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story : Forgotten Episode -7



Forgotten Episode -7

© Authoress Manny

               Director Damian Gate 

When she came up on the stage I felt like I saw my wife only it is the younger version she had the exact same hair my wife has and the very rear red eyes I couldn't stop staring, it made me miss my daughter all over again
And the way she sang, her voice, the passion everything made me feel like it was my wife singing although she stopped singing ever we lost how baby 
I still blame myself for leaving her all alone in her room but my wife keep telling me it not my fault but I can't help hate my self.....  Britney was the exact name we gave our daughter when she was born 
I have to tell my wife about this 

                   Britney POV

It was Monday I was nervous for the result Cause it was coming out today 
I just wish and pass at least for the sake of all the slaps and insult mom gave me 
 Flash back 

I got home after the audition and I saw mom standing at the stairs case looking down at me with Dad and my siblings it felt like they have been waiting for me before I could think of saying anything she was right in front of me slapping me and kicking me all over my body 
How dare you disobey me huh she asked
I....I....I....I.... Don't know what you mean I managed to spit out
My sister slapped me again how dare you lie you little witch huh how dare you she hissed
Mom she will never pass, anyway she can't sing she said to mom
And mom hissed and walked out with everyone 
I still can't believe why they would treat me like that 
Anywhere I have never sang in front of them so they would never know anything about me 
I sluggishly walked up the stairs and took a warm bath and cleaned my bruised body up 
End of flashback 

I walked to the hall were the names would be announced I was still very weak due to the beatings and all
I managed a sit at the far end of the hall and waited patiently for the principal to come out 
        The principal suddenly appeared and stood on the podium and began
I want to say am very proud of everyone who took their time and participated in the audition but unfortunately only five people among all of you would be able to get the scholarship to go to Cyrus Music High 
And they are ........
I was really nervous cause I don't really expect my name to come out just hoping 
  They are Skylar Ben, Francis Falcon, Brenda James, Nichole Luke and the best according to the judges Britney Williams the principal said 
It felt like the world just crumbled really hard cause my happiness knew no bound I felt on top of the world 
Your trip would be on Wednesday by 8am so I expect everyone to be here early with everything you would need cause you are going to New York
I quickly paid the cab man and stepped down and quickly walked into the school premises and saw the rest waiting patiently I was happy they didn't leave without me
I entered into the car after thanking everyone for waiting me but I didn't see him there 

Who do you think she's looking for 

Who do you think Director Damian his 

Who is ready to unravel secrets 


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