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story : Forgotten Episode -8



Forgotten Episode -8

© Authoress Manny

               Britney's POV

We got to the airport and stepped down from the car, we head into the airport did all the necessities and entered the airplane, for me it wasn't a first so I wasn't super excited and nervous as the rest which made the man who is taking us asked me why I was so comfortable I just smiled and told am used to it and he nod
Well they paid for our ticket earlier 
I just sat and buckle up then put my head set and played one of my favorite songs You Are The Reason By Calum Scott 
After a few hours the plane landed and I didn't even sleep I was exhausted I sluggishly got off the plane with the others 
A car came to pick us up and drove to our new home it was more of an hostel just that everybody had their own room which I was grateful for cause I always enjoyed my privacy 
Get some rest today you will commence school tomorrow so get settle I will come pick you up tomorrow and show each one of you ur class he said
We all thanked him and he nod and left 
I picked a room upstairs it was huge and had it bathroom and wardrobe it I was happy I arranged my things and took a long shower after that I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and simple top then drifted off to sleep 

        Few hours later 

I woke up and realized I slept for a long time seeing the time was past 8 
I went down stairs and saw the orders watching TV I didn't mind I just went into the kitchen and saw different snacks
I settled on chips and a bottle of water and was about heading upstairs when one if the girls stopped me and asked me to join them in the sitting room which was weird cause they never talk to me 
I only nod and sat down they were watching a music video of Mandy pop queen in Cyrus Music High 
I never really liked her songs cause it felt fake especially when she sings emotional songs a song of Kia came on Emotions that was my favorite among his songs
I checked the station and realized it was Cyrus Music High no1 station now I know why they were playing there songs my favourite artist Song Grudges came on who was Nick B 
I loved that song cause it talked about lots of things that I can't use words to say it felt like the song was originally sang for me I listen and I didn't know when I sang along 
When it ended, everybody was just staring at me with a wow look I just took the bottle of water and chips and head to my room without saying a word I kept thinking as I laid on the bed and didn't know when sleep took me 

Next morning 6:am 

I woke up and quickly showered brought a black tinted jean and a Black armless top with a red leather jacket with My black sneakers I took the necessary materials I would need and up it inside my bag and took my phone and dipped it into my pocket and head downstairs
I saw everyone in the kitchen eating but I just took water cause I don't really like eating in the morning u checked the time it was already 7:15 
After waiting for about 10min the man who brought us appeared at the door and we all head to school he showed everyone their class except me 
And told me the director asked to see me and I should follow him I obliged knowing fully well I had no choice 
I entered into the office while he waited behind I was shocked to see the man who was staring at me back at the audition in the office as the Director I quickly composed myself
Sir you asked to see me I told him
Yes I did, well your class would be very different from the rest and I want you to tell me everything you would need or if there is any problem I wouldn't want you to hesitate in telling me he said and I only nod trying to process everything he said 
I know you must be wondering why I am giving special privilege but for now I can't give you a definite answer but when I can I will let you know he said as if reading my thought he said don't be bothered it nothing to be scared about I nod and he smiled
James!! He called and that man came in and he asked him to take him to the upper class while the so called Mr shames face remained shocked I was just confused with the whole drama but shut my mouth
James didn't you hear me take her to the upper class NOW!!! He yelled frightening both me and Mr James 
Yes sir he answered shaking 
I just walked behind him to the class
I entered and what I saw shocked me

What did she see o

Who can guess 

What is Director Damian up to now 

Stay tuned for the next episode 


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