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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 19



 Teens Hearts - Episode 19

Jeremy's POV

I can't fucking believe that I was called to the principal's office.

Like seriously?
Why would the man wanna see me?

I stood up and walked out of the classroom, heading to the principal's office.

“Jeremy” Mr Greg called as I walked into his office.
“You called for me.” I said.
“Yes. Its about Ms Ashley.” He said.
I frowned.
“She is fired. Isn't she?” I said.
“Yes. But we still need to know the reason why she had to be fired.” He said.

I rolled my eyes.

“She's fired and thats all that matters!” I said with anger.
“Two female students came in the morning and there were really angry at why she had to be fire without no offence.” He said.

Two female students?
Two guys?
The snail and that bitch? They must be the ones.

“You see Jeremy, if we go on firing teachers and students keep complaining, this gonna cause something really bad to the school.” He said.

I scoffed.

Who cares about that?
It should fucking go down if it wants to.
Why did dad had to use that witch's name for the school anyway.
I just hate that he did.

I hate my mom.


Alexandra's POV

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

#I_read the poem like it explains my situation.
My sadness.
Although it don't fit to the reason for my sadness, I just read it cos it sounds like a sad poetry.

I just stayed back in class..
I was just too sad to go out, or to check on Steph.

Maybe she's gonna come.

Even though I had nothing in the morning, I still wasn't hungry.

I felt a little pain in my stomache, jxt a little but It seemed as if its hunger now.
I ignored it and it stopped.

I flipped through more poems to read.
But then Steph wasn't coming and I got worried.
So I stood up to go check on her in her class.

I heard giggles and laughter as I walked out of the class.

Why are they laughing?
And who are they laughing at?


I walked to my locker, dropped my book, closed it back and turned to leave but someone appeared in front of me like a ghost do.

I jumped.
But then I realiased it was the bitch and I glared angrily at him.

He stared fiercely at me too.

“Was that only what you could do?” He asked.

I ignored him, with my eyes still glaring at him.
Remembering Ms Ashley and I wish I could just kill him.

“Answer me snail.” He said.
“Get out of my way.” I said.
“Oh. I will, why should I stand close to something like you huh?” He said.

I bit my lips in anger.

“Your happiness comes from infuriating people.” I said.
“Answer my damn question.” He said.
“Damn, you called it. Its a damned question.” I said.
“The principal can't get Ms Ashley back and you can't either so I hope you keep dying inside with so much anger.” He said with a smirk smile.

I narrowed my eyes angrily at him..

“Ms Ashley's gonna get a better work that pays more in no time. Don't think Ellas is the only school in Florida!” I said to him face.

He laughed.

“Oh.. you should know this, Ellas is the only High school in this state, that pays the highest salary to its teachers. Get that snail. You know nothing.” He said.
“Get out of my way.” I said.
“Hope you gave Chris a warm hug for saving your damn ass?” He asked.

I scoffed.

“What do you know about saving people? You are just a heartless bitch. Thats what you are.” I said.

“Do you have to answer questions in another way?” He asked, and got his hands into his pockets.

I tried to walk away but he pulled me back.

Jeremy's POV

She tried to walk away,
And I saw something.
A stain on her skirt.
Ugh.. What's this?

So I pulled her back.

She tried to turn to face me but I held her, letting her back on me.

Fuck! How many people saw this!?

“Are you stupid? Let go off me, you punk!” She yelled.

I swallowed.
I knew this are kinda embarrasing to girls when it happens and I wondered how she's gonna react?

“Did anyone laugh at you while you were coming out of the class?” I asked.
“Why such a stupid question?” She asked.
“Just answer me.” I said.
“Um.. yes but it couldn't be at me. They were probably laughing at theirselves.”  She said.


“Not just one person?” I asked.
“No. Can you let go off me now!” She said.

So arrogant.

“Are such an arrogant snail huh? Can't you understand?” I yelled.

She tried to pull away but I held her more tight.

“Don't move Alex!. Your...your..”

Okay, how do I say this to her?
Whatever. I'll just go ahead.

“Your skirt is...is stained. Red stain actually.” I said awkwardly.

She went cold immediately.

“What? red stain? Oh my God..” She said it in a whisper.
“Yeah..” I said.

Alexandra's POV

Jesus Christ.
How could this shit happen to me.

Why didn't I think about it when I ft those little pains in my stomache.

And those fools must have been laughing at me cos of it.
And now, Jeremy.

Oh God.. I've messed up real bad.
Im so embarrased.
So embarrased.

I shut my eyes tight.

Is he jeering at me now?
Oh God I can't believe this is happening to me.

I can't wait to wake up from this horrible dream!

“Just stay calm. Don't turn.” He said.

What's he trying to do?
I can't ask him. Im so embarrased that I can't even talk.

Jeremy's POV

I unheld her and pulled off my pullover.
This would look awkward but I just held it around her waist, the body part covering the stainside and I was about tightening the two sleeves but she took it.

“I.. I'll do it.” She said.

I rolled my eyes.
“What's there in tightening it?” I said and I let her do it.

It was better even though it looked awkward to see my pullover around her waist.
What are my fans gonna say?

“Thank you.” She said without turning and then walked off, towards the washroom passageway.

I just stared at her till she was out of sight.

I smiled.
Why did I smile?

I can't believe I gave her my pullover.

[[Note: While Alex and Jeremy where at the locker side, This were Steph and Chris POV at that same time. Now ENjoy]]

Steph's POV

Just as the lunch bell rang, and I was about going to Alex's class to check on her.. I saw the bitch, Chris, walk in.

I stood up and was leaving when he walked to my front.

What nonsence!

“Can you just get out of my way?” I said without looking up at him.
“Steph.” He called.
His voice sounding really soft and meek.
Fuck that.

“Get out of my way now!” I said harshly.
“Steph please listen to me. We really need to talk.” He said.

I then looked up to see his face.
He looked stupid!

“Talk? We need to talk about what huh?” I asked.
“Its really very important.. To me.” He said, his eyes on mine.

I hissed.

“Im warning you for thelast time, Get outta my way.” I said.
“Please Steph. Just hear me out.” He said.
“I can't talk with someone like you, get that?” I said.

“Steph but im changing.. Im changing for you, cant you see? I know this hatred started after I split the drink on you and I couldn't apologise but now Im ready to do anything just to win your heart. I love you with all my heart.” He said.

I rolled my eyes.

“I hate to hear that you love... that you love me. Ugh! I don't fucking need your damn love. Can't you see?” I yelled.

He searched around with his eyes.

“Can we go out to somewhere more cool and talk this out. Please?” He said.
“Why would I go to any fucking place with a bitch like you. Im not those type of girls who wanna crawl over you.” I said.

He smiled.

“Yeah, im aware of that and it was just one of the reasons why I fell for you Steph.” He said.

I scoffed.

“You know what?, I fucking hate you, so don't tryna keep on loving me, cos I'll never accept your stupid love for me. Get out of my way.” I said, pushed him off and walked out of the classroom.


Chris POV

I watched her leave..
I felt so sad.. So broken.
It felt like I was never gonna be perfect for her.
I love her and Im trying to change for her.
Why can't she understand that I truely love her?

I sighed.

Why isn't she just nice and understanding like Alex is?

I closed my eyes, opened them back to see a girl in my front.
She look cute with red hair.

“Hi Chris.” She said.

I faked her smile.

“Can I go to the cafeteria with you?” She asked, moving her body left and right.

Wanted to say no, but she came and slide her hand into mine.

“Please.” She said, giving me such a smile I consider as sweet tho.

I shrugged.

“Im Sandy.” She said as we headed out of the classroom, and down the hallway.
“I've been your fan and I've been so crushing on you all this while. I was just so happy when I saw in my class and Im just so happy to walk with you. Oh my world! It feels so really cool.” She said.

I chuckled.

“God! I love the way you walk and your hair. Can you let me take some selfies with you please?” She said.

I didn't answer.
I was thinking about Steph.

Then something stroke me!
What if Steph sees me this way? With this redhair girl's hand locked with mine.
Oh God. no way.

I flung her hand away instantly.
“Huh?” She said, looking at me.

I shoved my hands into my pockets.
 “Let's just walk this way.” I said.

“But I want us to hold hands. It feels really sweet pleaseee.” She said, making a funny baby's face.

I chuckled.

“Do you really want me to go with you to the cafeteria?” I asked her.
“Yes yes yes.” She said, nodding as well.
“Fine. Let's go.” I said, and with my hands still in my pockets, We walked out of the hallway and down to the cafeteria.

“I asked if I could take pictures with you.Please..” She said.

“Sure. Why not.” I said.

It won't be so bad taking pictures with her.

“Thank youuuu. I feel like giving you deep kisses.” She said.

I chuckled.
Deep kisses?
Arghh. Such a crazy one.

“Do you mind huh?” She asked.

I looked at her. She was smiling.
She has a sweet smile tho.
But she's weird.

“Deep kiss.” She said, pouting her lips.
“Oh nop.” I said.


She just smiled, and gave me a wink.

Alexandra's POV

It was hard putting away the embarrasement that I was feeling and getting outta this washroom.

Okay, I've wiped the stain off with water and tissue and Jeremy's pullover is gonna be quite helping but I can't imagine myself going into that class with all those devils laughing and knowing Jeremy saw it too and had to give me his pullover.

“Oh no oh. Horrible.” I said.

And I needed sanitary pad and cant just go back to seat in the class without that.
Oh no. I need Steph. I need her.
I ain't even with my phone to put a call to her.
I don't know what Im gonna do.

“Oh oh Alex. Today is your worse day ever!”

And Jeremy..
Why did he help me anyway?
He should have mocked instead me cos that's what makes him happy.
Why did he had to give me his pullover?
That bitch!
And I even thanked him.

Oh I should be grateful. I couldn't have been so ungrateful even though he's such a bitch and had Ms Ashley fired!

But seriously..
He called me by my name. I recall he did.
And not by that word, snail.

I stared at the mirror.

Do I by anyway look like a snail huh?
No way! Do snails have a face anyway

I hissed.
He's the snail anyway. A He-goat.

“He said, Don't move Alex.. your.. your.skirt is stained Hahaha. And he was even struggling to say it out.”

Oh, I didn't know why it was making me laugh but It seem its the embarrasement that I was feeling.
At times, when you are embarrased at what happened some minutes ago, you cant help but laugh cos you cant stop thinking of how embarrased you felt then.

I touched his pullover. Its soft and felt cool and smelt of his cologne.
I can't believe he gave me his clothe.

It still baffles me.

And oh my God! How do I just get out of here?
I need Steph. What do I do?

Then I heard my name.
“Alex, are you the one in there? Is that Alexandra Grande in there please?”

It was her voice.
I couldn't believe it. How the hell did she knew I was in a washroom?

“Yes Steph. Its me!” I said as I quickly unlocked the door and pulled it open.

There she was.
She stared at me like she is curious about something.
Then she walked in, closing back the door herself.

“Alex.” She said and then her eyes landed on the pullover on top the sink.
“Steph. Im so happy you are here. How did you find that im here?” I asked her.

She stared at me for awhile.

“Jeremy told me.” She said.

Jeremy told her?

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