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story : Teens Hearts - Episode-18



 Teens Hearts - Episode-18

Jeremy's POV

The next day was sunday.
I was home.
Moni would never miss church on sundays.


“Sleeping on a sunday morning is just too bad Jeremy. Get up and you can go with me to church.” She said as she came to my room, all dressed in her long gown and her rosary chaplet.

“Okay go ahead. Go. Go. Pray for me.” I said.
“You can be done in twenty minutes and we'll head to church. I'do wait for you with gladdened heart.” She said.

“Oh Moni just go.” I said.
“Jeremy, God wants someone as young as..”

Gosh! I put my finger into my ears and shut them from letting me hear what she had to say.

She stared at me for a while, then she did the cross sign, turned and left.

I pulled out my fingers and rolled my eyes.

Such a pest!

I touched my hair.
I was going to reweave it today, but thats gonna be later.

I reached for my phone..
Maybe I could play some game.

But ugh! Dad call came.
Whoa. No call all night after I sent him a the text message and he's calling this morning huh?

I rejected the call.

And after few minutes,  A sent msg peeped.

I opened it, and its from my dad.

<b> Im sorry son, I've ordered for Ms Ashley to be fired. I hope we are back like before right? Pick my call once I call again.” #I_read.

Whoa!  Yes!
Fuck that asshole!
I gotta let her know who I am!
She's gonna be fucking suprised and Whoa. Its gonna be fun watching her stupid angry face.

Arghhhh Im so fucking happy.

Now, tomorrow is monday.
I can't fucking wait to be in school.

Whoa! party tonight!
Im never gonna miss it.

Dad call came and I picked up.
“Hello Jeremy.” He said.
“Are you sure about that huh?” I asked.
“About what son?” He asked.
“That you've fired Ms Ashley!” I yelled angrily.

Why wouldn't he know what im talking about.

“Yes. I did. She doesn't deserve it but I gotta do it for you son.” He said.

Now, some brats gonna fear and respect me.


“You're awesome dad. Yes!” I said.
“I've missed you and I'll be coming back soon.” He said.

He's been out for two months.

“Miss ya too dad.” I said, feeling so damn happy.
“Be careful son.” He said.
“Be careful too.” I said.

“I love you son.” He said.
“Love ya.” I said and he dropped the call.

I smiled.

“Now, where the heck is the snail. I can't wait to see her tomorrow.” I said and fell on the bed, laughing.


Alexandra's POV

At church, I felt pressed and walked to the washroom.
Coming out, I bumped into someone.

I looked up and its a woman, a mother with a little grey hair.
A granny.
Her hands are on her chest and she looked at me with wide eyes.

I bowed.
“Im so sorry ma'am. Im really very sorry.” I said.

“Oh.. Oh oh gracious. Teens as your age should always move with care. You don't have to push me down and I'do need those frightening hospital injections to get back to my feet.” She said.

“Im so sorry ma'am. Please.” I said.
“That's okay. What are your names anyway? You are such a pretty young girl.”  She said.

I blushed.

“Im Alexandra but I'do prefer to be called Alex.” I said.
“Oh I said your names, not just your name.” She said.

I laughed.
She's quite funny.

“Alexandra Grande. Alex Grande.” I said.
“Oh Alex. That's my dearly husband's name but he's passed away.” She said.

“Im sorry about that Ma'am.” I said.
“Its fine Alex. Your name abbreviation reminds me so much of him. Oh my dear Alex.” She said.

I stared at her.
We still stood at the washrooms passageway.

She smiled as she saw me staring at her.

“Oh, I'do go on. Im pressed. Talk with you later Alex. You are a good child.” She said and rushed off into one of the washrooms.

I smiled as I watched her enter and close back the door.
Such a mother.

Oh, I didn't ask for her name.
I wanted to wait so I could know her name but as It would seem awkward standing on washrooms passageway, I walked out and back into the church, and sat down back beside Lili.

“What took you so long? You missed alot.” She asked in a whisper.
“bumped into a granny and she's quite a funny person.” I said in same tone.

She just smiled.


After church, Lili and I drove back home.

I didn't see the woman. Even though I searched a little while for her.
I didn't see her anywhere.

“Church was great today right Alex?” She asked as we walked into the house.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Oh, that anthem by the young choirs was just so great and glorious. Alex you should join in the choir. What do you think?” She said, smiling at me.


“I can't. My voice doesn't fit in choir songs. I got no nice voice either.” I said.

She laughed.

“You got a lovely voice niece. You just don't wanna believe that you do.” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

“I'do shrink while singing a Soprano.” I said and laughed.

She laughed.

“Oh dear Alex. There are other parts as well not just Soprano, We have the simple Treble and the Alto as well. You'do fit in one of this two.” She said.
“You can be in one first, then I'do come in after you don't shrink singing up there.” I said.

She laughed.
I just smiled.

Then we heard the doorbell ring.
“Who can that be?” Lili asked, turning to the door.
“I'll go check.” I said and headed for the door but she pulled me back.
“I'll do that dear.” She said and slowly, she walked to the door.

I watched as she slowly opened the door.

“Oh my Goodness. Ashley.” She shouted.

Ms Ashley?

“Lilian dear.” I heard Ms Ashley's voice but there was a way her voice sounded.


And they way she walked in told it all.
Everything isn't alright.

“Ashley, you don't look alright to me.” Lili said as they walked in.

Ms Ashley didn't appear like she went to church at all.
She had a blue jean trouser and a brown sweater with glasses on.
I've not seen her in eyeglasses.

“Ms Ashley” I called, going to hug her and she opened her arms and we hugged.

Then she began sniffling.

I withdrew our hug to look at her.
Her face look sad and so dejected.

“Ms Ashley.” I said.
“Ashley have a seat please.” Lili said and Ms Ashley went for a two seater sofa and sat down.

Lili sat beside her and I stood beside Ms Ashley.

Ms Ashley removed her glases and tears were all gathered in her eyes.

What. Oh my God.

“Ashley, you are in tears. What's wrong?” Lili asked.

“I've been fired.” Ms Ashley said and her tears fell.

And instantly I felt my pulse cease.
It felt like I just heard it in a dream and not this real.


Not after his dad said she can't be fired.
Not after I was happy she wouldn't get fired.
That bitch!

He did this..
That devil!

“Oh my God. This is unbelievable Ashley. I don't wish to believe this.” Lili said as she pulled Ashley into a hug.

“He transferred a lot of money to my  account and said he's sorry to fire me.” She said.
“Jeremy?” I asked with so much anger.
“No. The school proprietor.” She said.

“Oh no. This can't be true. This can never be true. You ain't fired.” I yelled.

“I am Alex.” She said.

“Ashley, im so sorry. I caused this for you. How do I begin to apologise. What do I do to save this horrible situation. I feel like giving up. Im feel so horrible now.” Lili said and she was also in tears now.

I burst into cries.

“Its okay, Lilian, Alex dear. You don't need to cry for me. Im fine. I'do get a job soonest.” She said.

I just kept crying, till she came  and pulled me into a hug.

“Im gonna deal with him. I swear. Im gonna do anything possible to get you back to Ellas.” I said with so much tears.
“Its fine. Don't try to do that. Im fine, im great.” She said.

Lili came over and hugged Ms Ashley.

“Im so sorry Ashley. I'll try all I can to get your Job back to you. Please im very sorry. I feel so downcasted. I feel so horrible.” She said.

You are just nothing but a devil.
Why are you such a devil in human form?

Why do you hurt people just to make yourself happy?


Seriously I hate Jeremy. Lemme not lie
And who do you think is the woman Alex ran into at the washrooms passageway?

Alexandra's #POV

 Dear Diary,

Im writting with tears rolling down my eyes.
Ms Ashley had been fired.
I just don't know what to do...

#I_closed my diary and rested my head on it as I cried.

But the next day, I was eager to get to school.
I brushed my teeth too fast, had a very quick bath and couldn't eat cos I had no appetite.

I don't care how I wore my socks or how I packed my hair.
I just needed to get to that freaking school.

“Alex please be careful. Don't try to fight with anyone please.” Lili said as I rushed out.

She's been telling me that ever since I woke up.

“I will” I said and rushed out.

A cab came by and I entered.

“Ellas High School.” I said.
“Who doesn't know by its uniform. Hahaha” He said.

“Are you a finalist in the school?” He asked.

I frowned,
“Can you just drive and don't ask me questions huh!!” I screamed at him.
“Oh, fine fine.” He said.

I sent a message to Steph.

<b>I took a cab. I'll tell you why when we see.

She replied few minutes later.

<b> It's okay girl. I'll be in school soon.

#l_got to school, paid the cab driver and rushed into the school.

I walked to my locker, threw my bag in, closed it back and rushed to the class..

and great!

The bitch was there, in his seat with his right leg on his desk.
No Chris, no Molly.

I rushed to him.
He looked up and let out a smirk smile.

“Why are you here? Your seat isn't around here, have you forgotten huh?” He said.

“How could you do that to Ms Ashley? How could you let your dad fire her!!” I yelled so everyone hears.

Mutterings began.

Oh my God! Ms Ashley fired?

Ms Ashley fired?

What's she talking about?

Jeremy fired Ms Ashley?

Oh my world! Why? I love Ms Ashley!

He chuckled.
“You think I can't fucking do that isn't it?” He asked, smiling.
“You are a monster. And people like you don't deserve to be in the world!!” I yelled.

He smiled.

“You were trying to prove stubborn, So I gave your ass a little whip? How painful is it huh?” He asked, smiling.

God! I just feel like strangling him.
Killing him.
Ending his stupid life!

“You'll regret this!” I said before turning to walk away but a hand grabbed my wrist.
I turned and it's him.

I pushed his hand off with the greatest force I've ever felt within me.
“Get your filthy hands off me!” I barked.

Everyone watched.

“Watch your tongue girl or I'do beat up up right here.” He said.

I scoffed.

“Fuck to hell! Someday you'do get fired just the way you did to Ms Ashley.” I said.

He laughed.

“A boss can't be fired in his own company. Im the heir to everything my dad owns. You see. So I'll kep firing anyone that I wish to. People like you, little snail” He said with a smirk smile.

I glared at him, turned and walked away, with no where else on my mind but the principal's office.

I met Steph on the way and she ran to me.

“Hey girl whatsup?” She asked.
“I need to see the principal.” I said and walked ahead of her.

“Why?” She asked.

I stopped and turned to her.
“Ms Ashley had been fired.” I said.

She gasped.

“Oh my God! That bitch had made his dad fire her.” She said, and followed me to the principal's office.

We walked in and I walked straight to the principal.
Steph stayed back at the closed door like she's scared.

He looked at me.

“What can I do for you student?” He asked.
“I wanna know why Jeremy has so many rights in this school.” I asked, waiting for his answer.

“What rights?” He asked.

I grabbed the school magazine on his desk.
Why did he had to look so cool and nice here in this book but he's just too proud, arrogant and heartless in the real him?” I asked, staring at him.

He stared back at me.

“Why did you had to lie about him being the school most proud student! When he hardly stays for classes!!?” I asked, raising my voice

“And why did Ms Ashley had to be fired!” Steph yelled from the door.

“Yes! Why did she!! She never deserved that! but your rude punk of a Jeremy made her get fired!” I said.

“That was the school proprietor's order.” He finally spoke.

“The proprietor never wanted to fire her but Jeremy made him to! Why's he so heartless?” I yelled.

“Jeremy is the heir and there are orders that he make that must be obeyed.” He said.
“Firing a teacher with no offence huh?” I asked.
“If needs be.” He said.

“Ms Ashley can't be fired!” I said.
“She is, we're sorry.” He said.

Tears gathered in my eyes. But Steph dragged me out of the principal's office before they could fall.

“She's fired and there's nothing we can do about it.” She said as she pulled me down the school hallway and followed me right into my class.

Chris was in now and he just looked up and stared at me and at Steph as well.
The bitch still had his leg on his desk.

“Just ignore them okay.” She said as I sat down.
“I cant believe she's fired and never coming back.” I said.
“The bitch is probably thinking his everything now.” She said.

When Steph left for her class.
I turned and just stared out the window. Even when the History teacher came in, and began teaching I didn't listen.
I just stared out the window.


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