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story : Forgotten Episode -9



Forgotten Episode -9

© Authoress Manny

                 Nicholas POV

I was in class when we heard the door open and Mr James stepped in with a girl whose face was down I guess she was scared of looking up when she finally did it was as if are eyes wanted to fall out of the socket and as of me I couldn't control myself in fact I didn't know when I yelled 
The whole class including her and Mr James and the teacher in class turned to my direction
I quickly covered the shock on my face to expressionless and did as if I saw a picture on my phone 
She's going to be joining you in this class from now on Mr James said
What??? Who is she?? Mandy asked 
Well she's one of the lucky ones who won the scholarship Mr James stated 
Well that as nothing to do with us, how can a commoner or someone that has not reached this level join us?? huh?? Mandy asked again
Mr James kept quiet for a while and even the girl was just staring with an expressionless face 
You will need to go visit the director if she's not allowed here Mr James stated and that shut Mandy up 
Cause the director can send her out of the school without much stress he is the second richest In Us and has numerous companies but still decided to stay as director in the school and he and my mom as equal share of the school 
Mandy left the class angrily and I know where she was headed her girls followed her as usual but I didn't say a thing just watched the show and so did the girl
can't believe am seeing her again she's looks a little pale but beautiful 
But her being here would be bad for her cause of Mandy
And for me it will be worse cause my feelings for her would increase and I didn't want that am slowly going nuts now and I hate it 
Her red eyes is so unique and matches her beautiful black silk her 
I wish she could let it fall but wishes ain't horses right 

                 Britney's POV

Omg am I seeing the best singers right now??
And am about to be their seat mate??
Well my little joy was cut short by Mandy's rude attitude 
Well I enjoyed the little drama and didn't say a thing until Mandy came back 
But the only weird is that Nick B's eyes looked so familiar like I have met him before
Britney Mr James called
Well introduce yourself and join the class, he said again
One thing I hate doing is introduction but I gat no choice 
Mmm my Name is Britney Williams 
That's all I said and went to an empty seat at the back and sat 
I already know what am in for but i rather act a little naive

              Mandy's POV 

I can't believe a commoner in the same class with me 
That's just disgusting and the director simply shut me up without allowing me to talk well she should get ready for me cause I am the best and I won't let are get good talk more of being among the best

      Director Damian POV

Am doing this cause am feeling like I met my child and her voice is one in a million 
I wanna ask her lots of things but for now I can't until she trust me and I think getting her to trust me will be a little hard
I know what Mandy might do but I still wanna risk her cause I think she's a fighter and won't suffer much 
Am sorry dear but I want you to be stronger 

              Kia's POV

Wow she's really pretty, don't get it wrong am really playful not like I have feelings for her and I think she's a loner cause she has been sitting here for a while without even asking her anything or saying a word. I just hope Mandy let her be 

           Nick's POV 

She's really quiet and I think she's a loner, she does not even look around her, other girls would love to get close to celebrities but she does not even look around her
Am feeling sorry for her cause Mandy hates commoners and I don't associate with anything they do no one does and even if I want to people might think otherwise 

            Mandy POV

Wow she must be really quiet and naive and that's what I want, I will show her who's boss 

                  Britney's POV 

The class went well and I understood perfectly specially because I have read almost everything before now
I could feel everyone looking at me weirdly but I just didn't say a world
Mandy was busy sending daggers with her eyes and I was pretending I didn't see her

Regular classes ended and everyone left for lunch excluding Nick who had his head on the desk and Kia who was busy playing a game on his laptop 
Well I didn't leave cause I had snacks with me, I don't really fancy going to the cafeteria even tho I know I don't need to pau for it 
Hey newbie I heard Kia say
Hi I replied 
Britney you are really pretty he said and winked 
I just smiled and turned and concentrate on my cheese and phone and made myself busy 
I looked back a little and realized the hurt in his eyes but I didn't say a word 
Just then Mandy and her girls came with buckets of water being me I stood up dropped my phone and cheese in my bag then shifted it and like I calculated she poured the buckets of water on me and smirked then left 
I felt hurt, but smiled
I saw the hurt in Kia's face Nick b was had and expressionless face 
Kia quickly gave me a towel 
Thank you kia
He smiled 

Kia is a sweetheart 

What is Mandy's problem o

What do you think Director Damian's plans her

Do you think Britney would survive 


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