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story : Forgotten Episode -5



Forgotten Episode -5

© Authoress Manny

    Britney POV

I walked into school as early as possible I am known for being a nerd and always punctual so it wasn't new for them to see me early 
 I head to my locker to drop my bag thankfully the school does not use uniform everybody is allowed to wear their own wears only during gymnastic, swimming and sport days do we change
Gymnastic is always Tuesdays I love it cause am good at it but my favorite was swimming and it was Wednesdays we would always wear swimsuit I don't really like it cause it exposes my body but I still loved swimming but I hated sport I was not good at it but I wanted to learn basket ball but who would teach a nerd everyone avoids me but still crush deep inside cause I am a sexy nerd I never have time to think about anything other than studying and listening to music
 Shit the bell just rang for gathering I wonder why it is only when there is a very important announcement it rings 
I just hope something bad hadn't happen again gosh I hurried up to the wall and found a seat at the back which I liked cause it was far from others and I liked that, the principal came to the front of the podium and told us 
Student have some very good news for you but it not everyone that would benefit from it but for those who will I hope you make us proud with this I am very honored tell you that Cyrus music high would be giving a scholarship to five people who can impress them with their singing abilitiesAnd not to worry your accommodation is included in the scholarship the principal said
I was shocked Cyrus music high as always been my dream but I am not sure I want to participate
 And their would be few judges sent down here to pick the five that would be honored to get this scholarship and the competition would be on Friday by 6pm that would be all hurry to class now the principal ended is speech 
I need to participate but am scared no one even knows I sing, I went to fill the form for participation the principal was shocked but didn't say a thing I filled it and left God help me
                  Nick's POV 

I woke up due to the sound of the alarm I angrily threw it on the fall making it break into pieces 
I laid back down but I couldn't sleep more like the sleep wasn't there anymore my mind drifted off to her I Still don't know her name but I wanna see her badly but I won't go back there I don't want what am feeling to get the better side of me never I don't want that I sluggishly walked to the bathroom and did the normal routine and came out with a towel tied around my waist water dripping down from my hair with 
I suddenly heard a knock on my door and went to open it revealing a maid
What do you want I asked coldly I could clearly see her shaking due to the way I sounded
S...s..sir your mom asked me to call you down for breakfast she said with fear in her voice 
Okay have heard you may leave I answered her and shut the door not waiting for her reply 
I dressed up causally and head down stairs to the dinning my mom was seated but dad was no were to be found I don't still understand why I check every time I should be getting used to the fact of him having less time for me or mom but I just wished he could notice us
Good morning mom I said and pecked her lightly on the cheek
Morning son she replied with a smile
I took my milk and ate my toast
I was about heading into my room after breakfast when she called me back I sat back on the dinning waiting to hear what she had to say as the maid took the dishes to the kitchen am organizing a little competition for a few talented student from Millicent high school in Saint Augustine 
We would be giving the best five a scholarship to school here in Cyrus high she said
I was a bit confused and decided to ask why..... Why do you wanna award a scholarship mom
Well I felt we needed new spirit and grandma always wanted that Saint Augustine was her favorite town so I thought I could do a little something for the town by awarding talented student she answered and I smiled
Well grandma was the owner if Cyrus music high and Cyrus was her yea she's dead and mom took over I miss her tho but am happy I still got my mom she's simply the best
I smiled at her telling to go ahead 

           Mrs Brown/Nick's mom

I was happy he didn't complain and he supported me, well my mom really loved the town I had promised her that I would do it before she died so this is me doing something for my mom, I would be sending Director Damian Gates as judge he is a major share holder but still loves being a director and he is and was my best friend from childhood.... I know he has been sad since they lost their daughter about 14 years ago she was barely 2 when she got kidnapped and they never saw her again even through the searches they found nothing of her and his wife couldn't conceive anymore I felt his pain but he had to be strong for his wife she was broken 
I can't imagine what I would do if I lost Nick, I just wish no one finds out my secret cause it would kill me
Britney's POV

I got home from school really tired and I gave myself a mental note that I would sleep and not go to work today cause I needed all the rest I could get but all hope of doing that vanished when I saw mom approaching me with anger written all over her face
Where are you coming from?? Came her question leaving me dumbstruck
I asked you a question young miss she said again
Sch....sch...school I managed to her
She laughed sarcastically and bluntly told me
Not to bother going anymore cause she wouldn't pay any few for me 
I was hurt seeing talk to me like that I managed to tell her I didn't need her to pay she was shocked but pretended like expected it and hiss and walk out 
I lazily went to my room remembering to lock it and landed on my bed still on my cloth and shoes and wander off to dream land

What do you think is the secret Mrs Brown is hiding 
What do you think about Britney's mom 😭
Well I hope my baby Britney wins the competition 
How about you 
Tell me what you think about the story so far ...

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