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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 26


I want a home- Episode 26

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


Lord Nathaniel continued walking slowly with Margot who kept on mumbling beside him as they were pushed forward by the detectives.

“You don’t have to guard him that way, I already took the gun from him but be careful and do gently if any of you don’t want to get dead soon” Steve warned the detectives as they surrounded lord Nathaniel who gazed angrily at Steve.

He said nothing nor argue with the detectives as he walk on and was directed from rooms to rooms till they finally got to the interrogation room.

Margot was taken to another room and Lord Nathaniel was taken likewise to a different one.

The door to the room lord Nathaniel was led opened almost immediately they got to it and Detective Louis was standing inside alone, he crossed his hands and his butt was placed on the edge of the footstool behind a metal desk in the room but he had to adjust himself properly when Nathaniel was led into the room.

He stepped backwards from the footstool and moved forward before the two detectives leading Nathaniel inside made him seat straightened.

Detective Louis stared a look at the drug lord for few seconds as the whole room went silent and one of the officers who both brought him in moved backwards to close the door, he watched the drug lord rested his back fully on the chair before the metal table at the center of the room where he was forced to sit.

“I don’t think you recognize me again” Detective Louis finally break the short silence and nodded, he moved backwards and placed his clenched fist on the metal table between him and the drug lord. He stared sternly at lord Nathaniel’s face but there wasn’t any response from the drug lord.

“I think you need to start talking now lord Nathaniel, this place is not the police headquarters where we could be ordered to free you immediately. I must let you know we’ve decided to handle this issue in the criminal way and that is why you’ve been brought here” The detective shouted and smashed his fist on the table in annoyance when Nathaniel tried to turn his face away from him.

“I need answers now” Detective Louis shouted at him without asking a question literally.

Joel watched as Vivian’s hands began to move speedily on the laptop she was working on, he could see she seemed more busy trying to help out and he was marveled at her courage but doing things with women practically wasn’t his thing but he was marveled she had helped out magnificently in the mission.

He shifted himself backwards to have a look at what she was actually doing on the laptop when his phone began to ring.

The loud sound of gunshots that came out from the phone immediately he answered it even got Vivian stopped what she was doing. The gunshot sounded again before Joel quickly ran to the driver side of the van to kick it back to life.

“Charles wasn’t expected to use a gun, what is he doing?” Vivian asked rhetorically and quickly grabbed the whole laptop she was working on. She picked her phone along and joined Joel who had already started to drive the van without navigating, she used the seat belt and placed the laptop on her laps as Joel moved crazily and unexpectedly.

“That is not the sound of the gun I gave to Charles, I meant the gun I gave to him wasn’t just a gun that should make any sound. I should have done this myself instead” Joel seemed to be answering her question as he increased the car speed just then Vivian decided to switch on her phone.

They weren’t just about 3 minutes drive already when Vivian’s phone rang too and Margaret was displayed on the screen.

“Viv, your mum is here” She heard Maggie’s voice immediately she answered it.

Khora entered into a different vehicle as the rest of the men separated themselves in the other vehicle, they already created some attention on the road and few people who saw some of them with guns began to run away from the road fearfully, some of the passers-by screamed and that created more attention to them and their cars.

The few distraction they caused made some of Vladimir’s men walking on the same street recognized them immediately and watched as they moved.

“Fast, relay it to the boss, we’ve seen them” one of the three men said and one of them quickly put a call through to Stone.

Khora began to think as the two vehicles moved, he knew they created some attention by not telling some of the men to hide their guns away immediately they all came out from hiding but his focused was directly on the perpetuated thinking that they’ve been betrayed.

“Boss where are we going to” he heard the driver asked in the same vehicle he was seated with 4 men.
“Just continue driving” He answered and got expected stares from the men in the vehicle.

“Just continue driving to where boss? What is the plan?” He heard the one seated at the front passenger side asked before his phone suddenly distracted him from answering and he quickly answered it at the first ring, seeing Steve was calling.

“Where are the hell are you?” he shouted so loud the men had to turned and face him. He took a glance at the screen when there wasn’t any response in 5 seconds and he shouted again.

“What the hell is going on Steve?” He shouted.

“What is going on” Steve helped him rephrased better.
“Where are you and where have you taken Lord Nathaniel to?”
Khora continued shouting each question but there was no response from Steve again. He kept repeating hellos and checked the phone screen but the call was still reading.

He kept silent too immediately and touched the next man beside him before he said hellos again but had to reduced his voice after 30 seconds more of taking a look at the phone screen until Steve spoke again.

“Meet me at 18 TH street, Ford Ave 8, we had a little problem on the road and we had to take another route”

“That is not according to our plans Steve. The plan was to join us immediately the men with you join us here. Its been more than 90 minutes now and I demand to know why the plans are changing and why you are the one changing it, connect me with Lord Nathaniel now, I want to speak with him”

“I’m sorry Khora, you can’t speak with him right now. Just do as I say and meet me at the address” Steve said and end the call before Khora could say more.

“s*** !! We’ve been deceived” Khora cursed out loud and smashed his fist against the backseat of the car. He redial the line immediately but the call didn’t connect.

“Boss, the location is protected” The man sitting beside him announced as he ordered the car to be stopped suddenly without knowing what was coming behind them.

GMT 19:27

The day was getting darker and Margaret couldn’t but try to help the old woman with her luggage into the main house after the car came to an halt inside the compound.

“Thank you for helping out Margaret, I’m really grateful for this” She told Margaret immediately she came down from the car to carry the remaining loads in the boot.

“I’ve actually done nothing Mrs. Kruger” Margaret smiled and tried to lift one of the luggage.
“You’ve done something Margaret, you really helped me out today thanks to you”

“Yeah. You welcome ma”

“I hope you do not take Vivian’s earlier reaction to you personal”

“Oh !! Not at all darling. I raised Vivian right from when she was 2 years old and I can tell her behavior from left to right. She’s my daughter and I have to forgive whatever it is she says or does. Plus, I think you already explained your busy schedule and I understand everything”

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

“Thanks mum, we just had to fixed everything on time” Margaret commended as she pressed the ring bell hung in front of the door they’ve walked to immediately they got to the door step.

The woman had to shut what she was about to say when Margaret pressed the ring bell the third time without any response from the inside.

“I don’t think anyone is at home” Margaret said as she pressed the fourth time without any response.

“No one !!” Mrs. Kruger rephrased. Her smiling and tired face turned to a frown immediately Margaret pressed the bell the sixth time but there wasn’t any response yet.

“Where has Rhoda gone to?” the woman mumbled out.
“No one is here Mrs. Kruger, I think you should return to my place, its obvious you are tired and you need lots of rest now, ”

“But Rhoda confirmed she was at home when I called, I think I should put a call through to her first, you’ve done a lot for me today already and I don’t think I should cause you more problems”

“Not at all Mrs. Kruger, you’ve come all the way from South Africa and you need to rest and eat something. Let’s just return to my place instead”

“I thought you said you are not staying over the night today”
“Yes. I’d..” Margaret said and stopped.

“I’m at your door step Rhoda, where are you?” The woman intercepted immediately the call she made to Rhoda was answered.

“I’m so sorry aunty, I had some issues at the office and they needed to be sorted out before I had to leave the company. I’m already close to the house”

“What about your husband and Children? Is there No one at home”
“Yeah. My husband went on a vacation with the children”

The Two Russian men earlier revealed took their stands and turned to the man they’ve been expecting immediately he came down from the red vehicle that just halt in front of them.

They both moved forward as the stranger moved closer to them and took their hands for a shake, he was trying to apologize for his lateness when he was disrupted to begin the discussion.

“Let’s get directly to business” the stranger started while the two Russian nodded and chorused “Yeah” simultaneously.

“A lot of people are already involved in the information you are requesting but there are three major people who originally know everything about the data and they’ve shown full interest in getting their hands on it.

Its all started from two Pakistan drug lords called Abdul Rauf and Mishra, both of them were successful drug lords and they both made different illegal business deals between themselves and among other illegal activities that led to their death, which one or the other involved the so-data”

“You already told us about that in the email you forwarded to us yesterday and we’ve discovered more about the whole thing ourselves through the little necessary information you gave in the mail” One of the Russian man interrupted the stranger, trying to tell him indirectly that they wanted more different information.

“Yeah. A drug lord called Nathaniel, Margot and Vladimir. This three were trained by our enemy and we’ve tried to get much information on them but its seemed to be confidential and there’s little we know about them” The second Russian man added to explain the information they needed better.

“We need to know how many people know about the drive and what steps anyone of them had taken” the first Russian man continued.

“Then I suggest we seat to discuss this better” the stranger said and tried to ushered them into the car he came with by taking a step backwards and stretched his right hand to show he was telling them to come into the car.

“No. We’ll discuss whatever you want to tell us here, there is a reason we’ve chosen this place to meet you and that’s because there is lesser security and no Cctv in place”

“Okay then. Where do I start from?”
“We do not need much explanation but tell us all you know about Nathaniel and the rest” The second Russian man enjoined.

“Boss I think they are moving again, what do we do? Should we attack them?”

“No don’t attack them, something is not right and I think we need to figure it out first. Just follow them discreetly and know where they are heading to”

“I don’t think Lord Nathaniel is in the vehicle”
“Yes I don’t think so too but make sure to follow them and find out whatever it is they are up to” Stone said into the talkon and end the connection before Vladimir who was coming ahead could reach out to him.

“Stone, its time to move” Vladimir announced immediately he stopped near Stone.
“Boss, I think you need to calm down and let us find out what is happening first, we can’t proceed with anything until we do and I think you have to suppress your anger before we make any move”

“Don’t be stupid. Nathaniel has gone already” Vladimir announced and brought out a revolver.

Detective Louis and Detective Cougar hurried out from the interrogation room as the door to the room closed behind them immediately.

The two detectives walked closer to Steve who had been watching them and Detective Cougar heaved a sigh.

“He’s never going to speak” Detective Louis commended in frustration.

“Of course you do not expect a drug lord to tell you anything, you have to break him first and let him go crazy himself because he’ll ever tell you anything” Joel’s voice sounded and startled them at the door to the room.

He walked inside with Vivian who walked slowly behind him until she sighted Steve, she walked tiredly pass the detectives straight away without greetings and went into Steve’s arm.

“what do you suggest we do now?” Detective Cougar asked Joel almost immediately they gave way to Vivian.

“We have to visit Metlife company in New York city”
“Metlife !!” Both detectives chorused.
“Yes. Since the Hard Drive is destroyed, that is our only clue but before hand, we have to ensure accurate safety of the two lords in our custody first” Joel explained and moved forward to look at Lord Nathaniel on the laptops placed on the long desk in the room.

“Where is Charles?” Steve whispered to Vivian after breaking the short embrace between them, he parted her back and held her closely to himself.

“He’s wounded. He encountered a little unexpected problem and got shot, he could have been captured and killed if Joel hadn’t got there on time” Vivian answered him as Steve face suddenly turned to a frown immediately he heard her.


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