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story : Teens Hearts - Episode-17



 Teens Hearts - Episode-17

     Jeremy's POV

Got home and dad is still fucking calling me.
I banged the car door shut and walked into the house.

Met Moni mopping the dinning floor and she smiled as she saw me.
I glared at her and walked up stairs.

“Jeremy, how was school today?” She asked.
“Horrible!” I said and walked into my room.

Fell on my bed.
Dad call came again.

What's fucking wrong with this man?
He didnt fire that teacher and he's running down my battery with calls!
Don't he gat better things to do huh?

I picked up the call.

“Dad, can you just stop calling; Im fucking annoyed and I don't wanna listen to whatever you gotta tell me. I don't wanna talk with you. Don't you get it!?” I yelled and dropped the call.

But then another freaking call!
I checked the caller.


He's calling after saving the snail huh?
I picked up the call.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You fucking saved the snail and you're calling me huh?” I barked.
“Hey dude, calm down. I just got to the house. Im coming right in now.” He said.

I dropped the call.
Im gonna smack his head for saving that freak!

Soon, I heard him talking to Moni and few minutes later, he was knocking on the door.

“Hey punk, get in.” I said and he did.
He was on a black trouser and grey shirt.


I got up and rushed him, pushing him as he landed on the closed door.

“How dare you fucking save her huh? Are you crazy?” I said.

He puffed.

I pushed him again, harder. “Wanted to deal with that snail and you fucking saved her. What's wrong with you huh?” I yelled.

“Damn! Calm down dude!” He said.
“You don't fucking tell me to calm down.” I said.
“J calm down. We gotta talk.” He said.
“Talk about what!?” I yelled.
“About Alex.” He said.

What punk!

“Talk about her after you fucking saved her?” I said.
“I saved her cos she don't deserve that. And secondly, She's Steph friend. How do you expect me to not save her huh?” He said.
“I don't give a damn.” I said and walked back to the bed.
“You gotta end this.” He said.
“End what?” I asked.
“End whatever you wanna do to Alex.” He said.

I scoffed.
“Never gonna happen. Im gonna deal with her.” I said.
“She stays with her Aunt.” He said.

And what's my business with that?

“And what's my fucking business?” I asked.

My phone rang.
My dad.

Im not gonna pick it.

Chris got the phone, “Its your dad.” He said.
“Im not gonna pick that call.” I said.

“Why?” He asked.
“Thats a freak question.” I said.

“Let's go for a ride.” He said.

I stood up.
I needed the ride tho. To cool off.
I went for a cool black jeans and white shirt and taking off the school clothes, I pulled those on.

We walked downstairs and Moni came talking about food.

“We are going for a ride.” I said and walked away, Chris followed behind.

“Be careful boys.” She said.

We took my car, I drove as Drake songs played.

“I love Chris Brown.” He said.
“Drake is toping, you know that.” I said.

Riding was fun as we drove through the streets with music blarring.
Was cool and fun.

       Chris POV

He turned into her street. And I couldn't tell him that is Alex house.. He might just go in to cause something awful.
He don't mind.

As we rode pass her house and down the street, I saw Steph.
Okay, We both saw her.
Cos Jeremy turned to me and then back at the steering as he instantly decided to add styles into his driving.

She was looking so beautiful in blue jean trouser,white top and blue pullover.
She had pink headphone on and her hands were in her pullover pockets.

She glanced at our car and maybe she knew it was us or probably think its just Jeremy alone cos its his car.

Jeremy drove passs her and I turned just to stare at her till she's out of view.

“Where's the bitch heading to? Seem she lives around this street. Poor street with a fucking bad road.” He said.

The street isn't a poor street and got no bad road.
Thi is Jeremy.
Who would always find anything to jeer at someone he disdain.

And Steph.
God! she look so gorgeous. Doing her hair that way, makes her so beautiful.

And about Jeremy's question. I guess she's going to see Alex.
And do I even know her house?
I wish I do.

“Party tonight?” He asked.
“Nop” I said.
I began saying no when I found that i got feelings for Steph, but I always end up going cos of this punk here would end up dragging me to the party, filled with sluty girls and crazy guys.
“Nop too.” He said.
“Seriously?” I asked, not wanting to believe that.
“Yeah?” He said, turning to another street.

First time in a very long time he said no to a friday night party.

“Why ain't you? Molly is gonna dance tonight.” I joked.
“I just wanna sleep tonight.” He said.

I know why.

“Molly is gonna be disappointed.” I said, smiling.

He ignored.

I smiled.

Alex issues could make party freak miss tonight's party?
Good news!

“Oh finally Im sleeping tonight on my bed with my pillows over my head. Its been a hell of a while I slept on a friday night.” I said.

He said nothing.

Maybe Im gonna dream of I and Steph walking through the streets as we hold hands and feel our heartbeat.

         Steph's POV

That proud bitch..
That was his car... I really hope he hasn't gone to fight Alex in her house?

She cant be so stupid to do that.
Does he know Alex house anyway?
He can't.

Where's he going?
Oh! do I need to fucking care?

I got to Lili's house and pressed the door button.

I need to know how Alex is doing?
If she's okay.
She said the bitch brought her home.
How can she trust that guy to be in his car?
I hate how she's being around that bitch.

The door opened.. by Alex.
She most be suprised, cos I didnt let her know I was coming.

“S..Steph? Wow. Suprise right?” She asked, smiling.

I smiled.

“Don't you like suprises?” I asked.

She just hugged me.

This girl..
Why's she this friendly?

“Im happy you are here Steph.” She said.
And withdrew the hugging.

“Helping Lili in the kitchen. Do you care to join us?” She asked, pulling me in.

I smiled.

“I've never done that before but I don't mind grinding the pepper and cutting the peas.” I said.

“Haha.. Come on, We'll be happy to have you around. You can just watch us.” She said.

When we got to the kitchen, Lili turned to me.
Her hands were wet and she wiped it with the dishtowel.

“Stephanie dear.” She said.
“Lili.” I said with a smile.
“How are you?” She asked.
“Im fine and you?” I said.
“Im good. How's your dad?”
“He's fine as well.” I said.
“We are making cookies and juice.” She said.
“Wow.. I wanna learn.” I said.

We all laughed.

Lili is a great woman, I wish I have someone like her close to me.
I hated my mom right from when I turned four and was never close to her. My nanny did everything for me.

   Alexandra's POV

“Steph, I wanna tell you something.” I said as we walked down the road.
It was dusk and Steph had to head home now..
It was fun having her around.

“What's that?” She asked.
“Its about Chris.” I said and looked at her.
Her expression changed as she frowned.

“And what's up with him?” She asked.
“Steph, he..he told me something.” I said.
“Do I care to hear that anyway.” She said.
“You've got to please.” I said.
“I don't want to.” She said, moving ahead of me.

I met her pace.

“C'mon Steph. Chris is such a nice person. Don't you see? He saved me from that jerk.” I said.
“He's only pretending. He's just like Jeremy and they are never nice to people.” She said.
“Why do you think so?” I asked.
“Cos he poured drinks on my body on my first day In that school and he couldn't said sorry.” She said.


“I have no idea about.” I said.
“You can't cos he'll never tell you.” She said.
“But he's changed. He've been tryna change for you Steph.” I said.

I can't believe I was helping a guy to win a girl's heart.
What should I call myself?

“I don't give a damn about that. I don't like him one bit. And im just seventeen, I don't need a boyfriend. And even If I do, Not that jerk.” She said.
“I think the guy really love you from his heart.” I said.
“He should love himself.” She said.
“Even at that, you guys can be just friends.” I said.

She stopped and turned to me.

“I ain't like every girl who wanna have him as a friend.” She said.

Like me isn't it?
Anyway, Im happy to have him as a friend..
She should know that.

We got to a point I couldn't go further with her.

“I gotta stop here. Im sorry, I'll come over someday. I promise.” I said.

She smiled.

“Alright. Take care. Bye.” She said.
“Bye Steph.” I said and then she turned and walked off, her hands in her pullover pockets.

I inhaled.

I don't even know what to say.
What to think either.

I just turned and walked back home.


 Steph's POV

Now Alex knows about Chris and I.
Why would the bitch even tell her about his stupid shit love for me?
Obviously telling her to help him get me to like him?

I rolled my eyes.


I got home and my dad is on the couch, typing on his ibook pad.

He looked up and smiled at me.
“Steph. You're back. How's she doing?” He asked.
“Fine. She wasn't hurt.” I said.

Went over and sat beside him.
He kissed my cheek.

“You always look beautiful dear.” I said.

I smiled.
“Thanks dad.” I said, and looked at his ipad.

“Business.” He said with a smile.

I smiled.

“Have you heard about mom?” I asked him.

It was a suprised question as he looked at me with astonishment.

I never asked about my mom for the past one year now.
I wondered why im asking now.
Maybe cos of Lili.
She's just a woman that everyone would love to have as a mother.

“Baby, why do you wanna know about that whore huh? She's not fit to be your mother. Im your dad and I can give you whatever that you desire and that you want. I love you so much ok.” He said with a smile.

“It's just that I remember her at times you know. Alex's aunt is such a nice woman and she makes me wish I had a mother with her kind of heart.” I said.

He pulled me to him.

“You can stop going there if she reminds you of such ok. You got to be happy at all times for me dear.” He said and kissed me on my forehead.

“Do you want go see a movie?” He asked.
“No.” I said.
“So what do you want dear?” He asked.
“I want. You. To. Take me to. Your. Room.” I whispered, and brought my lips to his and kissed him.

He withdrew with a smile.

“Ofcourse. I will do that baby.” He said and put his lips back on mine and we began kissing.

He pulled off my pullover.
Then withdrew his lips and pulled me down.

Then he got up and carried me.
I giggled.

“What about Catherine?” I whispered.
“She's out to the grocery store.” He said.

I smiled.

    Jeremy's #POV

No party...
I just slept off thinking about what I gotta do to the brat.

The next day was saturday.
Molly came tho and after yelling of not seeing me at the party, she decided to dance and twerk and put the music so loud in my room and Moni never like that as she came yelling she's gonna have a migraine. And Molly and I ended up doing crazy naughty things after.

“I don't like that girl Jeremy.” Moni had said after I was back from driving Molly to her house.

Moni never did.

“She's fun.” I said.
“Oh gracious. She had that very short skirt that I could see what she wore under. God have mercy.” She said.

Pink lingerie.

“I didn't see that Moni. Your eyes shouldn't be searching such things.” I said.

“Oh shh, Im fifty-four years old Jeremy and I feel embarrased to see such a young teen putting such a small thing.” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Oh Moni.. I gotta sleep. I feel so exausted.” I said, taking a step.
“Exausted? What did you do that got you so exausted?” She asked, looking at me with narrowed eyes.

I chuckled.

“I don't wanna answer that.” I said.
“Oh gracious. Let heaven forgive you Jeremy. You are only but a young juvenile.” She said, joining her hands together in prayer.

I laughed.
Quite funny.

“Are you gonna keep ignoring your father's phone calls?” She asked just as I began walking to the staircase.
“I wish I can keep ignoring it forever. I hate him.” I said.
“You never hated your dad. What did he do Jeremy?” She asked.

I ignored her and walked up the stairs.

“Please don't put the music so loud next time. Im having cephalalgia now.” She said.

I smiled.

Just as I got to my room, My phone rang.

Dad calling.

I threw the phone on the bed and walked to the creamy coloured sofa, sat down, put my legs on the table.

Another call,
 I just ignored it.

I hummed One Dance by Drake.

Another call came.
I stood up, walked to it and grabbed it.

I sent a text message to him.

If you ain't gonna fire Ms Ashley, then im never gonna pick up your calls.

#I_sent it.

Dropped back the phone, walked to the sofa and sat back, placing my legs back on the table as I waited for another call or a text but then it didn't come.

Fuck you dad!


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