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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 27


I want a home- Episode 27

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


Khora and lord Nathaniel’s men came down from the jeeps immediately the car came to an halt inside the compound they just drove in crazily.

Sunny began to walk towards them instantly as they came down one by one. None of them was smiling but all put on a strong face, including Sunny who also began to walk towards them.

“I Want all of you inside that car now and I want two men to dispose the car you came with” Sunny ordered all of them immediately he got in front of Khora.

“Khora Where is Lord Nathaniel?” Sunny asked almost instantly his order was carried out by the men and he was now left standing alone with Khora.

“I swear to god I’m gonna squeeze life out of you Khora” he whispered to him in anger and use one of his finger to hit his chest.

He sneered at him in annoyance and walked away to join the men he had ordered to enter into another vehicle.

“I’m gonna finish this Steve, I’m not going back” Charles grabbed Steve arm immediately to stop him from moving away with Vivian who was standing beside him.

“You’ve done enough Charles, I can’t let you risk your life anymore. You have to rest and heal from this bullet wound”

“No Steve, I started this and I’m not stopping until I see the end, I cannot back out, I’m doing this no matter what”

“You are not doing this anymore Charles. You have to get better and live” Steve countered almost immediately and let-go of his arm.

He took a brief look at Vivian and began to walk away while she stayed with Charles. She looked at Steve who was already fast away before she turned back to Charles.

“Let me get you something to eat, you really need to relax yourself”

The five vehicles rolled into the new compound immediately the gate opened by one of Vladimir’s men.

They all began to come down as the doors to the vehicles were all making a jam sounds. Lord Vladimir came down immediately before Stone came down likewise the rest of the men.

“Boss, what’s the new plan?” Stone asked Vladimir immediately the whole men all turned to him.

“There is a betrayer amongst us. Our plans was leaked today and its so shameful our efforts were fruitless. One of you all is a Betrayer and I want whoever it is to come out now and asked for my forgiveness before he’s fished out myself” Vladimir said aloud to get the attention of the men without replying Stone question immediately he leaned on the back door of the car.

He looked at the faces of his whole men to study their reactions as they began to make brief glances at themselves.

“You are right lord Vladimir. There is a betrayer amongst us and I can point him out if he doesn’t signify now” Vladimir was surprised to see one of his men break the 2 minutes silence already.

He walked forward to the other four vehicles they’ve all came down from and stayed directly in front of the one who talked.

He maintained a strong face and focus on his balls immediately he turned his face down.

“What is your name?” Lord Vladimir asked him and folded his arm.
“I’m Muchu your lordship”

“Muchu” Vladimir rephrased
“Yes your lordship”

“Since when have you become one of my supposed loyal men?”
“4 years ago your lordship”
“4 years”
“Yes my lord”

“And do you know the repercussion of disrespecting me?”
“Yes Lord Vladimir. I’m sure of what I’m about to say”
“Good. Then who is the betrayer? Point him out” Vladimir stepped backwards from him and asked.

Inspector Kelvin quickly dropped down from the car he just halted and began to horn so loud repeatedly.

He had just stopped horning continuously and decided to move the car forward instantly as he horned the more.

Other motorist were attracted by the continuous sound of the horn coming from the same vehicle and he had created few attention on the passers-by road already. The few people trekking on the road had to turn back and few young people riding bicycles had to stop for few seconds to observe what was going on.

The inspector finally stopped horning after he got the attention of the car he was trying to stop. He stepped down quickly and waved his hands in the air to signify the driver of the car.

He quickly ran forward in a swift to meet the car that had eventually stopped. The front window glass of the car he rushed to meet was wined down instantly and a lady beeped through.

“Good morning Miss Mary” The inspector greeted and rested his right arm on the vehicle to catch his breath.

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

“Good morning” she responded and removed the eye glass she had on her face, she looked baffled and quickly make a glance back at the gate of the building she just came out from.

She returned her baffled gaze at the vehicle the man that had just gained her attention and that of everybody else, she took a quick glance around and returned her focus on the man, seeing some people on the busy road had stopped to look.

“Don’t you remember me again?” the inspector asked her when he saw her baffled gaze. She nodded to tell him No immediately and her baffled gaze widened the more.

“You look familiar to me, have we met before?” the lady’s face changed and she asked him after 7 seconds.

“Yes Miss Mary, I’m inspector Kelvin and we’ve met before, I’ve been looking earnestly for you few months ago but I was unable to locate you until I was told you went to finalized a contract with some of your team-mate at the company you work. I heard you returned back to the country few days ago”

“You heard !!”

“Yes Miss. I was the inspector in-charge of an incident with Steve Jones, a part-time worker at your company. Do you remember him?” The inspector explained and saw a light changes form on her baffled face, he saw she squinted her eyeballs to look at him like she was remembering something.

“Remember me” Inspector Kelvin asked her.
“Yes I remember you inspector” She answered.
“Thank Goodness I’ve been looking for you”

“And why didn’t they take them to the police headquarters for investigation?” The second Russian man repeated the same question he had already asked. He adjusted the silencer of the gun likewise and point it directly on Max, Detective Louis cousin.

“I have no idea about that. He never told me”

“You are still lying To us Max. Why not say the truth and let us do away with this quickly”

The first Russian man threatened as Max panicked in total fear. Sweat rushed down profusely from his body and the confidence he felt earlier vanished in a swift when they were kidnapped by two men on their way from the party they went to. Even though the three ladies inside the vehicle they were coming from, knew he was drunk and unfit to drive, they still had to believe he was confident and there was no cause for alarm.


The noise coming from the club made the five of them finally decided to move out due to the continuous emphasize coming from the three ladies.

There was no telling Max and his friend was drunk, and the smoke from cigarettes and hemp made it more uncomfortable for the ladies with them but they had to persuade Max and his friend to let them leave the lousy club despite telling them he was unfit to drive.

“Max, I can’t stay here any longer. We need to leave here now please” his supposed girlfriend had complained first before the two other ladies supported her.

“Common Lina. We agreed to stay and have fun remember?” Max had tried to convince the ladies and his friend had supported him too but the ladies insisted they leave the club. They had more discussions and arguments between them until its was finally agreed to leave the club under Max girlfriend claims that some men are staring at them in the club and she wasn’t comfortable for the fact that she see they looked suspicious to her.

They had left the club and were all settled in the moving car, they were just about some meters away from the club when the two Russian men appeared in a cop uniform and ordered them to stop the moving car.

It had taken more than an hour before they realized the new place they found themselves unexpectedly and only to realize they were drugged when the car was stopped by the Russian men dressed in a cop uniform.

They all woke up to see themselves tied so firmly to a chair after about two hours they were kidnapped unexplainably and since then they’ve been asking Max several questions he should never had answered.


“All I’ve told you is nothing but the truth. He wasn’t supposed to tell me anything about it but he had to tell me when I arrived back to the country yesterday due to some profound reasons” Max continued to speak in fear immediately he heard Lina faint sound behind him and the followed sound of the gun by the second Russian man who had walked backwards to show his seriousness.

“Please don’t kill anyone. I’m telling you everything I know already please” Max pleaded immediately he began to hear Lina mumbling so loud. The chair she was tied to began to move and suddenly he heard her shout.

“What are those profound reasons? I am getting impatience already” He heard the second Russian man shouted and gunshots followed instantly.

“That is the building afar, I can’t step closer any longer from here again Sunny”
“of course you will officer James. I paid you randomly for this and I expect you to deliver this fully to us” Sunny countered the officer immediately.

He snared and stepped forward ahead Khora after a quick glance backwards at the bus they came with.

“We are not doing this Sunny. The agreement between us was to point out the building directly to you and the deal is done”

“You have more job to do for us officer. I paid you multiple times than what you demanded so don’t tell me Bulls*** now” Sunny countered him.

“No Sunny. The deal is done. My job is at stake here”
“Your job is to make sure we penetrate into that building successfully and get Lord Nathaniel out. There is something I want you to do and you are going to do it now before my boys and I can attack that building”


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