to stop him.


I shut my eyes tighter.
I couldn't believe it.

Laughters and giggles erupted all over.


“YES.. SHE IS A BITCH!!!” I heard almost all of them yell out loud.


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