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Story: I want a home- Episode 25


I want a home- Episode 25

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Steve I’m asking you a question” Lord Nathaniel added when Steve gave him no definite answer before he noticed his phone was vibrating and Sunny was calling again.

He took a look at Steve who made a glance back at the backseat as if he was expecting him to answer the call first before he gives a response to the question.

“Where are we heading to?” he repeated the question and ignored the call again.

“We are going to the new place and following the plans” Steve finally answered him after making quick glances at him through the rear mirror.

“This is not the road to the new place Steve, you are taking another route” lord Nathaniel emphasized and frowned, he was already having second thoughts and he continued to stare at the rear mirror to check Steve face, still expecting his response.

Steve made a chuckle and concentrated on the road immediately he made eye contact with the lord, he felt its was unnecessary to argue with him or let him know what was happening already.

“You have to trust me boss” He answered and increased the car speed.

“Hey mum !! I’m in the middle of something and I can’t discuss with you right now” Vivian said hurriedly into her phone before Mrs. Kruger could continue what she was saying.

She was seated beside Joel in the van and had to quickly move aside to finally answer her mum’s continual calls, knowing fully well Joel will get mad because of the several interruption she was causing.

“I said I am in a cab and I’m on my way to your office, your apartment is locked and I’m coming to get the keys”

“What !! Mum”
“But mum, I already told you not to come. I already told you I’m fine”

“I’m about 5 minutes away to your office already Vivian, just send the keys down to me and I’ll head home myself. I’ve come a long way and I’m not here to disturb you”

“mum I haven’t said you are, what I said is you don’t have to come down here all because you want to see me. I’m a busy lady for God’s sake and it takes more efforts for me to get the money you just used to move down here for nothing, don’t you understand how hard it is for me to get those funds?” Vivian flared but lowered her voice after a quick glance from Joel.

She saw she was disturbing him again and quickly end the call with her mum, she frowned and select the messaging application on her phone, she decided to type her foster mum a message and switch off the phone thereafter.

“Charles, I need you to calm your nerves and handle this as a man. You can do this believe me, all you have to do is to trust your instincts. The target is coming ahead and will be in position in 15 seconds, we are standing nearby to provide you support incase anything goes wrong” Joel said into the talkon as he watched the live stream from the laptops after glancing at Vivian.

“Boss, I don’t understand what is going on” Stone complained to Vladimir immediately he raised himself and turned the laptop to him.

“What is going on?” Vladimir asked him without looking at the laptop 10 seconds after turning it to him.
“The CCTV is offline and the tracker still indicate the same position, I think they must have found out about it”

“is it still at the restaurant?”
“Yes boss”
“Then why is the cctv still offline? Can’t you find another way to get it back online?” Lord Vladimir asked repeatedly, he stood almost instantly before Stone could give an answer to his question.

“I’m getting impatient doing this Stone, this is taking longer than it should take and I need to take counter action now”

“No boss, we cannot take any measures without knowing what is going on. I think the best thing to do is to send some of our men over first” Stone countered as suggestion.

Two suited men passed-by the security personnel successfully without having to answer much questions from the securities. Both men were with a briefcase and their walking steps vividly tell one was older than the other.
The both of them walked normally as they approached the main security system and began to take off what was on their body one after the other.

From the wristwatch to the rings on their fingers and from their belt to the jacket of their suit. They both brought out the guns on their body and the knife carefully hiding behind them as they placed them on the security carousel.

They both walked to the securities who began to check them out again after dropping all the possible weapons on their bodies and its took them more than 9 minutes to get them moving on again to their destination.

The door to the office they were about to enter opened in 5 minutes later and they both entered with three security guards.

“I do not quite appreciate… how many times your men will get me checked before I could get to you here William” The older man said immediately they entered the office.

He moved forward and met the warm embrace of the black American man in the office.

“I’m sorry there were security issues before you get here, I do hope you understand the measures and not take it personal”

“Obviously not William, I do think you need more men to protect yourself and especially your wife, your children and your grandchildren. Even though The security measures in here is not enough, mere focusing at the two entrance that leads directly to this office I’ve I found a way to get in here successfully and eliminate a target without problems, even if the target is surrounded by 100 men” The older man said and disengaged from the hug, he made to have a seat before the second man sits after the black American. They both took off the disguised moustache on them before they removed the face mask to finally reveal their real identity.

They took off the gloves in their hands and finally adjust their hair, obviously showing they were Russian and both of them were young men and likely to be the same age.

“What else do you think we need to put in place?” The black American man asked immediately he waved to his men inside the office.

“Its just little William, you need more pro security systems especially at the main entrance”

( Written by Ireti Adedipe )

“But what we have here cannot be bridged, our security systems are top notch and cannot be hacked easily by anyone”

“Yeah William if you’d say so but I think we need to discuss why we are here now. We’ve quickly got other things to do”

“Yeah. We have a little problem with one of our old data and we need you both to handle it for us”
“Good. Who is my target?”

“The target is a well trained drug business lord called Nathaniel and he was trained by your enemy”

“Boss, I can’t connect to Steve anymore, his phone has been disconnected and Lord Nathaniel isn’t going through anymore” one of the men with Khora answered his question quickly.

“What do you mean? I just spoke with Steve 10 minutes ago and they will be here in….” Khora said and stammered. His face turned to a frown almost immediately and his lips remained open as the men in the room stared at him. They’ve been stuck in their position more than 2 hours and it got more confusing when there was nothing from their other men again.

He took a look at his wristwatch immediately and at the clock attached on the wall almost instantly, “What is going on?” He mumbled out rhetorically to himself as the men watched him.

He rushed forward towards the center table as the men gave way quickly, wondering what was going on. He quickly took his phone and dialed Steve’s line to confirm what he was told but the line didn’t go through truly. He quickly dialed lord Nathaniel himself but its didn’t go through likewise. He redial the line but the response was still the same before he decided to put a call through to the driver.

“Where are you?”
“I’m still at the restaurant boss, Steve Instruct me to get further instructions from you immediately I got to the restaurant and I’ve tried to reach you couple of times but I couldn’t reach you” he heard the response from the other end.

“And why couldn’t you reach me?”
“I don’t know boss, I think I have issues with my phone”

“How long have you been at the restaurant now?” Khora asked again, his frowned face turned to reality and confusion was likely shown on the faces on his face.
“Its over 40 minutes now”

“Guys I think we’ve been deceived” Khora announced to the men in the room immediately he end the call, he closed his eyes and opened them immediately.

“Let’s get out of here now” He added as the men stared at him in confusion.

“I’m in.. Copy that” Steve said into the digital wristwatch immediately the gate to the building he was about to enter opened. He drove into the compound swiftly and halt the car as lord Nathaniel watched the new environment they just entered.

Its finally dawn on him Steve had just separated him from his men and he had other plans in place. He closed his eyes briefly and made a sigh as Steve opened the door and stepped down. He took a look at Margot who was rumbling beside him and suddenly heard loud footsteps of men surrounding the vehicle, before he could think further, the whole four doors of the vehicle was pulled opened.

“Come down and place your hands on your head” He heard the men and knew at once they were detectives” 


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