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story : Teens Hearts - Episode 11



 Teens Hearts - Episode 11

[[Note: Alex point of view starts all the way back from when Jeremy saw her and Steph at the hallway... Now ENJoy]]

Alexandra's POV

As Steph and I walked to through the big hallway, which led to our classes, I saw him.
He's hair is no more bad like I made it be yesterday.

He glanced at me....at us and I looked down.
Soon I got to my classroom entrance door.. Jeremy isn't standing far now.
“See you at Lunch hour Alex.” Steph said.
“See you too. Take care.” I said and walked into the classroom.. but I first went to my locker to check the first class this morning.
Okay, I just hate maths.

I took my maths notes and my calculator and closed back the locker.

Then I walked to the main classroom.

I saw Chris.. but no Molly.

He's on his phone as always.

Arghh, I feel like snatching the phone outta his hands.
Why would someone always be clued to phones in class all the time?

Not good at all!

I felt like saying Hi to him but then I decided not to.
I can't bear the embarrasement I'do feel if he snub me and this devils in class would laugh at me.
So I just sat gently on my seat and opened my maths note to go through.

I typed on my calculater.

“Hi Alex.” I heard a voice at my back.

I paused.

It can't be him. He's not in yet. And he can't call me in such a nice way either.
He's always rude.

Then he came to my front.
Chris Ray. It's Chris.

Wow. I can't believe it.
I like this guy.
I just like the way he is.
Not the rude proud Jeremy.

“Hi Chris Ray.” I said, adding his surname.
I don't know why but I guess I like his surname.

He smiled.

He has no dimples like Jeremy do, but he's just cute.
I love the way his hair blowed and curled.

“Just Chris. Ray is official.” He said.

I smiled.

“I know that.” I said.

He sat down on my desk, his phone in his hand.

“Hope Jeremy didn't hurt you?” He asked.

Everyone think he hurt too much?

“Nop.” I said.

“But why's h....”
Was about asking him why Jeremy is so rude but then I decided not to.

“What?” He asked.

“Its nothing.” I said.

He glanced at my books..

“You must love math right?” He asked.
“Im. not a fan of it one bit.” I said.
“Me too. But Steph is.” He said.

I looked at him.

“How do you know?” I asked.
“She's your friend right?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Okay.” He said.

Jeremy and his girlfriend walked in holding hands.

Stupid things.

Chris saw them and got down from my desk.
“Talk with ya lera.” He said with a smile and walked over to his seat, meeting up with the other stupid two.

I glanced at Chris before turnin back to maths book.

Soon, I felt Jeremy sit down on his seat.

I just went on with the calculation.

“Hey little snail.” His voice interrupted.

Why is he such a blockhead!?


#Alexandra's POV [Continues]

“Hey little snail.” His voice interrupted.

Why is he such a blockhead!?

I ignored him.

“Hey, snail. Im talking to you.” He said.

This is so annoying.

“You're just so annoying. Can't you just let me be?” I said.
“Huh? Why would I be disturbing an ugly big ears like you huh?” He said.

I clenched my teeth!
Oh Jesus! Nothing is gonna stop me from changing my seat away from this stupid guy!

“Answer me.” He said.
“Answer what?” I snapped.
“Why would I be disturbing an ugly big ear like you?” He said.
“Gosh! You're disturbing me. You're a hell of a disturbia.” I said.
“What is disturbia? It ain't in the dictionary.” He said.
“And so fucking what?” I snapped.

He's so annoying.

“Whoa. You say fucking things like I do? Are you a bad gurl huh?”
“Why are you so stupid and arrogant?” I yelled. It was low tho.

“What were you and that bitch talking about me there at the hallway?” He asked.

I and who?
And who's the bitch?

“Answer my question.” He said.
“Who's a bitch?” I asked.
“Steph is the bitch.” He said.

You are the bitch!  Arrogant Idiot.

“She ain't a bitch, Get that and why the hell should we talk about a proud rude punk like you.” I said.
“Wow. Im the most popular and the most handsome in this school, so everyone talks about me.” He said.
“You ain't worth talking about.” I snapped.

       Jeremy's POV

“You ain't worth talking about.” She snapped.

Huh. I ain't worth talking about?
I chuckled.

Annoying tho.

Why do I just wanna keep getting on her nerves?

“You are a brat, you should know that.” I said.
“A brat is better than what you are.” She said.


“What are my?” I asked.
I wanna know anyway.

“A psycho.” She said.
“What! Are you such a wide mouth huh?” I said.
“What do you feel you can do to me huh?” She said.

I can kiss you.

“Beat you.” I said.
“You dare not.” She said.

Arghh, this girl's always daring me.

A teacher walked in.
I hate maths.
Fuck it!

I faced the snail again.
“You're daring me huh? Im gonna spoil your hair and everyone gonna laugh at you. You want that huh?” I said with a smirk smile even though she can't see it.
Im at her back.

I wanna get her so annoyed even though Im just having the urge to kiss her lips again.

“That is the least you can do to me, rude thing. You're the one that would be laughed at cos you act like you're insane!” She said.

Arghhhhhhhhh.. This snail!

“And please no disturbance. A teacher is in. This is Math and I need total concentration.” She added.


“You are...” but I got interrupted by the teacher's question to her.

“Miss, You're a new student right?” He asked her.

Dumb question actually.

“Yes I am.” She snail answered.
“Please introduce yourself to me...
To us.” He said.

I chuckled.

     Aexandra's POV

I should introduce myself;
Why should I?
Well, its fine. I will.

“My name is A_”

He cut in.

“Pease stand up and introduce yourself.”  He said.

Ugh! I hate this man already.

I stood up.
I can hear a low mockery laugh at my back.
Jeremy. This are the kinds of things he would love.

“My name is Alexandra Grande.” I said.
“Nice names. What's your former school?” He asked.
“Marily Girls High school.” I said.
“In Texas?”
“Alright. Welcome to Ellas. Im Mr Fred, your maths teacher.” He said.

Mr Fred. I hate you already.
I breathed and sat down.

“You got such an ugly names.” The arrogant bitch said to me.

I wanted to talk back but I decided to ignore him.
I think silence would be the best talk back now.

“Did you hear me?” He said.

But I choosed to ignore him as I focused on the teaching.

“Hey snail? Is your ear blocked huh?”

I went on to ignore him.
He's nothing but a pest.

God! I can't just wait to change my seat.

       Jeremy's POV

She ignored me.
But I hate that she did.

And why do I hate maths so much?

I got out my phone to log into facebook.


    Alexandra's POV

Steph and I walked to the school cafeteria this time.
I was happy to have some time with her.

“He was a pest to you right?” Steph asked.
“Yeah, only at the first class. But when I kept ignoring him, he stopped. But anyway, Im still gonna change my seat.” I said.
“He's always an arrogant bitch.” Steph said.
We walked into the school cafeteria and bought a sweet dish.
We took sit on an empty table.

Soon we saw Chris walk in.
He saw me and smiled.
I smiled back.

Are we getting to be friends already?

I was thinking he was gonna come but he just walked to the counter, bought a drink and walked out.

My bad! Why would he come by anyway?

        Steph's POV

I saw the duo smile at each other.

Are they some kind of friends?

Ohhh whatever! He is just rude too.
Do I care?
Well, I'll just ask Alex tho.
“Are you guys friends or what?” I asked her.

She smiled.

“Maybe. Im not so sure but we had a little chat in class today.” She said.


“He's just like Jeremy. Proud punks!” I said.
“I don't think he is. He's cool.” She said.
“Whatever! I just hate them both!” I said.

     Alexandra's POV

My phone vibrated.

Im sure its Lili calling.
Yeah, it was her.

“Lili right?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said.

I picked up.

“Hi Lili.” I said, smiling.
“Alex dear. I couldn't wait for lunch hour so I can call you. How are you darling?” She said.
“Im fine Lili and thanks for calling.” I said.
“Aww my dear niece. Did anyone distract you in class?” She asked.

Jeremy! who else.

“No one, Lili. Im fine.” I said.

Steph raised eyebrows at me with wide eyes.
She must be astounded that I had to lie.

“What about Steph, is she with you now?” Lili asked.
“Yeah she is and we're in the school cafeteria right now. Eating something spicy and delicious.” I said.
“Oh dear. That's great.” She said.
“Take care Lili. I miss you and can't wait to be home and be with you.” I said.
“Miss you too dear. Bye. Love you.” She said.
“Love you too. Bye.” I said and dropped the call.

I smiled at Steph.
“She reminds me of my mom.” I said to her with a smile.
She looked at me with a smile.
“Its fine dear.”
“What about your mom?” I asked her.

She paused.

“I don't wanna talk about it.” She said.

I smiled at her.
“Its okay..” I said.

With just one word, What do you see Jeremy as?🤔
Hope dis chapter was a bit long?😜

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