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story : Forgotten Episode -4



Forgotten Episode -4

© Authoress Manny

            Britney POV 
I woke with the sound of my alarm but was lazy to stand up and I couldn't think straight I was just wondering who the mystery guy was the sound of my alarm made snap out of my thought and made me realize I was getting late for work. I quickly dashed into the bathroom for a quick shower and dressed up in a tight black gown and wore my black flat and worried with my bag out of my room and tried to sneak out the house fortunately for me I was successful but I know my mom might do something unimaginable to me but for now I had to head to work and hope to see the mystery guy again 
 You are late Britney miss Bet said 
Am sorry ma it won't happen again I just got held up with personal issues I pleaded with her 
 If it repeats itself you pay will be the one suffering, now go get ready for work she fired at me
 I quickly ran to the changing room and changed my clothes and started work
I have an offer for you I know you need it Mia my colleague said 
I know she never really liked me but I asked her to tell me the offer
Very well there is this new club at the of the street, you could be a night worker and 
I didn't let her complete a statement when I shut her up with my hands on the air 
Mia POV 

I didn't like her reaction but I couldn't show it cause I don't want to know am forcing her so I just walked out
And told her to think about it 
 Gosh she's just too pretty and her red eyes makes her stand out 
I just wish to spoil her reputation but I couldn't cause she's smart and I don't want a bad name 

            Britney POV 

I was pissed at her but I just let it slide
She never liked me from the start and I still don't know why, I only met her at work but she hated me from the moment she saw me
Work ended and I head to the bar I was gonna collect my pay since it every five days and I was happy but I still wanted to see my mystery guy my mind was not just settled I wanted to know who he was
Two months later 

Everyday I wake up and head to work I keeping hope to see him but I didn't and now school is back on I don't know why but I just feel connected to him 
 Nicholas POV

It been two month and an now in new York but I still wish to see her I hate the feeling but I can't help it I just wanna hold her close to me 
  I just hope am not inlove with her
The few weeks I spent back there
U always watched her and I always felt like protecting her but now am here and I need her but I can't get her 

What do you think 
Will they ever meet
Does Nicholas love our Britney and who is curious to know what Nick ex and best friend did to him 

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